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Grow1 collapsible reservoir tank

One of the best time saving purchases i made, once a week fill up the reservoir and add my nutes set it and forget it

Loving this light

Coming from a kind k5 light, i am totally in love with how light this light is and the space coverage on it. Going to be picking up another one in a few days.

Nugsmasher mini

Great product,thinking about getting bigger model

Pleased and impressed

New to the sport, this is the first press I've owned, and it works so well it will likely be my last. I've owned this for about a month, and have used it a couple of dozen times with great success and satisfaction. The construction, made in the U.S.A., is nothing short of impressive. The main frame is solid and welded together, built to last forever. The pump handle has a stowage place on the unit, and the heat plate/press area is wide open, making it easy to access during use and for cleaning. The unit was well-packed in it's shipping carton, a rugged box with form-fitting foam packaging.
The control panel is straightforward and intuitive. It allows you to set the heating to a specific temperature (not high/medium/low or preset levels). It heats up quickly, within two minutes or so. It sounds a tone when the target temperature is reached, and the display shows the individual temp of each plate (upper & lower), and indicates when the heating units are active. The control panel has an integrated timer you can set for your preferred pressing time, and it emits a beep when the time is up. It's ready to go right out of the box. It has rubber suction cup feet you can put on, if preferred.
The unit appears to be very serviceable. It uses an hydraulic jack, as most do, to provide pressing pressure. The jack is a standard size and easily accessible on the wide open frame. The control panel and heating plates are modular units, which can be replaced in the event of failure.
Don't forget you'll want parchment paper and filter bags (also available as a cut-to-size roll which seems more economical). So far, I have only used the roll product (100 micron), and had good success. You'll want some rubbing alcohol to clean the plates if they get resin on them (though they usually stay clean using parchment paper). The stuff can be super-sticky, black, and non-soluble (can't clean up with soap & water), so it's best on a rugged countertop, or in my case I put it on a vinyl placemat which can be wiped with alcohol.
I have found no down sides to this machine. I can find nothing to critique or complain about. At this modest price point, I would recommend this machine to anyone interested in giving it a try. It's really easy to press your own resin, and the finished product provides improved flavor sensation, is concentrated, and doesn't seem to make one cough as much as leaf combustion. It's powerful, and produces a slightly more "intense" buzz which seems to last longer than other methods of smoking.
I chose this one over competitors primarily because of its design and construction, which has a wide open working area, easily accessible for use and cleaning. As a bonus, it happens to have a higher pressure jack than others, rated at 5 tons. I have no idea if 5 is better than 3, but if I had the 3-ton unit I might wonder if 5 would be better!
A great machine at a great price.

Awsome light thus far!!

I purchased the SE7000 a couple months ago, it's perfect foot print for my 5x5 tent. It's super bright, I have it dimmed to 50% and my plants are thriving!!! It was easy to put together, and install, easy to make height adjustments, it hooked up to my controller seamlessly and looks really cool too. This a well constructed, quality fixture.

Unfortunately it didn’t work at all!

I wasted so much plant materials and time trying to make it work and got nothing. It would be as a better hair straightener than a rosin press.

Great trimmer

The functionality of the pen is outstanding. I have trimmed many a bud with my trusty scissors but my hand is getting wore out. This device trims much like a scissors but is faster and easier on the hand. The only issue I had was the red wire came off that comes up to the battery connector. Luckily I had a needle nose and after a few tries I was able to connect it to the spade connector. Also the run button is very touchy. It came with two batteries, but one does not charge.

Cut My Time In Half!!

It was the best thing I bought in a long time it didn't matter if I wet or dryed trim worked like magic!!

Medic Grow Mini-Sun 2

This is the first Medic Grow light I’ve bought. I bought the 320 watt version and it definitely packs quite a punch. Very powerful, great light distribution and very well made. I also love the built in timer that allows it to cycle itself. I highly recommend this light and I will definitely be trying more Medic Grow products in the future.

Just purchased this late fourth week into bud all I have to say is excellent light so far

Shipped fast and works like they said it would. Really happy with it. Waiting on some gelato to cure. Happy smashing. BonsaIowa

I love the lights
My veggies are starting up perfect. Real good spectrum of lights and very strong

Spider Farmer SE7000

Great Light! Best Price!

Bubble magic 500

I don’t know how we ever lived without it!!
It does the job it says.

I love it

Extremely happy! I wish I made this purchase a long time ago


For once in my life im 100% happy with the purchase I've made....I would recommend a nugsmasher to anyone thats interested.
The more you look into the nugsmasher company the happier you'll get.

Made in America, 80% trade in, great customer service, educational videos

Awesome led

Replace my cobs leds for the growers choice. I'm impressed so far, this lights a beast!

Not happy with the way it came

The turp cooler is super nice, but one of the Shelves is scratched on both sides I was shocked it was shipped this way I sent 2 emails and have heard nothing back. Would love to get this problem fixed. But customer service doesn't seem to be available

The right bag for the job

If you’re consistent with the right amount of a material in each bag. And you have the temperature set properly. These bags work perfectly and flow consistently without leaving Rozen in the corners. I check the ratio of product versus yield and every time I’m on the high end. They are a little tricky folding the corners in but once you find the trick, it’s consistent and easy to do. I highly recommend using these bags. I’ve re-ordered many times love them.

Monster light. Should call it yieldmaster.

A monster of a light my freind has the 650 and he said that his yields significantly increased and only thing he changed was the light to this light. So I'm excited to have gotten one.

5 ton press

This press works great. Very happy with my purchase

Amazing light!!

This light is a beast, running it in a 4x4 and its amazing so far! Extremely fast shipping!!

Route Package Protection
True cut cultivators

It's been a complete waste of money every time.
But I have and will continue to use it.
I like guarantees not hope.

go out and get one of these right now!!!

these machines are definately worth the money! saves you money by being able to store your food longer for you and your family. The best investment I have ever made. If your on the fence about buying one of these go and do it. I use mine almost non stop! great quality and great service by harvest right! if i could give 10 stars i would