Harvest Right Freeze Dryer Review

Harvest Right Freeze Dryer Review

If you’re bent on getting a freeze dryer, you probably heard about the Harvest Right product line. Harvest Right is one of the most popular Freeze Dryers you can find on the market right now. They offer different units based on size and purpose, catering to many kinds of users. Now, if you’re considering Harvest Right, then read on.

Harvest Right has a wide range of Freeze Dryers available, and since you’re on the market for one, you got to know which one fits your needs.With that said, here are things you need to know about the Harvest Right product line.


Harvest Right Freeze Dryer


Freeze Dryers 101

Freeze dryers dehydrate water content in materials by freezing it and expelling the ice crystals through sublimation, which turns solid ice into a gas without melting. This process was popular during World War II, wherein blood serum was preserved for emergency procedures in the field.

It was in the 1950s that freeze dryers were used for preserving food. Fruits are the most common food preserved through freeze-drying, with North America being one of the largest producers of freeze-dried food.


Freeze Drying Benefits

Generally, a freeze dryer offers many benefits and uses, but a Harvest Right freeze dryer takes it up a notch. In general, freeze-drying is a great way to preserve without added chemicals or preservatives. Harvest Right ensures you are covered with your preservation needs and even offers added accessories that provide a comprehensive system for food preservation.


Harvest Right Freeze Dryer Food Storage

Harvest Right lets you preserve the taste of your food. You need not worry about having another cardboard dish when rehydrating these dishes for consumption. Food preserved with the Harvest Right can also be consumed as it is. The texture is crisp, and even freeze-dried meat felt like a snack and not chewy like jerky.

Freeze dryers are also ideal for pet food. Animal lovers know that some foods aren't suitable for certain pets, as they can cause irritations at the very least. If you don't read the fine print, you might give your beloved pets something that should be regulated. By making and preserving pet food in your home, you get to feed your beloved pets the ideal meals without harmful ingredients and without the cumbersome task of preparing each meal.

While freeze-drying does wonders, it's worth noting it does not work well when preserving foods made mostly of fat and sugar.


Harvest Right Freeze Dryer Model Range

Harvest Right has a wide range of Freeze Dryers available, and since you’re in the market for one, you got to know which one fits your needs. Here are things you need to know about the Harvest Right product line.

Harvest Right comes in four (3) variants: Home, Pharmaceutical, Scientific, and Commercial Freeze Dryers.


Home Freeze Dryers

In July 2023, Harvest Right unveiled an update to their popular Home Freeze Dryer models, introducing a few but welcome upgrades such as:

  • Increased tray count Expanding the tray capacity by as much as 33% allows you to freeze dry larger batches at once, saving you time and effort.
  • Faster processing times: Reduce waiting time and enjoy quicker access to your freeze-dried products.
  • Better software and user interface: Enjoy effortless operation and simplify your freeze-drying process.
  • Increased energy efficiency: Save on energy costs without compromising the quality of your freeze-dried products.

Designed for household consumers, Harvest Right Home Freeze Dryers are a popular choice for preserving a wide variety of foods at home. They come in various sizes suitable for different household needs, and they are user-friendly, making them accessible to individuals without technical expertise. These machines excel in providing long-term food storage solutions, ideal for emergency preparedness, reducing food waste, or simply for making healthy, preservative-free snacks. Their unique selling point lies in their simplicity and affordability, which makes the technology of freeze-drying available to an average homeowner.

Harvest Right Large Home Freeze Dryer

There are two finishes available: Stainless Steel and Powder Coated. 

Size Trays Count Food Per Batch Food Per Year
Small Powder Coated 
Stainless Steel
4 trays Fresh: 6-9 lbs
Freeze Dried: 1.5-2 gal
Fresh: 1100 lbs
Freeze Dried: 260 gal
Medium Powder Coated
Stainless Steel
5 trays Fresh: 10-15 lbs
Freeze Dried: 2-3.5 gal
Fresh: 1,600 lbs
Freeze Dried: 390 gal
Large Powder Coated 
Stainless Steel
6 trays Fresh: 18-23 lbs
Freeze Dried: 4-6 gal
Fresh: 3,000 lbs
Freeze Dried: 655 gal
X-Large in Stainless Steel  7 trays Fresh: 35-45 lbs
Freeze Dried: 8-12 gal
Fresh: 5,500 lbs
Freeze Dried: 1,400 gal


Pharmaceutical Freeze Dryers

Harvest Right's Pharmaceutical Freeze Dryers are specifically designed for processing oils, medicines, and other pharmaceutical materials, making them different from home models. Although they have a smaller overall capacity, they feature a greater number of shelves to accommodate multiple laboratory samples. The shelf spacing is more suited to tasks like hash making than to food preservation, but modifications such as removing trays or adding a food shelf attachment can provide some flexibility. The pharmaceutical freeze dryers also offer a broader range of operational controls, able to reach lower temperatures (as low as 35 degrees Fahrenheit), which is particularly beneficial for freeze-drying material such as bubble hash.

Harvest Right Pharmaceutical Freeze Dryers


Sizes Trays Count Tray Space Ice Capacity
Small  5 trays 3.75 sq ft tray space 3 liters
Medium  7 trays 6.5 sq ft tray space 4 liters
Large  8 trays 10.25 sq ft tray space 6 liters


Scientific Freeze Dryers

Harvest Right's Scientific Freeze Dryers serve a diverse range of purposes in laboratories and research institutions. These machines are often used in fields like biology, chemistry, and materials science, providing the ability to preserve and study a wide variety of delicate, heat-sensitive materials. Their adaptability and functionality in different research contexts make Harvest Right scientific freeze dryers unique, enabling different research needs and explorations in a cost-effective way.

