A US-based engineering company, Dulytek is a manufacturer of solventless rosin extraction machines for small to mid-size cannabis businesses. The company’s collection of presses is composed of manual, hydraulic, electric, and pneumatic-operated solutions that are reliable, budget-friendly, and easy to use for personal or commercial applications. These machines are portable and lightweight, making them ideal for home use or mobile rosin production.

The Dulytek presses are also some of the most powerful machines available for rosin extraction. With up to 20 tons of pressure produced, the company offers a variety of machines that can squish up to 50 grams of trims, hash, and buds at a time. Whether you need a rosin press for personal consumption or mass commercial production, Dulytek has the right equipment to help optimize your productivity.

Equipped with accurate temperature controls, the Dulytek rosin extraction machines will allow you to precisely control the amount of heat, enabling you to achieve the exact texture and consistency you like. Add the food-grade stainless steel heating plates plus a digital pressure meter, and you’ll produce high-quality rosin with every press. If you require rosin presses built from outstanding craftsmanship and innovation, then the Dulytek rosin press solutions are what you are looking for.


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Dulytek Rosin Press

Rosin Press

With onboard temperature read-outs, you can get high-quality rosin extracts using the Dulytek Rosin Press.

Dulytek DIY Press Kits

DIY Press Kits

Maximize that shop press with Dulytek's retrofit rosin press kits that work with any shop press you may have.

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Rosin Accessories

From micron bags to pre-press molds, Dulytek offers you all the essential accessories to help you start extracting rosin.