The Best Home Freeze Dryers

The Best Freeze Dryer Models Reviewed & Rated

The options for freeze dryers have started to expand like those freeze-dried candies that many have been obsessing about on social media. Freeze drying offers a convenient solution to food preservation. But that wasn’t always the case. 

A few years ago, freeze dryers were a niche appliance — they were bulky and expensive. These appliances were popular among the prepper community and survivalist circles. 

However, when the freeze-drying trend exploded, companies seized the opportunity to offer various features and capacities. This evolution has made choosing the best freeze dryer more challenging. 

This roundup will explore four leading freeze-dryer brands: Harvest RightThe CUBE, Blue Alpine, and StayFresh. Each brand offers its take to provide innovative solutions for your preservation needs. 

Let’s take a look at what each freeze-dryer brand has to offer!

What are Freeze Dryers?

These innovative appliances are revolutionizing food preservation in homes around the world. But what exactly are freeze dryers, and how do they work?

In essence, freeze dryers are dehydration machines that operate on a principle called sublimation. Unlike traditional dehydrators that remove water through heat, freeze dryers freeze the food to ensure the water content transforms directly into ice crystals.

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Freeze drying opens up a world of possibilities, including:

  • Long-Term Food Storage — Freeze-dried foods retain most of their original nutrients, flavor, and color, making them ideal for long-term storage in pantries or emergency kits.
  • Preserving Garden Produce — Freeze drying lets you maintain the peak freshness of your homegrown vegetables and fruits so you can enjoy them year-round.
  • Culinary Creativity —  Experiment with creating unique snacks, gourmet powders for sauces or soups, and even long-lasting gourmet meals for camping or backpacking trips by freeze drying foods, utilizing your freeze dryer for a variety of shelf-stable goods. 

Understanding the science behind freeze-drying and its diverse applications can help you choose the right machine.


Why Use a Freeze Dryer?

You may choose what to preserve and give your family wholesome meals and snacks all year long with a home freezer drier. It enhances preservation by retaining the taste and nutritional content of your favorite meals. Compared to traditional methods like canning or drying, freeze-drying reduces nutritional loss and preserves the original textures, flavors, and fragrances of fruits, vegetables, meats, and other items.

Additionally, using a freeze dryer at home provides unmatched versatility and simplicity. During periods of the year when some items are unavailable, you can freeze-dry them and store up on seasonal goods. You can easily freeze-dry extra produce from your fruit and vegetable garden and rehydrate it as needed, so you won't have to worry about running out.

fresh fruit vs freeze dried fruit

Having a freeze dryer at home also has the added benefit of saving money. You may make these candies at home rather than purchasing them from a store. Perhaps you might even turn it into a home business later on if you explore its potential.


What are the Differences Between a Commercial and Home Freeze Dryer?

Home freeze dryers were made with simplicity and efficiency in mind. That means you do not have to dive deep into complex settings, as you can use the presets loaded into the machine with minor adjustments to other things, such as temperature and time. Commercial freeze dryers offer more tweaking, although this can cause some complications for beginners.

Another thing that makes home freeze dryers different is the space requirement; freeze dryers are much larger than traditional food preservation appliances, requiring more planning for where you will place them. Home freeze dryers occupy a smaller footprint compared to their commercial counterparts. In some cases, home freeze dryers will have larger shelf spaces in between each tray to accommodate food, while commercial or industrial-grade freeze dryers will have smaller shelf gaps due to their application in the pharmaceutical industry.

 the benefits of home freeze drying

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Freeze Dryer


  • Consider your usage needs and projected future usage
  • For small business use, aim for a medium-sized freeze dryer (10-15 lbs capacity)

Pump Size

  • Oil-free pumps require less maintenance but consume more power
  • Industrial oil pumps are faster but need regular maintenance


  • Look for upgradeable vacuum pump
  • Wireless connectivity for notifications and updates
  • Automatic defrost, process speed, and maintenance-friendly features

Ease of Operation

  • Prioritize a user-friendly interface for loading and unloading
  • Check for presets and customizable settings for best results


  • Home freeze dryers typically range from $2,000 to $5,000
  • Consider your long-term needs to avoid outgrowing a cheaper model

Intended Use

  • Basic model for occasional small batches, more robust for frequent/larger use
  • Identify the most important features (capacity, automation, pump type, etc.)

