Harvest Right Freeze Dryer Review

If you’re bent on getting a freeze dryer, you probably heard about the Harvest Right product line. Harvest Right is one of the most popular Freeze Dryers you can find on the market right now. They offer different units based on size and purpose, catering to many kinds of users. Now, if you’re considering Harvest Right, then read on.

Harvest Right has a wide range of Freeze Dryers available, and since you’re on the market for one, you got to know which one fits your needs.With that said, here are things you need to know about the Harvest Right product line.


Harvest Right Freeze Dryers

Harvest Right comes in four (4) variants: Commercial, Pharmaceutical, Powder Coated, and Stainless Steel.

  • The Commercial Freeze Dryer is designed for large-scale laboratories, as it features a capacity of ten (10) pounds.
  • The Pharmaceutical Freeze Dryer, meanwhile, is meant for delicate products and uses no heat in the preservation of goods.
  • The Stainless Steel and Powder Coated Freeze Dryer are made for home consumers who want to integrate freeze-drying into their lifestyle.
  • The Harvest Right Freeze Dryer comes in three sizes and is meant for different capacities. Each freeze dryer comes with an outboard pump, with the option to upgrade to an oil-less mechanism.

Every Harvest Right Freeze Dryer comes with mylar bags that you can use to store items you preserve.

Using the Harvest Right is relatively easy. All you need to do is load up the product into the provided trays and set it, based on the recommended settings. The Harvest Right does the rest, and you will have exceptionally freeze-dried goods in just 24 hours. Just be mindful not to overload the trays as these can affect the quality of the final product.



On Freeze Drying Food


Harvest Right Freeze Dried Food


Freeze drying food is one of the best ways to preserve the flavor and appearance of food. And thanks to the Harvest Right, you can use this preservation technique in your home.

The Harvest Right Freeze Dryers allow you to preserve fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy products. It’s a better option for keeping pasta and grains longer, as compared to canning. But, freeze-drying does not work well when preserving foods made mostly of fat and sugar.

Harvest Right lets you preserve the taste of your food. You need not worry about having another cardboard dish when you rehydrate these dishes for consumption. Food preserved with the Harvest Right can also be consumed as it is. The texture is crisp, and even freeze-dried meat felt like a snack and not chewy like jerky.



Alternative Applications: Freeze Drying Cannabis


Freeze Dried CannabisImage courtesy of Reddit u/KobeBeefBby


Now, freeze-drying isn’t just for food preservation. You can also use the Harvest Right to preserve and make your cannabis buds ready for consumption. Under normal or traditional circumstances, drying and curing buds take weeks to complete before you can send the final product to dispensaries. But with the Harvest Right freeze dryers, you can have a beautiful bud that locked with flavor while preserving its original look in just 24 hours.

Using the Harvest Right freeze dryers also helps dry resin. Instead of having to dry hash from an ice water mix, the Harvest Right freeze dryers let you do it with less effort and at a faster rate.

Now, what about the taste of these buds after freeze-drying? They smell and look the same as the day they were placed into the Harvest Right. But the taste is still there, as if it were dried and cured for weeks.

If you are running or have a dispensary for clients, the Harvest Right spells a big difference in the way you conduct your business. You get to meet the demands of clients faster and your investment returns earlier.

Speaking of money, freeze dryers occupy less space than having to set up a drying and curing room. The Harvest Right also saves you money as you do not need to pay rent for a separate drying and curing room.



Final Thoughts

While the Harvest Right does wonders, it is not for everybody. If you project you will only use it twice a year, it might not be for you. But, considering the versatility of the application, you will have use for it almost every day. You may not be freeze-drying marijuana every week, but using it also with food preservation will help you maximize this product.