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(20) and potent! :)

At first, I thought that with more pressure it would be better, but I started to get impressed by the potency of the product and it's okay as well...hihihi! I love the feeling of making my own rosin, it's enjoyable and it's exactly the genetics I need... It's the freedom to do whatever I want! :) I waited too long before buying... and thank you so much Trimleaf for your great service! I recommend the product and the seller and have a nice day! :)

NugSmasher Magnet
Jonathan W.

Great costumer service! A lot of companies are hard to deal with but not in this case. They're great!

Great customer service

While I haven't run through a batch yet, I am very happy with the customer service. Albert was on top of the communication while I was waiting for it to ship from Harvest Right. Would definitely order through Trimleaf again!

Tray purchase

Great company to purchase from…Prompt responses to questions and super fast on my delivery…..just received my fd yesterday and am extremely happy! Will definitely recommend your company

Mylar bags and 02 absorbers

Came exactly as described and packed well with no damage. I will order again.

As advertised

First off, got a personal email from Albert the day I ordered the HLG Blackbird 600w letting me know the tracking number etc... Got my light within 5 business days and hooked everything up and it has been running on a 24 hours non stop cycle for 10 days now without ANY issues. I highly recommend doing business with this company as they are very fast and great with customer service! This is a unpaid review and I NEVER do these reviews. Hope you get pleasure of ordering from them

Unfortunately didn't work


Great product

These mats are a huge time saver for me. I’d previously been using parchment with each batch in my freeze dryer. Aside from the waste, I find that parchment never really fits nicely. These mats fit perfectly and wash and dry easily. I wash them with the trays between each batch. I am also really impressed with the quick service, shipping and delivery from Trim Leaf. I will definitely order from them again.

Harvest Right Medium Freeze Dryer

An amazing piece of equipment that will help ensure my family’s future and help with food security. I had wished I had been better prepared for the delivery of my freeze dryer. You need to have a table that will support its weight and size plus high enough for the drain tube to easily flow into a 5 gallon bucket. It’s extremely heavy, so you will need a way to bring it to its location , plus 2 people to lift it. It’s noisy while running, basically it’s like hearing the wash machine on spin cycle for hours. It is very user friendly to operate.

Great customer service

My package arrived within a few days and it included some nice extras. I will be ordering from trim leaf again.

Nice Bags

We really like the Mylar bags and the quantity is super allowing us worry free freeze drying for a number of months.
Thanks for that.
Paul & Pauline

Freeze dryer

Works quicker than I thought. It helps to get the book to guide you

Excellent book

This book is a beautiful recipe/instruction book on home freeze drying. Very informative and i am excited to make the recipes in it. Thank you.


I'm new to rosin pressing. Seem like very good quality to me.

This is aboutthe Nugsmasher XP 12 Ton Rosin Press. NOT Trimleaf, they did all that could be done.

How many inch pounds should it take to close or open the valve. Forget about taking videos to see how long it takes for the plates to separate.
Just give me the maximum amount it should take.
This is the hand that can't close the valve tightly enough to stop leaking down.
That is why I am asking the inch pounds it should take to open and close the valve.
( something that can be measured other than guessing did I close it tightly enough.
The jack is a mess and as a former metal fabricator I believe the problem may be with the welding performed to attach the remote valve handle.

Great customer service = awesome machine

Read the instructions and just call for help when you you need it! Excellent response time and really friendly knowledgeable . what more can you ask

Great service

First, they had the product in stock when the manufacturer was out
Second, Trimleaf’s price was below the manufacturer,
Third, it was shipped out the same days my order and received three days later

Mini press

Mini press nug smasher is the best press I've ever had. I recommend this press to anyone that wants to make their very own personal rosin. The most natural way to go. I was so satisfied with the product I made. Felt Like I was a professional at it myself. Thank you guys for the fast and reliable delivery. I like how you guys kept updates of my package.

Excellent service

Quick turn around from ordering to receiving. Friendly staff and on top of things.

Cure Puck
Bryton R.

This company is fast and make sure that you get your product and there if you have a question about your order or product they are happy to answer

Micron bags

Great bags amazing results

What machine.

Trimleaf wants a review....

The freeze dryer was supposed to be at my place in Thursday the 28th March 2024.

It never came and no one called.

I texted Trimleaf and no one replied.

Not sure why I'd get this review email. You'd think Trimleaf would check to see if they delivered it or not.

I hope this isn't another internet scam....


Thank you for sharing your feedback. I completely understand your frustration with the delayed delivery, the automated review request, and the issue with your texts not reaching us. We sincerely apologize for all the inconvenience this has caused.

I want to assure you that we're here to help and stand by our commitments. Your freeze dryer is currently in transit, and you should receive it early next week. We are also investigating the issue with your texts to ensure this doesn't happen again.

We checked your order details, and it seems there may be a misunderstanding about the expected delivery date. Your tracking information was sent on March 21st, and it indicates an expected delivery for next week.

We hope you'll reconsider updating your review once you've had a chance to experience the product. We've also sent you an email, a text message, and have asked our manager to give you a ring about this as well. If there's anything else we can assist with, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Like it.

Really like how fast I received my order. It came in a discrete package which I also liked. Would definitely recommend your company to everyone who is interested in purchasing lights or anything grow related. Thank you…

Great magnet but a waste of 20$ if getting it for Nugsmasher XP

The body of the machine is non - ferrous except the top.
It is a nice strong magnet but of no use with the Nugsmasher XP.
THE videos show the magnet being used but it must be fabricated with different material than mine.

Harvest Right freeze dryer

I was very impressed with the polite customer service and condition of my machine when it came! It was an easy set up. Customer service sent emails keeping me posted and sending tips to prepare me for my machine. I highly recommend them!