Sales and Promotions

  • Keep an eye out for discounts, especially during holidays or end-of-season sales


  • Evaluate ease of cleaning and availability of replacement parts
  • Consider the manufacturer's support for maintenance and troubleshooting

Warranty and Support

  • Prioritize a comprehensive warranty and reliable customer support
  • Check for user communities that can provide additional guidance


The Best Freeze Dryers for Home Use

1. Harvest Right Home Pro Medium Freeze Dryer

Harvest Right™ | Home Freeze Dryers | Freeze Dried Food Storage Home Freeze  Dryers

The Harvest Right Medium Freeze Dryer is a versatile home, business, and pharmaceutical application solution. 

This freeze dryer perfectly balances capacity and functionality. It provides exceptional performance whether you're preserving garden produce, creating long-lasting meals, or freeze-drying laboratory specimens.

Key Features

The Harvest Right Medium Freeze Dryer has five trays and can handle up to 15 pounds of material per batch, making it suitable for small-to medium-scale freeze-drying projects and perfect to stock your pantry with shelf-stable foods. 

It features upgradable firmware that lets you use other modes, such as pharmaceutical, which is ideal for applications outside food, such as drying bubble hash.

Harvest Right also harnesses Smart Freeze technology that automatically senses the moisture content and adjusts the freeze-drying time and temperature accordingly, ensuring optimal results. 

The full-color touchscreen interface simplifies operation, making it easy for users of all experience levels to navigate settings and start the freeze-drying process.  

The Harvest Right Medium Freeze Dryer is perfect for those with varying freeze-drying needs, especially if you need lower temperatures to freeze-dry your batch of food. Another thing to like about it is upgrading to an oil-free vacuum pump


  • It is ideal for a wide range of freeze-drying needs, including preserving pounds of food with a longer shelf life.
  • Capable of handling pharmaceutical-grade freeze-drying requirements with the appropriate upgrades.


  • The Harvest Right Medium Freeze Dryer costs more upfront than other models.
  • It may be larger than necessary for those with smaller-scale freeze-drying needs.


The Harvest Right Medium Freeze Dryer has a base price of $2895, which includes the premier pump. Upgrading to the oil-free pump will cost $1495, bringing the total cost to $4390, an essential specification for those utilizing their freeze dryer frequently.

Buying the oil-free pump later will cost $1795, so it's best to make the upgrade decision before buying.

Check out this article for a more detailed Harvest Right Freeze Dryer Review.

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2. The CUBE Freeze Dryer by Prep4Life

THE CUBE Freeze Dryer with Internal Oil-Free Pump

The CUBE Freeze Dryer by Prep4Life is a versatile and innovative solution to meet freeze-drying needs in homes and businesses. Furthermore, The CUBE Freeze Dryer is a powerful tool for preserving their harvests, creating long-lasting meals, or safeguarding laboratory specimens.  

Thanks to its advanced technology, The CUBE delivers exceptional results in a surprisingly compact package. User-friendly features make the freeze-drying process efficient and streamlined, saving time and effort.

Key Features

The CUBE can handle up to 14 pounds of material per batch, making it ideal for small to moderate-scale freeze-drying needs. This freeze dryer offers specialized modes such as Candy Express and Jar Seal. It is suitable for various freeze-drying applications, from preserving fruits and vegetables to creating long-lasting snacks and meals.

The CUBE's Moisture-Sensing Technology automatically adjusts the freeze-drying time and temperature based on moisture levels, ensuring precise and consistent results. 

This freeze dryer also features a user-friendly touchscreen interface that simplifies operation. Users of all experience levels can effortlessly navigate settings and start the freeze-drying process. 

In addition, The CUBE comes with smart connectivity, allowing users to receive notifications on their phones and emails when the freeze-dryer cycle is complete.

The CUBE Freeze Dryer is perfect for those seeking efficiency while maximizing space inside the freeze dryer, with the help of its extended racks. 


  • The Specialized Modes allow you to do other things with the CUBE, such as seal jars.
  • Optional Extended Drying Rack will enable you to maximize shelf space inside the CUBE.
  • Wireless Connectivity will enable users to receive notifications when the freeze-drying cycle is complete.


  • The CUBE Freeze Dryer has a slightly smaller capacity than other models.
  • Since the pump is internal, using high-quality pump oil can reduce heat under the cold trap chamber, needing more time to pull depth.


The CUBE Freeze Dryer costs around $5075, including an oil-free pump inside the machine. Even with the oil-free vacuum pump upgrade, it is a little more expensive than the Harvest Right. 

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3. Blue Alpine Medium Freeze Dryer

Medium Freeze Dryer - For Candy, Food and More

The Blue Alpine Medium Freeze Dryer is another contender for a powerful and efficient freeze-drying solution. While it offers two sizes, the medium version works well for homes and small-scale businesses. 

Key Features 

The Blue Alpine Medium Freeze Dryer has four trays, good enough for up to 15 pounds of material. Its firmware gives you six modes to operate the freeze dryer, streamlining its use.

