Twister Trimmers & Buckers Reviewed

Twister is one of the innovators when it comes to cannabis harvest processing.

They take pride in their well-designed machines that can function as a standalone, or in tandem with their other products for a seamless flow.

The Twister product line caters to the needs of anyone who needs to have an efficient cannabis trimming system, regardless of the size of operations.

For the price you pay for a Twister machine, get ready to be surprised at how fast they pay for themselves and give you a faster return of investment.

More importantly, Twister maintains a high bar for quality and compliance with health and occupational safety standards, making them worth investing in.

Since Twister offers a wide selection of products, choosing the right product might be an overwhelming task for you.

Let us go through their product line of the company, and see which one fits your needs well.


 Product Summary

Name Type Capacity

Twister T6
Wet & Dry Bud Trimmer Wet trimming: 
10 - 20 lbs per hour

Dry trimming: 
4 - 6 lbs per hour
Twister T4
Twister T4
Wet & Dry Bud Trimmer
Wet trimming: 
25 lbs per hour

Dry trimming: 
7 lbs per hour
Twister T2
Twister T2
Wet & Dry Bud Trimmer
Wet trimming: 
35 lbs per hour

Dry trimming: 
11 lbs per hour
Twister BatchOne
Dry-Only Bud Trimmer
Dry trimming: 
88 lbs per hour
Twister B4
B4 Bucker
150+ lbs per hour
Twister System
Twister System
Trimmer & Bucker System

Wet trimming: (variable*)
50 - 140 lbs per hour

Dry trimming: (variable*)
14 - 44 lbs per hour
Twister T-Zero
Twister T-Zero Pro
Wet & Dry Bud Trimmer
Wet trimming: 
600+ lbs per hour


Twister T6: Kickstarting your Trimming Game


Twister T6 Wet & Dry Bud Trimmer



If you run a small growing business and don’t expect to do much trimming, the T6 trimmers are a good take-off point for you.

The T6 is a tabletop trimmer that fits perfectly in tight spots. Measuring only 10 inches high, 11 inches deep, and 30 inches long, it will be easy to integrate this machine in your workflow.

As a grab and go device, you can also take this along to the field, or anywhere you think your buds are safe from harmful elements.

The T6 has an hourly capacity of 4 pounds an hour, thanks to its 0.25 horsepower motor. You can swap out the tumblers to switch between wet and dry buds.

The T6 does not need any special tools to set up, and its cleanup is a breeze without using any harmful chemicals.


Twister T4: A Level Up Without Investing Too Much


Twister T4 



The T4 Trimmers are a level up from the T6, in the sense that it can process more and has a lot of options for upgrades.

The T4 Trimmer has speed controls that give you precise control over the kind of trims for your buds.

With six (6) speed settings each for the tumble and blade, the T4 can adapt to the quantity and kind of buds you trim.

The T4 Trimmer can trim up to 23 pounds of wet and 7 pounds of dry buds in an hour.

If you want to up the ante, you can use the T4 with other T4s so you can increase your outputs every hour.

Every T4 comes with the leaf collector to help you gather your trimmings.

While the stock T4 is good, Twister offers upgrades, including the maintenance-free ball bearings, stainless steel tumblers, and the trim saver.



Twister T2: The Standard in Trimming


 Twister T2



The T2 set the bar for Twister Trimmers, when it comes to quality and quantity.

The T2 is the basis of the whole Twister System designed by the company for a seamless workflow.

As a standalone machine, the T2 is capable of trimming up to 35 pounds of wet and 11 pounds of dry buds in an hour.

The T2 uses QuickClick technology, which gives the blades precise adjustments, so your buds are safe.

This trimmer uses the updated tumbler design of Twister, which allows you to have one tumbler for both wet and dry buds.

If you think the T2 is powerful as it is, you should see how it performs with other T2s side by side. As it is, four (4) T2 trimmers can process up 172 pounds of wet buds in an hour.

Like the T4, the T2 also comes with upgrades, including stainless steel tumblers, leaf collectors, and other attachments designed to make your experience better.

