AC Infinity Grow Tents And Air Filter Kits: Smart Solutions For Indoor Gardening

The rise of ready-to-use kits in the gardening market sparked a revolution. These all-in-one solutions bring convenience by simplifying the intricacies of indoor growing. 

With this trend, AC Infinity emerges as a brand redefining the standards of gardening innovation. What started as finding a noiseless solution for air circulation has now grown into groundbreaking innovations for environmental controls. 

AC Infinity 2' x 2' Grow Tent & Ventilation Kit

Its Grow Tent and Air Filter Kits show this innovative trend. We know how important these kits are in gardening; they make growing environments more conducive for plants, bringing the best yields possible. Let's look into how these offerings are reshaping indoor growing, offering a new dimension of precision and convenience.


AC Infinity Grow Tent Kits 

AC Infinity Grow Tent Kits offer a range of solutions to fit different gardening needs and spaces. Each kit is carefully designed to optimize your growing environment, ensuring the best conditions for plant growth. Let's explore the variety of kits available:

Styled Table


Included Tent

Included Light 


Advanced Compact 2 x 2

CloudLab 422

IonBoard S22

2' x 2' 

Advanced 2 x 2

CloudLab 722

IonBoard S22

2' x 2'

Advanced 2 x 4

CloudLab 642

IonBoard S24

2' x 4' 

Advanced 3 x 3

CloudLab 733

IonBoard S33

3' x 3' 

Advanced 4 x 4

CloudLab 844

IonBoard S44

4' x 4' 

Advanced Pro 5 x 5 

CloudLab 866

IonFrame EVO8

5' x 5'

There have been a lot of turnkey growing solutions, including grow tents, all made to simplify gardening. All these grow tents were made to optimize the environment and create the ideal plant growth conditions. 

The Essence of the Kit: CloudLab Grow Tent

Central to the kit is the CloudLab Grow Tent, tailored in various sizes to accommodate different gardening scales. Its interior, lined with diamond mylar, brilliantly maximizes light reflection, ensuring optimal growth conditions. The robust 2000D canvas and a meticulously designed zipper system provide essential darkness, simulating natural growth cycles.

Uncompromising Durability

Distinguishing these tents is their exceptional durability. The use of thickened steel poles means a secure and sturdy setup, ready to support the weight of advanced gardening equipment, especially crucial for those planning to upscale their lighting systems.

Sophisticated Lighting and Environmental Control

The AC Infinity IonBoard grow light is a highlight, offering a blend of elegance and functionality. Its durable design, coupled with Samsung LM301B diodes, delivers a full-spectrum light essential for every growth stage. This grow light, seamlessly integrating with smart controllers, allows for tailored lighting schedules, ensuring that your plants receive the perfect amount of light.

The Controller 69 Pro Digital Controller is the brain of the operation. This smart controller harmonizes the grow lights and fans, automating adjustments in response to environmental variables. Accessible via the AC Infinity app, it offers an intuitive interface for managing your gardening environment.

Enhancing the Gardening Experience

The kit enriches the gardening journey with various tools and accessories, each serving a specific purpose:

  • The kit includes a CloudLine Lite Inline Fan and a CloudRay Oscillating Circulation Clip Fan. Together, they create the perfect breeze, making sure your plants get the fresh air they need without the fuss.
  • Say goodbye to odors with the included Carbon Filter. It's like an invisible shield, keeping the air in your grow space as fresh as a daisy.
  • Every great garden starts with a strong base. The robust steel poles, flexible ducting, and secure fastenings provided in the kit ensure your setup is as sturdy as it is sleek.
  • Your plants will thrive with the help of fabric pots and elastic trellis netting, designed to promote healthy growth and give your plants the support they need as they reach for the sky.
  • With UIS controller cords, including a handy L-shaped variant, managing your grow lights becomes a breeze. You're in control, ensuring your plants get the perfect amount of light.
  • Pruning shears and twist ties might seem small, but they're mighty. They give you the power to shape and guide your plants, turning your grow space into a living masterpiece.

In every detail, the AC Infinity Grow Tent Kits are designed to take your indoor gardening from a chore to a joy. It's not just about growing plants; it's about growing your passion.


AC Infinity Air Filtration Kits 

Clean, odor-free air is a non-negotiable for any indoor grow space. Air filtration kits aren't just about freshening the air; they're the unsung heroes that ensure your plants breathe easy, free from contaminants and unwanted smells.

 The AC Infinity Air Filtration Kits redefine what having clean, controlled air in your grow space means. These kits were designed to help you claim and reclaim fresh air in your grow tent. 

AC Infinity 6" Pro Air Filtration Kit System

The AC Infinity Air Filtration Kits come in two variants, standard and pro, the notable difference being between the two kits. Both fans also offer compatibility with other AC Infinity controllers. 

The Cloudline Inline Fan is used in the standard kit. It can quietly and efficiently cool grow tents, rooms, and AV closets in different situations. The CloudLine fan uses a mixed-flow design, maintaining airflow even in high-pressure situations. Speed is adjustable so that you can blow the right amount of air needed. 

This fan is also easy to maintain, with its detachable motor box. It’s also compatible with UIS connections and smart controllers. This device is also IP44-rated, making it resistant to dust and liquids inside indoor gardens. 

The CloudLine Pro Inline Fan takes the same features as the standard inline fan but makes it more efficient. It consumes less power with lower current requirement and wattage, has a lower noise floor, but offers better airflow. 

Aside from the inline fans, each Air Filtration Kit includes:

  1. Carbon Filter
  2. Four-Layer Flexible Ducting 
  3. Duct Clamps 
  4. Prefilter Cloth 
  5. Rope Clip Hangers 
  6. Hanging Straps 


Should you buy the AC Infinity Grow Tent Kits and Air Filtration Kits?

For those stepping into the world of indoor growing, these kits offer efficiency you never thought possible. For beginners, you don’t need to worry about the guesswork; everything should fit like a glove. Seasoned growers will also enjoy these kits as an upgrade by introducing smart features that make unlocking your plants' full potential easier.  

The AC Infinity Grow Tent and Air Filtration Kits redefine indoor growing, offering all-in-one solutions for hassle-free, optimized environments. Reflective tent walls maximize light distribution, while the filtration kits ensure clean air—catering to every aspect of your plant's needs.

Success in indoor growing hinges on attention to detail. AC Infinity provides this precision to elevate your meticulous indoor gardening standards. If you’re dead serious about indoor gardening, you must, at the very least, look at these innovations from AC Infinity.