There is no doubt that hash-making is anart that takes time, patience and a lot of practice to master. Not only it extracts safely and effectively the cannabinoids and terpenes from cannabis, but it also preserves the plant’s delicate aromas and flavors.

If you are looking for a fun, creative way to spend your weekend or just want to try something new, give hash making a try!

A pre-roll machine ensures consistent flavor, as it automates your system so that you can produce larger batches in minutes and not hours. At the same time, pre-roll devices reduce sloppy outputs, making each cone you offer more presentable.

These Pre-Roll machines are excellent in their own right and have features designed for particular users or businesses.

Small grow tents are great! They're affordable affordable, which means you can use what you save to buy other needed components for your indoor growing, such as grow lights. But, did you know that small grow tents also benefit large-scale growers? In this article, we delve into the best small indoor grow tents.

Thanks to technology, we now have LED grow lights making a niche of its own in growing. Manufacturers are also on their way to drive down prices to make it more competitive versus the traditional grow lights that use HPS or CMH. Should you want to invest in LED grow lights, you may want to read further on what you need
Whether you're processing cannabis or hemp, buckers and commercial bucking solutions have certainly come a long way. In this article, we tackle on the different kinds of bucking solutions available and list out the best buckers in the market today
Bud trimmers come in all sizes with different trimming capabilities and similar features. This comprehensive guide will walk you through how to choose the right bud trimmer for the job, the different bud trimmers in the market today, and equip you with the knowledge to start trimming today!
So you're ready to buy a rosin press? Here's everything you need to know about rosin and which rosin press to buy. A comprehensive guide on what's available on the market today and tips and tricks to getting clean extracts.
In this article we go over everything you need to know to build your own rosin press as we discuss everything from the necessary equipment you need, breaking down the associated costs, looking at potential yields, and recommending complete builds to accommodate different budgets and price points. 
Rosin extraction is safe and easy for both home and commercial growers because it doesn’t require any solvents with which to extract cannabinoids, nor does it require extensive safety measures as some other extraction methods do. But for rosin extraction to be most efficient – and produce the highest yield – professionally designed rosin presses are ideal. Today, rosin presses can be found in almost any shape, size, form, and capacity. Here are some of our favorite rosin presses for both commercial and personal use.

How much time and money do you think you'll be able to save if you purchase an automatic bud trimmer instead of hiring a crew to trim your harvest by hand?