7 Big Advantages of Hydroponics

7 Big Advantages of Hydroponics

Growing cannabis requires either using soil or hydroponics. Soil is the traditional growing medium and has been used for years. But hydroponic growing is rapidly taking hold in the cannabis industry. In fact, many growers believe hydroponics offers a number of advantages in comparison to soil growing. From a faster growth rate to larger yields, here are just a few big reasons to consider using hydroponic systems.


What is Hydroponics?

Hydroponics involves growing cannabis in nutrient rich water instead of nutrient rich soil. In simple terms, hydroponics is growing cannabis without soil. Today you can find a wide variety of hydroponic grow systems available. Hydroponic systems are suitable for indoor and outdoor grows. Hence why they are so versatile. Whether you’re planning on running a large grow op or a personal farm, there is something to fit your needs.


Larger Yields

    Did you know the right hydroponic grow system will increase your yield? Unlike growing in soil, hydroponics allows you to create a very specific environment. You can provide the exact amount of nutrients and water to help your farm flourish. A high quality hydroponic system will precisely and accurately nourish your plants. Because the plants are growing in an ideal environment, the results are astonishing. It’s no surprise then that some of the most beautiful buds on the market are grown with hydroponics.


    Faster Growth Rate

    A hydroponic grow system isn’t only capable of producing bigger yields – it can also increase your plant’s growth rate. Hydroponics allow roots to fully absorb nutrients without being weighed down by soil. In addition, the roots also receive more oxygen. Combined with the ideal ratio of nutrients, you have near perfect conditions. Cannabis plants receive exactly what they need to thrive. However, to achieve these results, you will need high quality equipment. But you don’t have to spend a fortune in the process. You can find hydroponic plant grow systems for less than $1,000 USD.


    Controlled Nutrition Levels

    Every grower knows – you do not want to leave your cannabis plants up to chance. Cultivating amazing herb takes serious skill and knowledge along with creating the right conditions. But this is often easier said than done. While cannabis will grow in a number of environments (it is a weed after all) in order to flourish, cannabis needs just the right care. Hydroponics give you more control of your grow environment. Instead of battling the elements, you can easily regulate your plant’s growing conditions. You also have more control over the plant’s vegetative and flowering stages, which each have unique nutritional needs.


    Cleaner Growing Environment

    One big advantage of hydroponics? There is zero soil required. This means you won’t have to be dragging soil around. You also won’t need to clean up soil. Better yet, you won’t even have to worry about soil in the first place. Although using a hydroponic grow system does have a slight learning curve, once you get the hang of it, it’s incredibly easy and efficient to use. Therefore, a lot of growers find hydroponics a better option in the long run.


    Fewer Pests and Diseases

    There are a number of bugs that can infect your grow. And despite their small size, it doesn’t take long for these creatures to do some real damage. To top it off, cannabis plants are also susceptible to soil borne diseases. When you use a hydro system, you reduce the likelihood of pests and diseases dramatically, especially if you are growing indoors. It is much easier to control pests when you are operating in a highly regulated and controlled environment. An infestation can be a devastating, not mention an expensive, occurrence. Hydroponics help keep your flowers free from pests and disease.


    Maximized Grow Environment

    Want to grow cannabis but short on space? Hydroponics may be the answer you have been searching for. Suitable for indoor and outdoor farms, hydroponics creates an ideal growing environment in a precise place. From 32 plant grow systems to vertical grow systems, hydroponics compactly deliver oxygen, water, and nutrients directly to the plant’s roots –all while taking up a fraction of the space a traditional grow would take. If you are working within a restricted environment, hydroponics are the way to go.


    Access to Roots

    The roots are one of the most overlooked aspects of growing cannabis. Yet, they are one of the most important. The roots are a clear sign of the health and well-being of your plants. Roots that are white are healthy, while roots that are yellow or brown indicate a sign of illness or age. A hydroponic grow system makes it incredibly easy to monitor the health of your plant’s roots. When growing in soil, this is virtually impossible. By regularly reviewing your plant’s roots, you can help correct any deficiencies or problems before they manifest into something serious.



    Growing with hydroponics offers some clear advantages. While soil grown cannabis has its place, hydroponic growing systems have ushered in a new era of cannabis cultivation. Experience the difference high quality hydroponics make by viewing our affordable growing equipment today.