Save time and money by automating your harvest process! Twister Trimmers provide various bud-trimming machines designed to cut buds without damaging the thin, fragile trichomes. With more than a decade of continuous research and development behind them, Twister Trimmers continues to bring out its best by catering to every step in the process—whether you’re a small-time or commercial grower.

Twister Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Ricky M.

Enjoy The Trimmer, Works As Reviewed. We Are Very Pleased With The Product.

Scotty Y.

Awesome trim machine definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a professional trim t6 is the whip.

Philip K.

Needed a portable trimmer that I can bring anywhere and T6 was worth it. It looks great with all black and super portable! It's also run quieter than the T4 so that's a bonus and definitely trims fast!

Ben S.

The machine itself is fabulous and works really great. Extremely happy with my purchase

William M.

Works well saves time.

Jewell F.

We upgraded to the T4 trimmer to overcome bottlenecks. Running 6-8 hours daily, it handles both wet and dry trimming with ease. Produces great results and the trim catcher is perfect for biomass collection. Great machine!

Justin M.

This works great, a bit loud, but beats having tons of people trimming for you. Just me and one other person now. It seems like it'll pay for itself fast. Fits in your car trunk, so starting a small trimming business with friends' crops could be profitable.

Sue B.

We got our Twister T6 last week and have been using it happily on dried hemp nugs since. It works great and significantly reduces labor hours. We had to raise the incline to its highest level to prevent nugs from falling apart, but they're trimmed perfectly now. Love the vacuum and catch bag for saving ground leaves and small stems.

Your Trimming Companion: Twister Buckers

Twister B4 Bucker

Easy to use, the B4 Bucker gives you up to 10 times more savings in labor costs by processing up to 150 pounds of your harvest in an hour.

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