How to Make Bubble Hash with Bubble Hash Bags

How to Make Bubble Hash with Bubble Hash Bags

One of the most popular cannabis goods in North America is Bubble Hash. It’s a product extracted from trimmed leaves without the aid of any chemical solvent. Aside from recreational consumption, bubble hash is also being utilized as medical marijuana for its higher THC content.

There are plenty of methods available in bubble hash production, but none as cheaper as using bubble hash bags. No, there isn’t anything fancy about them. They are just bags with a mesh of varying filter sizes (measured in micron) at the bottom to filter out the cannabis. Yet, these simple tools make great bubble hash effectively.

If you’re searching how to make bubble hash in the easiest way possible, then you’ve reached the right place. Here is a step-by-step guide in making bubble hash with bubble hash bags.


What You’ll Need



Prepare the Cannabis Mixture

  1. Place the bubble hash bags kit inside the first bucket and line them up with the finer screen at the bottom and larger screen on the top. The top-most bag is usually around 220 micron, while the bottom bag is 25 micron and will make the finest quality hash.

  2. Mix the cannabis trimmings, cold water, and ice cubes in the second bucket. Keep the water and ice cubes in equal proportion for a more comfortable stirring. The goal behind this cold mixture is to make the Trichomes stand up, making them fall off from the cannabis trimmings. The colder this mixture gets, the easier for the Trichomes to fall off into the water.

  3. Stir the mixture thoroughly for at least 10 minutes. But don’t stir too hard as it will break down the plant particles finer, which can mix with the Trichomes and into the hash. A medium level of stirring is the best way to do it. After stirring, let the mixture settle for a few minutes.


Filter the Hash

  1. Pour the content of the second bucket into the first one with bubble hash bags. Make sure to pour into the center of the mesh and avoid the side of the bags. Pour the entire content slowly for more effective filtration.

  2. Pull the bubble hash bags one by one, draining them into the next bag with finer mesh. The top-most bag will not yield any hash but don’t throw its content after filtering. Put the remains of ice and plant material back into the second bucket so you can have a second run.

  3. As you filter the hash through each bag up to the finest mesh, you can help make the draining faster by squeezing the bags. You can also shake them, but carefully, to avoid the mixture from spilling out of the sides. Always remember to keep the bags in an upright position.


Collect the Bubble Hash

  1. Start collecting the hash by stretching the hash bag’s mesh as tight as you can. This will enable you to release the remaining water from the hash. Scoop the hash using a spoon and put the lot onto the 25-micron pressing screen.

  2. Cover the hash completely with the pressing screen, then press the folded tea towel over it for complete drying. Make sure to press the towel with all your strength to ensure the removal of moisture.

  3. Remove the hash from the pressing screen, shape each scoop to a ball, and there you have it! Just remember that the bags will each produce a varying quality of bubble hash. If you’re aiming for the best quality and consistency, then put back the hash from the bigger-meshed bags into the second bucket and have a second run of these steps.


Shop for Bubble Hash Bags Today

With these easy-to-follow steps, you can make a bubble hash conveniently at home whenever you want to. The key to making this process work well is, of course, having a top-quality bubble hash bag kit.

Extraction bags come in multiple sizes; from 5, 8 and all the way to 20-gallons. These bags are extremely durable and have a mesh screen sidewall for more filter area that allows quicker draining.

You can easily shop for Extraction Bags with Trimleaf. Do you have any questions? Give us a call or send us an email and one of our equipment experts will assist you.