Why LowTemp Industries is the Trusted Choice for Rosin Presses

The rosin extraction market is quite saturated, with many tools to choose from. But the truth is, not all rosin presses are made the same. At the end of the day, your choice is based on what you need and how you see yourself extracting in the coming years. You want to get something that will last and yield the highest possible. And, of course, you want something that will deliver the power you need with little effort in pressing.

LowTemp Industries aims to hit all these with its V2 Rosin Press. This rosin press might look familiar to those using shop presses in solventless extraction, but it’s more than that. It takes that DIY culture to a new level with its features and design.


About LowTemp Industries

LowTemp Industries was established in 2015 in Denver, Colorado. They started making DIY Rosin Kits, which later evolved into creating full-fledged rosin presses that need little effort to assemble. They’ve gone the extra mile to maintain good ties with their customers, offering value-added products, such as free smartphone apps and educational materials on rosin.

The company takes pride in using materials sourced from American suppliers, employing skilled machinists, and caring for them every step of the way. That is why LowTemp Industries believes you get a premium product in every purchase of their machines.


The V2 Rosin Press and the Medusa System 

LowTemp Industries developed the V2 Rosin Press, branding it as the last rosin press you’ll buy. And who wouldn’t claim it that way? For one, each V2 Rosin Press is made from certified American alloys, reflecting the brand’s dedication to quality and durability. The heating plates are food-grade, anodized, and insulated, ensuring flavor and potency preservation. Taking it up a notch is the powder-coated steel construction that makes the machine durable and reliable for long-term use.

The V2 Rosin Press has two heat plate sizes: 3 x 5 inches and 4 x 7 inches. Both rosin presses are capable of delivering up to 20 tons of pressure. Out of the box, the V2 Rosin Press resembles a shop press but is appropriately outfitted to become a rosin press. This rosin press series features a modular design that enhances the user experience, and allows for easier maintenance in the long run.  

Now, what makes the LowTemp V2 Rosin Press special is how you can chain multiple presses together. Also known as the Medusa System, users can customize the rosin press setup by adding more rosin presses to the system. This design allows you to chain up to five V2 Rosin Presses, all controlled by a pump of your choice. However, the pump you choose will determine how many machines you can chain simultaneously. 

Lowtemp Industries V2 Medusa System Rosin Press - 5 Press


There are currently four pump choices available to run the V2 Rosin Press. The P1000 Premium Hand Pump is designed for use with up to three extractors while offering delicate precision. The P1500 is an air pump meant to be used with up to four rosin presses while making the process east. The Large BVA Electric Pump, created exclusively for the five-press Medusa, promotes efficient rosin flow. Lastly, the P2801 BVA High Flow Premium Hand Pump delivers ease of use and balance for up to four rosin-presses.

Note that the Medusa System is only available for the 4 x 7-inch rosin press. 


LowTemp LT3 Heat and Pressure Controller

The LowTemp LT3 Heat and Pressure Controller is the standard controller included when you order the Medusa System. For the standalone rosin press, this is one of the options available. 

LowTemp LT3 Heat and Pressure Controller

This heat controller includes many innovative features to make rosin extraction more precise. For one, the LT3 features a high-resolution capacitive touchscreen display that gives you easy access to the settings and controls, providing an intuitive monitor system to adjust temperature, pressure, and extraction process. 

Digging deeper into the settings of the LT3, you will find the dual heat zone control that allows for individual heat settings for each plate, delivering even and consistent heat distribution for rosin extraction. Complimenting this is the pressure mapping feature, which will enable you to distribute pressure on the plate depending on the size of the rosin bag. You can calculate plate pressure using the pressure sensor to ensure optimal yields. 

The LT3 has a built-in timer and stopwatch that allows you to keep track of the pressing time. You can also save your settings in the LT3 to ensure consistent quality every time you press a specific plant material. For a more secure experience, the LT3 also has a server integration that allows storing and retrieving extraction data to help you analyze and make informed decisions. 

What makes the LT3 stand out is the Extraction Endpoint Detection. This feature tracks the extraction process and detects when the target yield has been achieved. This reduces the risk of overpressing and ensures consistent quality of rosin. 

You can also update the firmware of the LT3 via over-the-air updates to ensure optimal performance each time. The LT3 is also fully compatible with the LowTemp Presses, Cage, and Plat kits. Because LowTemp promotes modular design, this controller is easy to integrate into your current setup. 


LowTemp Rosin Press Upgrade Kit

LowTemp offers a V2 Rosin Press Upgrade Kit to help you maximize your solventless extraction process. Designed to work with a tall-style V2 press that uses a bottle jack, you can make your workflow more efficient.


Lowtemp Industries V2 Rosin Press Upgrade Kit


This upgrade kit has carefully selected components that help improve your existing rosin press. This includes a pressure gauge that allows you to track, record, and optimize pressure application and custom 1144 stress-proof steel press rods to improve the structural integrity of the hydraulic system. When buying this upgrade kit, you can choose from standard, premium, and air BVA pumps.


Final Thoughts  

The V2 Rosin Press from LowTemp industries allows it to emerge as a potent extractor for beginners and entrepreneurs alike. From its size to the modular design the Medusa System brings and the quality of material used, many rosin extractors may see it not just as a tool but as the heart of the workflow for rosin extraction.  

Throw the Press Upgrade Kit into the equation to get precision, control, and efficiency. Business owners looking to turn their V2 Rosin Press or Medusa into a powerhouse can benefit from this upgrade kit. 

But even on its own, without the add-ons and upgrade kit, the V2 Rosin Press is still potent. With the powder-coated steel construction and food-grade plates, this rosin press still means business regarding quality rosin extracts. Given the build quality, it’s likely to be the last rosin press you’ll ever buy, at least in a long time. 

Thus, if you’re looking to buy your first rosin press or looking to scale up your rosin extraction capacity, the LowTemp V2 Rosin Press and Medusa system are formidable options worth looking into.