Achieving Perfect Nutrient Distribution: How Aeromixer Solves Hydroponic Challenges

Achieving Perfect Nutrient Distribution: How Aeromixer Solves Hydroponic Challenges

The secret to maximizing your plant's growth is ensuring that they get sufficient nutrients. This holds, especially when running a hydroponics system where plants rely heavily on water distribution for nutrients. 

One issue when mixing nutrients in water is how they don't dissolve properly. These nutrients need a good mix to blend with the water; otherwise, they sink to the bottom of the basin, similar to how powdered drinks end up at the bottom of your glass or mug when not stirred well. 

Aeromixer designed its products to resolve this issue. By employing aeration, Aeromixer can disperse these nutrients properly in your water tanks, leaving no waste and ensuring an even distribution among your plants. As  some plants rely on a specific ratio of nutrients to grow properly, it's crucial to ensure that the proportions are maintained for the best results. 


Aeration & Achieving Higher Yields

At its core, aeration refers to the introduction and circulation of air in a liquid, creating turbulence and increasing the surface area for enhanced chemical interactions. In the context of hydroponics, aeration serves a dual purpose. First, it facilitates the thorough blending of nutrients in water, ensuring that plants receive a consistent and balanced nutrient profile. Secondly, aeration introduces essential oxygen into the nutrient solution, promoting root health and preventing the onset of root diseases.

When nutrients are aerated, any undissolved particles are agitated and lifted from the bottom. These particles, once airborne within the liquid, are more readily integrated into the solution or, in the case of systems like Aeromixer, are drawn into the hose for even distribution.

By integrating aeration into their design, Aeromixer guarantees that your plants benefit from a well-mixed, oxygen-rich environment, laying the foundation for robust growth, improved nutrient uptake, and ultimately, higher yields.


The Aeromixer Lineup 

To aid in distributing nutrients properly among your plants, Aeromixer developed different products that boost the distribution channels of your nutrients. These products include controllers, mixers, pumps, and accessories.


Aeromixer Nutrient Mixer and Aerator Pump 

AeroMixer Nutrient Mixer & Aerator Pump

The core of the Aeromixer products are the Aeromixer Nutrient Mixer and Aerator Pump products. This mixer and pump system allows you to combine and disperse the nutrients properly. Using Aerojet technology, the Aeromixer products will enable you to move solids toward your plants and help you balance pH levels, eliminating the need for stabilizers and air stones.

While most Aeromixers are designed for larger tanks, you can use them for smaller tanks or the flexi-tank with the help of the Aerobrewer Controller. They can also handle solids up to 1/4 inch in size.

There are three products from the Aeromixer product line:

Aeromixer Mini 
Aeromixer Mini
Aeromixer Regular
Aeromixer Original
Aeromixer Tall 
Aeromixer Tall
HP 1/6 HP 0.75 HP 0.75 HP
Recommended for (Tank Height): Under 3' 3' - 5' Over 5'
Mixes tanks from: 15 – 80 gallons
50 – 500 gallons
50 - 500 gallons
Moves (GPH) 1,600 GPH 4,450 GPH 4,450 GPH

Aeromixer Mini

The Aeromixer Mini was designed for small tanks with capacities ranging from 15 – 80 gallons. It features a 1/6 horsepower pump and is compatible with the flexi-tanks.

Aeromixer Regular

The Aeromixer Regular works for tanks measuring 3 – 5 feet in height. It uses a 0.75 horsepower pump and works with tanks of up to 500 gallons.  

Aeromixer Tall

The Aeromixer Tall is designed for tanks that are at least five feet in height. This mixer pump boasts a 0.75 horsepower pump, ensuring efficient performance. Additionally, it features an extra-long hose to accommodate the larger size of taller tanks. The Aeromixer Tall is compatible with tanks of up to 500 gallons, providing flexibility and reliability for various tank sizes.

    Each Aeromixer comes in two variants: organic, which is meant for organic nutrients, and synthetic, which is made for all types of nutrients. The synthetic variant can handle up to two pounds of nutrients per gallon, compared to the organic's quarter-pound capacity per gallon.


    Aerobrewer Controller 

    AeroMixer Aerobrewer Temperature Controller

    Most Aeromixers were designed for larger tanks, so you need to tame their power for smaller containers. The Aerobrewer is used for this purpose. The Aerobrewer controllers allow you to control of power in the tank so that you get the right amount of air inside your tank.

    The Aerobrewer Controller has two variants: the All-in-one controller, which allows you to set speed, power, and time to create intermittent mixing, and the temperature controller, which will enable you to select the tank to the ideal temperatures and intensities. These controllers are easy to use and only require you to plug the Aeromixers into the controllers.

    But even when using larger capacity tanks, you can benefit from having the Aerobrewer as a means to automate the operations of your Aeromixer.



    The Aeromixer products are not just about providing your tanks with needed air to circulate your nutrients. They also help you remove the guesswork required to get the best results. You can get the best results with pumps designed for different tank designs. When paired with the Aerobrewer controllers, you can also tame the power without compromising the quality delivered to small tanks.

    That said, any grower who persistently has issues in nutrient distribution could benefit from having the Aeromixer system in their workflow. Whether you want to maximize the nutrients you put in the water or maintain a consistent schedule, the Aeromixer can help you achieve these.