Bud Trimming Conveyor Feed Input & Output Systems

You have your automatic bud trimmer and bucker, but did you know you could still take your efficiency up a notch? With the help of conveyor feeds, you can improve your bud trimming process to increase your outputs. Conveyor systems enhance your bud trimming process by automatically moving your buds from one machine to another.

Reduce the handling of buds, which can potentially damage the trichomes on harvest. Let the conveyor systems move the buds for you.

Get a consistent feeding rate for your trimmers, as conveyor systems can adjust to the working capacity of your machines and workload.

Most importantly, conveyor systems allow you to put in place better quality control. No worker needs to be overwhelmed as they can easily spot buds that may need touch-ups.

Say goodbye to that old workflow. It’s time you put a conveyor system for your business today.