STM Canna: A Turnkey Solution for Pre Roll Automation

STM Canna: A Turnkey Solution for Pre Roll Automation

The pre-rolled market is emerging, especially with the price of cannabis dropping due to oversupply. Buying in bulk has been made more accessible, making entering the pre-rolled market more enticing.

STM Canna might be a newer player in the industry, but even with less than ten years of existence in the market, it has managed to roll out different tools to cover the aspects of pre-roll production. Their machines are promising, at the very least, as they focus on ensuring quality and not just quantity.


About STM Canna

STM Canna is a company developing tools needed to make pre-rolls for dispensaries. Since its beginnings in 2017, the company has offered various machines that help create consistent quality for pre-rolls.

While STM Canna is a young brand, the team behind it is no stranger to the field. The STM Canna team is backed by experts who have spent 20 years developing products that the brand offers today. Product design is done in-house, which lowers total costs, and ensures a continuous innovation of products to improve what it provides the market.

The first products of STM Canna were the Rosin Press 4.0, a rosin extractor, and the RocketBox, a pre-roll machine. Two years later, in 2019, they released their first grinder and a smaller RocketBox designed for smaller quantities. Its latest products include the LaunchPad Weighing module, launched in 2022.


A Modular Turnkey Approach to Pre-roll Automation



Modular Pre-roll Automation



The STM Canna Product line is designed their products to cover all your needs in making pre-rolled cones. Their products are a turnkey solution, as they leave no stone unturned with their product line. 

Every product under their umbrella serves a particular purpose, catering to a specific aspect of the pre-rolled cone-making process. From tools that assist in grinding and filling to devices designed for packing and finishing, the STM Canna line ensures an efficient and seamless workflow.

In essence, the STM Canna Product line is designed to deliver a seamless, comprehensive, and efficient process in the production of pre-rolled cones. Through a combination of quality, functionality, and convenience, they truly represent an all-encompassing solution for anyone involved in this industry.


Preroll Grinders


STM Canna Mini-Revolution Commercial Pre Roll Grinder


A good pre-rolled cone means having high-quality plant material that’s ground to the right consistency. That means not having sharp material that can puncture the cone, nor having a finely shredded plant material that’s almost powder in consistency.

To help you with this task, STM Canna offers three grinders designed for different growers under its Revolution series. For the small-time or home grower, the Mini-Revolution is the most affordable of the three grinders, yet it can handle up to a pound of material in two minutes. The Revolution 2.0, meanwhile, was designed to handle up to 30 pounds of plant material in an hour. Lastly, the  Sub-zero Revolution grinder also delivers up to 30 pounds of material and offers frozen plant material to preserve terpenes and cannabinoids.


Mini-Revolution Revolution 2.0 Revolution Sub-Zero
Grinding Capacity 10-13 lbs per hour 15-30lbs per hour
15-30lbs per hour
Notable Features

Smooth operation allowing for easy adjustment of parameters when needed;

Designed for high volume production

    Customizable settings for blade speed, auger feed speed; auto-blade oscillation;

    5-point safety system;

    Simple operation with touch screen controls

      Suitable for dry/cured or cryogenically frozen flower;

      Ideal for live resin, rosin extraction, and other processing methods;

      Built-in pre-heating and temperature control


        All Revolution grinders feature high-quality components to ensure your plant material is safe. You can also control the speed on each machine to get the proper consistency and maintain low temperatures each time. 


        Loading the Prerolls



        STM Canna Cone Lander


        The STM Canna Cone Lander is a state-of-the-art pre-roll cone loading machine that brings efficiency and accuracy to the table. Capable of loading 72 cones at once, it can handle 84mm, 98mm, or 109mm trays in mere seconds, significantly reducing the time spent on manual loading of pre-rolled cones.

        The Cone Lander is designed with user-friendliness in mind. In three easy steps, users can have a fully loaded tray: First, load in full stacks of pre-rolled cones into the side drawer, second, place an empty STM 72-count tray into the front drawer, and finally, select the crutch size with the selector switch and press a button to initiate the cone loading into the tray.


        Pre Roll Cone Filling

        STM Canna RocketBox 2.0 Pre-Roll Cone Filling Machine


        Making pre-rolls will only be complete with an excellent  pre-roll cone filler. STM Canna has you covered there with its RocketBox line of products, including its accessories.

        The RocketBox has the Mini RocketBox Plus and the RocketBox 2.0 for cone fillers. The Mini RocketBox Plus can produce up to 143 pre-rolls in a minute, which makes it ideal for small to medium growers or dispensaries. The RocketBox 2.0 was designed for large to commercial applications, with its 453 pre-roll capacity done in three minutes. 


        Weighing the Pre Rolls


        STM Canna LaunchPad Weighing Module


        The STM Canna Launchpad Preroll Scale is a commercial pre-roll scale specifically designed for the cannabis industry. It offers the ability to weigh 72 joints simultaneously with precision, saving time and reducing costs associated with over-filled joints.

        This device is compact, portable, easy to set up, configure, and calibrate. It can accommodate various pre-roll sizes, target weights, and tolerance percentages. The customizable parameters eliminate guesswork, and the 20-inch heads-up display provides quick, color-coded weight readings for each pre-roll, making it easy to identify any discrepancies. 

        The Launchpad can function independently or be integrated into STM Canna's One-Tray Pre-Roll Automation Workflow.

        Closing the Pre Rolls 


        STM Canna Atomic Closer Automated Pre-Roll Closing Module


        To finish your pre-roll production, STM Canna made the Atomic Closer that allows you to fold up to 72 pre-rolls in 45 seconds for a professional finish. And if you work with different strains, STM Canna offers extra bottom trays to ensure a continuous flow to your pre-roll automation workflow. 


        Coming Full Circle 

        STM Canna provides formidable tools for producing pre-rolled cones. They are powerful as it is and cover the whole nine yards when making pre-rolled cones. The STM Canna workflow is as easy as pressing a switch, and everything will be done for you. Many companies have offered various tools for pre-rolled cone production, but STM Canna has the most comprehensive offering in the market.