Triminator Rosin Press

Designed for commercial extract production, the Rosin TRP and TRP stack has the ability to press large batches of rosin at the lowest temperatures to preserve rich, valuable terpenes thanks to the equipped 25 tons of force and large 6" x 10" aluminum plates milled from a single block of aluminum. The Triminator rosin press duo is engineered to extract rosin at the optimum temperature & pressure to provide the the most & highest quality yields.

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Triminator TRP Faqs

No, the press requires either may hand or an air pump to power the press.

The type of pump you choose is a personal preference and depends on how you intend to use the press.

Manual pumps give you better feel and modulation but require more effort.

Air hydraulic pumps, on the other hand, can have more modulation and speed but require an external air compressor.