NugSmasher Rosin Press Review

NugSmasher might not yet be considered a "veteran" in the world of rosin, given they've only been around since 2016. But throughout this short time, NugSmasher has made a name for itself as it carved out a niche in providing efficient rosin presses that help you achieve the best yields.

If you do a Google search for articles on the best rosin press you can get your hands on, you will find NugSmasher as one of the most mentioned brands available.

And why not?

People attribute NugSmasher rosin presses as being a solid, reasonably priced, having an impeccable build quality, and how easy it is to use their rosin presses. Plus, NugSmasher offers a lifetime warranty for its machines.

Now, that’s hard to beat these days.

Since our last product review of the brand, NugSmasher had added a new rosin press to their already-impressive line-up of machines. Plus, NugSmasher now offers bundle packs with its extractors, so all you need to do is drop in your material and extract it to your heart’s desires.



NugSmasher Lineup Review

NugSmasher Mini

The NugSmasher Mini is a favorite of consumers on a personal level.

Designed for manual extraction, the NugSmasher Mini is the ideal companion for trips and can sit nicely on a countertop. Since it was designed for personal use, the Mini can extract from materials of up to 3.5 grams in weight.



NugSmasher Mini Rosin Press



For its size, you’ll be surprised to see how much it can do with two (2) tons of pressure and a pair of 2.5-inch square or round heated plates. These plates heat up through the 70-watt heating elements on each plate.

The NugSmasher Mini features an accurate temperature control, so you get the right amount of heat based on your strain and form of the material.

Another cool feature of the NugSmasher Mini is its fast, retracting plate release system. The last thing you want is burned rosin, which is why the plate release system takes out your material before the plates burn it from prolonged heat.

When compared to the NugSmasher OG, the Mini is a scaled-down version of the former.

But just because it’s a smaller version, it does not mean it can’t deliver the same quality.

You can expect the same quality of extracts with the NugSmasher Mini, only in smaller quantities.

NugSmasher "OG" Original

The NugSmasher OG put the brand on the map of the extracts market. And even with all the NugSmasher extractors that came out after, the NugSmasher OG remains as the best-selling machine from the company.

You can say it’s a classic, and we believe it will remain that way in the coming years.



NugSmasher Original "OG" Rosin Press


The NugSmasher OG is capable of pressing up to 12 tons of pressure in a manual system. It uses 4 x 4-inch heating plates, with dual heating elements rated at 160-watts each, that can extract up to 14 grams of material in one press.

To ensure you get the best results, the NugSmasher OG features an accurate temperature control and fast retract plate release system, which helps in maintaining the quality of your extracts.

NugSmasher X

The NugSmasher X, NugSmasher’s foray into electric rosin extractors, was designed for those who want a no-frills extraction process without sacrificing quality.


NugSmasher X Rosin Press


The NugSmasher X features the X Push Button, which lets you extract rosin in one press. It also uses the X Bag, a single-sized bag that can fit materials weighing 3 – 14 grams at a time with four (4) micron ratings.

The NugSmasher X features a 4 x 4-inch heating plate with dual heating elements rated at 160-watts each. Like other NugSmasher products, the NugSmasher X also has an accurate digital control to help you get the right amount of heat for extracting.

NugSmasher XP

The NugSmasher XP is a manual rosin press that caters to those looking to extract more in a single smash.

Capable of putting out 12 tons of pressure, the NugSmasher XP features a set of 4 x 6-inch quad heated plates, rated at 160-watts per heating element.



Nugsmasher XP Rosin Press



The NugSmasher XP is powerful enough to work on materials of up to 14 grams and can do two (2) 14-gram bags at the same time. Like other manual rosin extractors, the NugSmasher XP also features a manual pump arm to help you squeeze the flavors out of the rosin.

NugSmasher PRO

Completing the line-up of rosin extraction systems is the NugSmasher Pro. The NugSmasher Pro is the king of rosin extracts of NugSmasher and is designed for dispensaries or even connoisseurs who want to squeeze out large amounts of rosins regularly.

The NugSmasher Pro uses manual or pneumatic controls to exert pressure with much precision using its 7 x 10-inch heating plates.



NugSmasher Pro Rosin Press


These are one of the largest heating plates in the market and each plate has three (3) heaters rated at 160 watts to maintain a consistent temperature.

The NugSmasher Pro can take on 3.5, 7, and 14-gram rosin bags, and can extract up to 0.25 pounds per press. You can also fund an accurate pressure and temperature control and a fast retract plate system to ensure the quality of your extracts.

Upping the ante on this rosin press is the custom calculator tool that you can access on the NugSmasher website, which helps you achieve consistency in the surface area of the plates.


NugSmasher Bundles

What’s better than a NugSmasher Rosin Press? A NugSmasher Rosin Press Bundle Deal. NugSmasher now offers Bundle Deals that let you jumpstart your rosin extraction journey.

There are three (3) bundles to choose from, each having accessories you need to get started out-of-the-box. Here’s what you can expect from each bundle.


Basics Bundle
  • 1x Silicon Mat
  • 1x Everything Tool
  • 4x 12-pack micron bags of various micron ratings
Essentials Bundle
  • 1x Silicon Mat
  • 1x Everything Tool
  • 8x 12-pack micron bags of variious micron ratings
  • 1x NugSmasher magnet
  • 1x Rosin pot
  • 1x Collection plate
Master Bundle
  • 1x Silicon Mat
  • 1x Everything Tool
  • 11x 12-pack micron bags of various micron ratings
  • 2x NugSmasher magnet
  • 1x Rosin pot
  • 1x Collection plate
  • 1x Tool Keeper
  • 1x Decarboxylation Capsule
  • 2x Pre-press molds


There’s also an Extractor Choice Master Bundle available, which offers aside from those listed in the Master Bundle, an added Nugsmasher Touch and NugSmasher Mini. Note that the Extractor Choice is only available for NugSmasher Pro orders.



NugSmasher remains as a formidable brand to watch out for. Given the consistent high quality it can deliver, it won’t be surprising if they become the force to beat in the rosin extracts game.

It’s only a matter of time until NugSmasher finally takes the crown and become the King of Rosin Extraction, given how the people behind the brand continue upholding a high standard for creating efficient rosin press systems that improve the quality of extracts.