Best Pre-Roll Machines

Having a pre-roll cone filling machine is an excellent investment to consider, especially if you offer pre-rolled or plan to introduce pre-rolled cones as part of your products.

A pre-roll machine ensures consistent flavor, as it automates your system so that you can produce larger batches in minutes and not hours. At the same time, pre-roll devices reduce sloppy outputs, making each cone you offer more presentable.

Thus, a reliable pre-roll machine will do wonders if you plan to offer pre-rolled cones, especially if you have good material to stuff in the cones.

Given the benefits of using a pre-roll machine, what options do you have for making pre-rolled cones?



Futurola Knockbox 3

The Futurola Knockbox 3 is one of the most popular pre-roll machines in the market today.


Futurola Knockbox 3

The Knockbox 3 comes in three models, the 3/50, which fills up to 50 cones in two minutes; the 3/100, which does a hundred cones for the same amount of time; and the 3/300, which can fill up to 300 cones in two minutes.

The Knockbox also features cone kits that you can use for other cone sizes, of which the 3/100 allows for the broadest compatibility, with all cone kits compatible.

Setting up the Knockbox 3 is relatively easy. All you need to do is attach the Cone kit with your choice of cones, load your material into the filling device and let the Knockbox 3 do the filling.

The unloading feature helps make cones easier, in tandem with the shakes from the Knockbox to ensure a compact cone. When it comes to how long it takes to fill a batch of cones, you may have to do two runs to make a full cone, depending on the size of the cones.

For the most part, the Knockbox doesn’t make much of a mess unless you’re not careful in unloading the cones you make, which is rooted in how much you stuff in each cone. If you overload your cones, you can expect a mess when you unload them from the Knockbox.



Thousand Per Hour Pre-Roll Machine 


Thousand Per Hour Pre-Roll Machine


The Thousand Per Hour Pre-Roll Machines are a good option for those who want more cones filled at a time to meet specific targets. If you’re running a dispensary, then these pre-roll machines are highly recommended.

With two models to choose from, the TPH 128 and the TPH 512, these pre-roll machines allow you to meet at least 3,000 pre-rolls in a week. Both devices also have variations for cone sizes.

Compared to the Knockbox, these pre-roll machines take a little more effort to fill, but you get more outputs in each batch. It’s also easier to set up, as it uses more minor components.

The Thousand Per Hour Pre-Roll machine only needs a few shakes to ensure a compact cone, unlike the Knockbox, which requires more shakes. The outputs are pretty consistent, so you are assured of the same quality with each batch.

Another thing to note about the Thousand Per Hour is that it doesn’t make much of a mess after every use.



King Kone Pre-Roll Machine


King Kone Pre-Roll Machine


The King Kone Pre-Roll Machine might only come in one model, but it certainly has one of the best designs among all pre-roll machines.

For one, it’s the only pre-roll machine that can do three sizes out of the box (84, 98, and 109 mm) and not rely on after-sale add-ons. It also features a pair of dedicated catch bins and a lid to ensure no mess is made during filling.

With its modular design, you can easily add the extension for larger cone sizes, or if you need a specific size, this can be made by order and will fit through the modular system.

The King Kone can handle up to 169 cones in every batch, and much like the Knockbox, it can also finish a set within minutes. Results are also consistent when it comes to weight.

For those who want to have a pre-roll machine in the comfort of their homes, the King Kone is a good option since it’s pretty compact. It’s also a good option for those who run small-time dispensaries.




These Pre-Roll machines are excellent in their own right and have features designed for particular users or businesses.

That said, these machines are a good investment for anyone looking to have consistent pre-rolled cones that won’t disappoint.