Tom's Tumble Trimmer

Offering a range of affordable bladeless dry trimmers, Tom’s Tumble is a popular choice of growers of all sizes for a faster and gentler trim for their harvest.

Tom’s Tumble Trimmers are the first bladeless trimming solution in the market. With these original bladeless dry trimmers, you can save 80% to 90% of trimming time but still achieve the highest quality products you’re aiming for. This translates to a huge production efficiency, which will yield bigger profits for your cannabis or hemp business.

Each Tom's Tumble Dry Trimmer is designed to give you the hand-trimmed quality harvest required to produce the best products for your customers. These machines don’t just trim your buds but separate the flower and extract kief with interchangeable 151-micron mesh nets as well.

Trim, Separate, & Extract Pollen in the Same Machine

Available to purchase with any Tom's Tumble Trimmer, the CO2 Infuser Kit allows you to go from wet to dry trimming easily by flash freezing wet or damp flowers. With the CO2 infuser kit, you'll be sure to get the perfect trim every time.

Compatible with all Tom's Tumble Trimming Machines

Tom's CO2 Infuser Adapter Kit for Tumble Trimming Machines

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