Even with these presets, you can still set things manually to fit your preferences. Blue Alpine also uses improved PIDs, which are proven to have longer lifespans. 

Blue Alpine took a different route for its structure, using aluminum for the body instead of stainless steel.

It uses barbed fittings to prevent vacuum leaks and a thread locker to seal all threads, which is a testament to how they pay attention to such detail for quality. However, the hose seems weak and can be challenging to maintain. 

Each Blue Alpine freeze dryer comes with an oil pump, but you can upgrade it to a more premium, less noisy oil pump for $549. It’s interesting to note that these vacuum pumps are similar to what Harvest Right uses, as they are compatible with their machines, too. 

Due to the automated features, the Blue Alpine is a good freeze dryer for anyone learning the ropes of freeze drying. Considering how it simplifies the process, it’s a good starting point for anyone wanting to understand freeze drying. 


  • The Blue Alpine Freeze Dryer's controller features six settings that you can customize to your needs.
  • Despite using aluminum for the body, its high-quality construction makes it a robust choice for long-term food storage.


  • The hose can be challenging to clean.
  • There is no option for oil-free pumps.


The price of the Blue Alpine Medium Freeze Dryer is $3085. You can upgrade to the premium oil pump for $549 if you plan to use your freeze dryer extensively. 

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4. StayFresh Freeze Dryer

Freeze Dryer – Stay Fresh Freeze Dryer

The StayFresh Medium Freeze Dryer is a new introduction that has made a mark among freeze-dryer users looking to switch machines. This medium-sized freezer meets the needs of both small-scale producers and home enthusiasts. 

Offering efficient and reliable freeze-drying capabilities, StayFresh ensures that your food remains fresh for an extended period. With its user-friendly features and innovative freeze drying technology, StayFresh provides a hassle-free experience for various applications including freeze drying foods.

The StayFresh Freeze Dryer is good for anyone who wants a no-frills system for home and business use. It’s also ideal for anyone wishing to learn freeze-drying while gaining a deep understanding of the process. 

Key Features

The four-tray model provides 640 square inches of tray space, smaller than most of its counterparts. The StayFresh features firmware that automates the process and provides real-time data monitoring. The freeze dryer adjusts its settings based on the information it receives from its sensors. 

StayFresh freeze dryers are built to last, combining stainless steel and aluminum construction. The cylindrical chambers enhance their ability to withstand pressure during freeze-drying, ensuring durability and longevity.


  • StayFresh Freeze Dryer is designed with simplicity, making it particularly user-friendly for beginners who plan to use their freeze dryer for a variety of tasks.
  • Real-time data monitoring allows the StayFresh freeze dryer to adjust settings automatically, enhancing efficiency and reducing the time consumed in freeze-drying.


  • The StayFresh freeze dryer has a smaller capacity than other models.


The StayFresh Freeze Dryer's standard pump version costs approximately $3,299, while the industrial pump version costs around $4,044.

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The freeze-dryer market is booming, offering exciting possibilities for long-term food storage, gourmet snack creation, scientific preservation, and extending shelf life. With a wider range of brands and features than ever before, there's the best freeze dryer out there for everyone!

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If you learn more about these models, you can choose the best freeze dryer that fits your needs and budget!

Freeze Dryers for Home Frequently Asked Questions 

Yes, home freeze dryers are ideal for food preservation. They allow individuals to store excess produce from their gardens or bulk-purchased goods for later use with minimal degradation in quality.

Almost any food can be freeze-dried, including fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy products, and even full meals — making freeze-drying a versatile method of food preservation.

Compared to traditional methods like canning or dehydrating, freeze-drying typically preserves more of the food's original flavor, nutrition, and texture while offering a longer shelf-life without

To use a freeze dryer for your home, carefully follow the manufacturer's instructions provided in the owner's manual. It's important to understand the process of freeze-drying, including the use of oxygen absorbers, mylar bags, and vacuum pump oil.

Having a freeze dryer for your home allows you to preserve your garden harvest, homestead produce, or favorite foods for longer periods. It also provides the convenience of having freeze-dried food items ready, especially if you live in an area where fresh produce is limited.

When choosing a freeze dryer for your home, carefully consider factors such as the brand and model, capacity, additional features like extra trays and refrigeration, as well as the warranty and maintenance requirements.

Freeze dryers require proper ventilation during use to ensure efficient operation and prevent overheating. It is important to place the freeze dryer in a well-ventilated area as per the manufacturer's instructions.

Yes, freeze-dried foods can be reconstituted with water to restore their original texture and taste. This process is commonly used when preparing meals or snacks from freeze-dried ingredients.