Extractcraft: Making Solvent-Based Extraction Easy

Extractcraft: Making Solvent-Based Extraction Easy

Creating homemade concentrates has become more straightforward with the advent of new machines designed to extract these substances from plant material. One method involves using solvents that absorb the concentrates, enabling you to get the most from your plants. This is where ExtractCraft shines. 

ExtractCraft offers an extraction system designed to help you efficiently use solvents to extract essential oils you can use for various applications. You can use these oils for edibles, diffusers, balms, and other products that use oils from plants. You also get a high return from the solvent, which you can reuse later. 

The brand currently has two machines that use solvents to facilitate extraction. Before jumping into the extractors by ExtractCraft, let’s look at the concept behind the process. 


Extractcraft's Extraction Methodology Explained

ExtractCraft employs a system to separate the oils and concentrates from the base plant material and the soaking solution, usually ethyl alcohol. A vacuum is used in the separation process, similar to how a closed-loop with a vacuum assistance system works. 

Using the ExtractCraft machines for getting concentrates involves soaking your plant material before the extraction process, with the total time depending on the volume of the material. You then filter the soaked ethyl alcohol and put it in the ExtractCraft for separation. The process can take anywhere from 2 - 4 hours to complete.  But unlike other ethanol extraction equipment, ExtractCraft’s methodology is much safer and reduces risks while getting the purest results. 


ExtractCraft Source Turbo 

Extract Craft Source Turbo Extraction Machine

The  ExtractCraft Source Turbo is a compact extractor about the size of a coffee maker. The Source Turbo integrates a vacuum system into the closed loop, which makes extracting the ethyl alcohol easier and creates a seal that ensures the separation of each chamber.

Designed for personal or small businesses, the Source Turbo is easy-to-use and can be controlled using a smartphone app that connects via Bluetooth. While you only need to press one button to run the Source Turbo, the turbo mode allows you to speed up the extraction process. The Source Turbo will enable you to process up to two ounces of material, depending on the density. 

Once the alcohol is inside the Source Turbo and separate the extracts. The alcohol is transferred to the outer chamber, and the extracts are left inside the crucible. It’s best to take out the extracts while warm to spread them thinly before airdrying them. You should also have around 90 – 95 percent of the alcohol separated to reuse for another extraction process. 

It’s highly recommended to use the smartphone app of the Source Turbo, which helps unlock other controls. You can adjust the running time, temperature, pressure, elevation, and vacuum level for the best results. 

Maintaining the Source Turbo is easy and can be cleaned by handwashing. The base can be wiped with a damp cloth. 


Efficient, reliable, and a game-changer in extraction. Pays for itself in time and savings!


EtOH Pro 

Extract Craft EtOH Pro Extraction Machine

The  ExtractCraft EtOH Pro (pronounced E-toe Pro) is the big brother of the Source Turbo. Designed for larger businesses, the Etoh Pro can process up to two pounds of material, or around four liters of alcohol, with a total operating time of three hours. 

The EtOH Pro has three containers to operate. The main container attaches to the machine holds the alcohol you use for soaking. The big jar, which looks like a mason jar, has a vacuum seal that keeps all the alcohol after the extraction and features a second tube to loop back alcohol. Lastly, a small jar contains spit back or any residual alcohol that may cycle into the main chamber. Also, using the EtOH entails enabling a vacuum on the three containers. 

Unlike the Source Pro, the EtOH doesn’t have a smartphone app. However, the EtOH allows you to adjust settings on the machine itself. The lack of an app might be a bummer for some, but on the bright side, you have everything you need on the EtOH. Notably, this machine saves your altitude setting, so you don’t have to set it every time. 

When deciding between ExtractCraft's Source Turbo and EtOH Pro, it's essential to understand their key distinctions. While the Source Turbo is celebrated for its simplicity and precision, catering especially to home extractors with a 95% ethanol recovery rate, the EtOH Pro steps up the game for those who demand even higher efficiency. Boasting a 98% ethanol recovery, a generous one-gallon capacity, and rapid 3-hour processing time, the EtOH Pro shines as the choice for more extensive extraction needs, making it perfect for small businesses and experienced extractors. In short, while both devices provide exceptional quality, your choice ultimately hinges on your extraction volume and desired efficiency.


Applications and Advantages 

There are many applications for the ExractCraft machines. You can use these to make essential oils for diffusers, balms, or food. For those into cannabis, you can use the ExtractCraft equipment as a THC or hemp oil extractor, with the concentrates derived ideal for edibles or as material for your dabbing rig. 

Having an extractor such as the Source Turbo or EtOH saves you money as you control the process. You get exactly what you put into the machines. While not as pure as a rosin press, you are still assured that you get what you extract with no other additives. 



Having an ExtractCraft machine allows you to make the most out of your harvest. You get more extracts than a rosin press, giving you more mileage. If you want more quantities, the Source Turbo or the EtOH are good options for more extracts. 

It’s worth noting that ExtractCraft equipment provides value for money, considering the significant quality you get. Likewise, the ExtractCraft machines adhere to high safety standards, protecting you from mishaps associated with solvent-based extraction systems.