Introducing: CenturionPro Dry Batch Trimmer Series

Introducing: CenturionPro Dry Batch Trimmer Series

CenturionPro has done it once more with its new line of Dry Batch Trimmers (DBT). Designed for trimming dry materials, these trimmers feature the same signature trim efficiency that you can expect from CenturionPro Trimmers. With five models to choose from, the DBTs cover growers of all sizes.

But why create a dry-only trimmer? First of all, it’s cheaper than their counterpart wet and dry trimmers. Second, these dry-only trimmers have a higher trim capacity than their counterparts trimming dry, These points alone already make them a must-have for growers who only trim dry buds. But, make no mistake. These trimmers are no one-trick ponies, as they do more than just trim dry buds. Let’s take a look at what these five trimmers are capable of doing.



DBT Model 1



CenturionPro DBT Model 1


For the home grower, CenturionPro offers the DBT Model 1 as its solution for small-scale growers. The DBT Model 1 is a no-frills dry trimmer. With only a power switch, DBT 1 is the perfect way for home growers who want to transition from manual hand trims to a dedicated machine.

Capable of trimming up to 8 pounds of dry buds in an hour, this trimmer does the job of 32 people. Featuring soft tumbler technology, the DBT Model 1 trims perfectly while adapting to bud size and shape.

As mentioned earlier, the DBT Model 1 is no one-trick pony. By adding the optional Kief Filter Screen, you can collect trichomes that you can use to collect from your trims.



DBT Model 2



CenturionPro DBT Model 2


The DBT Model 2 scales up the capacity of the DBT Model 1 and more. Aside from having the same quality components, the DBT Model 2 trims up to 15 pounds of dry buds in an hour. You can also expect the same trim quality as the DBT Model 2 adapts to bud size and densities. You can also use the optional Kief Filter Screen to collect the trichomes from your trims to reduce waste.

But what sets the DBT Model 2 apart from the basic dry batch trimmer is its built-in speed control. With the built-in speed control, you get better management over your bud trims. When trimming fragile, dry buds, the variable speed control is a welcome feature to get better control. With this upgrade, the DBT Model 2 is an excellent option for small-scale growers who want speed control for better trim management.



DBT Model 3



CenturionPro DBT Model 3


The DBT Model 3 is the ideal choice for medium growers who want an efficient dry trimmer. Taking a cue from the DBT Model 2, this trimmer features a larger trimming capacity at 50 pounds of dry buds an hour. That’s more than three times the smaller DBT. But the DBT Model 3 is more than the triple-capacity it offers. It also features an improved workflow.

With its adjustable stand, you can tilt the DBT Model 3 to an angle to make feeding easier. Harness gravity to your side and effortlessly load your dry buds for trimming. This adjustable stand also features caster wheels, so it makes moving easier. Move the trimmers from one curing area to another and trim where it’s needed.



DBT Model 4 and 5


CenturionPro DBT Model 4
CenturionPro DBT Model 4

Let’s discuss the DBT Model 4 and DBT Model 5 together since they’re practically the same machine. But what sets these two apart is simple: the DBT Model 5 is a DBT Model 4, but with twice the tumblers. That means anything the DBT Model 4 does, the DBT Model 5 doubles that output with its two tumblers.

To get you started, the DBT Model 4 trims up to 108 pounds of dry buds in an hour, while the DBT Model 5 doubles that and gives you up to 216 pounds of dry buds in an hour.


CenturionPro DBT Model 5

CenturionPro DBT Model 5

The DBT Model 4 and 5 also feature the same adjustable stand that you can find on the Model 3. With a larger capacity, the tilting functions become a heaven-sent function to help you load your buds quickly Both trimmers also feature an optional Kief Filtration Screen to help you get those trichomes.

You also get the same soft tumbler technology, which lets you trim buds of different sizes and densities. But, here’s where things also get interesting. Aside from having speed control, the DBT Model 4 and 5 feature a built-in timer. Not only do you get precise controls for speed, but you also avoid overtimes of your buds inside the tumbler with the timer. You can set the timer and come back when it’s finished.



Final Thoughts

The CenturionPro Dry Batch Trimmers are very promising, especially if you run a dry-only trimming workflow. If you’re plotting out your upgrades or setting up a dry-trimming workflow, you can’t go wrong with these trimmers.

Considering that they cost less than wet and dry trimmers and offer a more efficient output, you can’t go wrong with these trimmers. Plus, you even get CenturionPro’s three-year warranty coverage with every purchase. You get your money’s worth, especially that CenturionPro trimmers deliver quality products.