Harvest Right Scientific Freeze Dryer

Sizes Trays Count Material Per Batch Ice Capacity
Medium 4 trays 1 - 2 gal 4 liters
Large 5 trays 3.5 - 4 gal 6 liters

Every Harvest Right Freeze Dryer comes with mylar bags that you can use to store items you preserve. There’s also an outboard pump with the option to upgrade to an oil-less mechanism.

Using the Harvest Right is relatively easy. All you need to do is load the product into the provided trays and set it based on the recommended settings. The Harvest Right does the rest, and you will have exceptionally freeze-dried goods in just 24 hours. Just be mindful not to overload the trays, as overloading can affect the quality of the final product.


Gaining Popularity: Freeze Drying Cannabis


Freeze Dried CannabisImage courtesy of Reddit u/KobeBeefBby


Originally developed as a method to preserve flowers and plants in 2017, the practice of freeze-drying cannabis initially encountered failures, particularly in maintaining the terpenes and oil content. However, advancements in technology, such as the introduction of the Harvest Right freeze dryers with a specialized pharmaceutical firmware update, enabled the perfect balance to prevent any losses on the cannabis material.

Today, freeze-drying isn't limited to food preservation. It has found a valuable role in the cannabis industry for quick and efficient processing of cannabis buds. Conventionally, drying and curing buds could take weeks before the final product was ready for dispensaries. But with the utilization of the Harvest Right freeze dryers, cannabis can be prepared in just 24 hours without compromising the flavor or the original aesthetics of the bud. This innovation, therefore, represents a significant leap in optimizing cannabis processing and enhancing the overall quality of the end product.

Using the Harvest Right freeze dryers also helps dry resin. Instead of having to dry hash from an ice water mix, the Harvest Right freeze dryers let you do it with less effort and at a faster rate. The Harvest Right pharmaceutical freeze dryer has settings for bubble hash. Still, you can upgrade the firmware of your home freeze dryer to get the pharmaceutical settings.

Now, what about the taste of these buds after freeze-drying? They smell and look the same as when placed into the Harvest Right. But the taste is still there as if it were dried and cured for weeks.

Freeze dryers occupy less space than setting up a drying and curing room. The Harvest Right also saves you money as you do not need to pay rent for a separate drying and curing room. And with different freeze-dryer sizes available, you won’t have a problem.

A Harvest Right freeze dryer spells a big difference in how you conduct your business. You get to meet the demands of clients faster, and your investment returns earlier, whether you’re preserving food or curing cannabis.


Freeze Dryer Accessories

While you get essential accessories with every Harvest Right freeze dryer, other accessories simplify the freeze-drying process. These accessories are add-ons you can buy to make the preservation or curing process easier.

Harvest Right Freeze Dryer Mats
 Silicone Mats - The silicone mats from Harvest Right provide a more sustainable means to line your trays for preservation. Unlike parchment paper that gets thrown after use, you can reuse and clean these mats quickly. There are silicone mats available for each freeze-dryer tray size.

Harvest Right Freeze Dryer Trays 
Trays - While each Harvest Right freeze dryer comes with a set of trays, having an extra set or two doesn't hurt. In fact, having a different set also helps speed up the process, as you can easily transport the finished product to the next step while loading a new batch with clean trays. That saves you time from cleaning and loading your next set.

Harvest Right Oxygen Absorbers
Oxygen absorbers - Harvest Right also sells oxygen absorbers to ensure that your preserved foods maintain their quality. These packets can reduce any excess oxygen to less than 0.01 percent, preventing molds, spoilage, or any compromise in quality without vacuum sealings. These packets work best in gallon-sized mylar bags.



Like any other machine, freeze dryers need regular maintenance, and the Harvest Right freeze dryers are no exception. But the nice thing is that Harvest Right freeze dryers can be quickly cleaned without any special cleaning agent. Chances are, you already have these cleaning aids at home since you only need materials like vinegar, isopropyl alcohol, water, and a clean cloth to start cleaning your Harvest Right freeze dryer. 

Another part to look into is choosing a vacuum pump for your freeze-dryer. All Harvest Right freeze dryers need a vacuum pump to operate. You have two options for vacuum pumps from Harvest Right: the premier vacuum pump, which requires oil, or the oil-free vacuum pump. 

The premier vacuum pump is more affordable (usually free with every Harvest Right freeze dryer) but needs regular oil changes, depending on how you use your freeze dryer. Some filters need frequent changing as well. The oil-free vacuum pump of Harvest Right costs more but removes the need for oil changes. If you’re contemplating getting the oil-free vacuum pump, you can expect a return on investment in half a year with regular use. Note that there are two kinds of oil-free vacuum pumps: the low profile, which works for small to medium Harvest Right freeze dryers and the regular oil-free pump for large freeze dryers. 


Final Thoughts

While the Harvest Right does wonders, it is not for everybody. If you project you will only use it twice a year, it might not be for you. But, considering the versatility of the application, you will have use for it almost every day. You may not be freeze-drying marijuana every week, but using it also with food preservation will help you maximize this product.