Jiko: Automated Infused Pre-Roll Machine

Introducing Jiko, the next step in Cannabis pre-roll infusion tech automation. Jiko streamlines your infusion process for various sizes and types of pre-rolls with a diverse range of concentrates effortlessly and efficiently.

Jiko Automated Preroll Infusion System

A Versatile Infusion System Designed to Work with Various Concentrates

Jiko is designed to handle an array of meltable concentrates like Live Rosin, Live Resin, Distillate, Badder, Shatter, Sauce, CBD, Delta 8, and HHC. It accommodates different form factors, including paper cones, straight rolled tubes, and blunt wraps, and allows the user to control pressure and temperature through a sophisticated touchscreen interface.

How Does Jiko Work?

High-Speed Production with a Single Operator

Achieve up to 800 infusions per hour with Jiko's high-speed pre-roll infusion technology, designed for optimal efficiency with a single operator.

  • Infuses 800 pre-rolls per hour
  • Works with almost any finished pre-rolled cones, straight-tubes, or blunt wraps
  • Infuse almost any melt-able
    concentrates - including fresh
    press rosin, live resin, badder
  • Enterprise level customer support with a 15-minute response time

Are you crafting the ultimate Hash Hole or Doughnut Joint? See how Jiko+ Donut Maker can elevate your craft to new heights!

Jiko vs Manual Infusion by Hand

Cost per infused Pre-Roll $0.03/pre-roll
100,000 Infusions/month Saves $40,444 / month
115,200 Infusions/month Single Operator
Jiko Robot Spillage ± 3% / pre-roll
Cost per infused Pre-Roll $0.43/pre-roll
Manual Infusion Spillage Cost $37,500 / month
7680 Infusions/month Single Operator
Manual Infusion Spillage ± 25% / pre-roll

What Customers are Saying

In a few short months we have been able to get the Jiko up and running and have production smoothed out. With our profit margin, this machine will pay for itself within the next month or so.
- Choice Labs

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Want to revolutionize your pre-roll infusion production? Experience Jiko's high-speed automated pre-roll infusion, capable of handling 800 infusions per hour with just one operator. Sign up for a virtual or in-person demo today, and see firsthand how Jiko can transform your workflow and lead you into the future of efficient cannabis manufacturing.

Product Specifications

Single Load Capacity: 20 finished pre-rolls

Infusion Throughput*: 800 pre-rolls / hour

Infusion Dosing Capability: 50mg - 1,000mg with 50 mg increments

Infusion Materials: Distillate, Cold Cure Live Rosin, Live Resin, Liquid Diamonds, Budder, Sugar, Sauce, Badder, HTE

Size and Dimensions

Machine Weight: 110 lbs

Machine Dimensions: 48"x 24"x 66" (WxDxH)

Noise Level: 56 dB

Product Requirements

Power: 1200W@110VAC

Temperature: 60°F-90°F

Internet Connection: WiFi or Ethernet is Required