But the best upgrade for the T2 is its integration with the Twister system, which includes a bucker and conveyor belt systems to automate your workflow.

So, if you are looking for a Trimmer that fits your expansion plans, while meeting the high demands of your production, the T2 fits the bill perfectly.



BatchOne: For your Dry Buds


Twister BatchOne 



The BatchOne is the latest addition to the trimmer of Twister.

Made only for dry buds, the BatchOne can trim up to 88 pounds of dry buds, with precision.

The BatchOne can load and unload from either side using the five-point pivot system, and features a nestable and stackable trim bins underneath it.

It also features a quick-release, which lets you remove the tumbler without using special tools.

You might wonder, why would a company known for its versatile trimmers make a trimmer only for dry buds?

Well, it’s a fact that dry buds are harder to trim, as compared to its wet counterparts. As it is, trimming dry buds take more time compared to wet buds, which is evident in the big difference of hourly outputs of trims.

Twister designed the BatchOne, to have a machine that can match the outputs of the Wet Bud Trimmers.

So if you are on the lookout for a dry bud trimmer that can handle large-scale produce, you should consider the BatchOne.



B4 Bucker: A Compliment to your Trimmer


B4 Bucker



Every trimming system stands to benefit greatly when a bucker is included in the operations.

Especially if you are running a large-scale facility, having a reliable bucker not only gives you quality results, but also speeds up your production.

That is why Twister developed the B4 Bucker to pair with your Twister Trimmers.

The B4 works best with the T2 Trimmer, as it is also part of the Twister system.

It can de-bud up to 150 pounds an hour. The B4 also has an emergency stop system built into it, in case a jam occurs when bucking.

The B4 also uses swappable cartridges to match the stem diameter of your favorite strains.

Like all other Twister products, the B4 cleans up easy, and can be assembled and taken down in minutes.



Twister System and T-Zero: The Big Leagues of Trims

If you are ready to conquer the world cannabis harvests, you need to have a reliable system.

Luckily, Twister came up with two (2) solutions to help you in this journey: the Twister System and the T-Zero.


Twister System 


Twister T4 Tandem System



The Twister System is a set of machines composed of the B4 Bucker, the T2, T4, and conveyor belts that link the trimmer and bucker together, as if the two are a single machine.

The modular nature of the T2 and Bucker makes the Twister system more than just a set of machines; it’s an environment of cannabis trimmers aimed at giving large-scale operators an efficient workflow that bucks and trims in a matter of seconds.


Twister T2 Tandem SystemTwister T2 Tandem System

Since the B4 and Trimmers have adjustable heights, you can easily customize the Twister System to match your production line.

The Twister system uses two sets of conveyor systems, with one serving as a feed from the bucker to the trimmers, and another conveyor to bring your trimmed buds to your quality control team.


T-Zero Pro


Twister T-Zero



Meanwhile, the T-Zero Pro system is a wet and dry bud trimmer designed to work long hours.

With the capacity to trim up to 600 pounds of wet and 150 pounds of dry buds, the T-Zero Pro can continuously trim for 24 hours.

According to Twister, they designed the T-Zero Pro to cut down your overhead costs through the efficiency and power of this machine.

If you base your figures on the computations released by the company, a little over 900 pounds of dry cannabis harvest is enough to cover your investment in this machine.

In the long run, you also stand to save on labor costs by around $180,000 for every 900-pound dry bud harvest processed by the T-Zero Pro.

If you think this is convincing enough, you should see the T-Zero Pro, which is like the Twister System, but designed specifically for the T-Zero Pro trimmer.

So if you are ready to take on the cannabis processing industry by storm, check out either systems for a more efficient workflow and faster return of investment.




Twister Trimmers has all kinds of growers covered, whether you are just starting or part of the big league in the sector.

Unlike other brands, the upgradable nature of most of their machines make them go beyond being one-trick ponies, as they grow along with your business.

And with quality components present in every machine, you get only the best trims, without compromising flavor.