Exploring Pre-Roll Solutions: A Comprehensive Review of Futurola

Exploring Pre-Roll Solutions: A Comprehensive Review of Futurola

Futurola has established itself as a brand in the pre-rolled cones market. It started by offering high-quality rolling papers in Amsterdam and eventually branched out to other offerings needed to make pre-rolled cones. The idea that started in a coffee shop has taken off and explored other segments in the market. But what can you expect from the Futurola brand?


About Futurola

Futurola as a concept started in 1984 in a café known as the Future Coffee Shop near the Central Station in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Determined to change how they do pre-rolls, the brand was officially established in 1996 by Evert and Yvonne Brandenburg, who operated a chain of coffee shops.

These siblings first started selling high-quality French rolling paper for making pre-rolls. Their secret was to focus on sourcing rolling paper made of Arabic gum and acacia trees. Because of the standards they set for rolling paper, the Brandenburg siblings established the Futurola brand in pre-rolls.

Later in 2016, Futurola introduced its king-sized pre-roll machine, the  KnockBox 100, which was primarily accepted by the market. It created other devices to cater to different preferences and has established an office in Los Angeles, California. They later collaborated with retired professional boxer Mike Tyson for his pre-roll line.


Futurola Pre-rolls Production Equipment & Supplies

Futurola has evolved from offering a single consumable product to bringing nine yards of tools to create pre-rolls. From high-quality rolling papers, it now provides pre-roll machines and shredders to cover you from start to end of the pre-roll-making process.


Pre-Roll Machines 

Futurola Knockbox 3/100 Standard Kit Pre-Roll Cone Filling Machine

While the pre-rolled cones of Futurola put them on the map in the smoking industry, their pre-roll machines helped them make a statement on the brand's seriousness when changing the game in pre-rolls. Known as the KnockBox series, these machines were designed to speed up filling your cones.

Currently, Futurola offers three machines in its KnockBox line:  KnockBox 50,  KnockBox 100, and the  KnockBox 300. Each device has the option for a slender or standard cone width and can fill an entire batch in under two minutes. In the KnockBox line,The numbers following the model name indicate the number of prerolls the machine can produce in a span of two minutes: for instance, the KnockBox 50 can prepare 50 prerolls, the KnockBox 100 can manage 100 prerolls, and the KnockBox 300 is capable of producing 300 prerolls in this timeframe.

Now, each KnockBox machine comes with a standard filling kit. But if you want to try other cone sizes, you can buy an appropriate filling attachment for these sizes. All attachments snap in and provide a snug fit, provided you have the correct quantity installed on your machine. Likewise, if you’re looking to increase your production, having an extra filling kit is handy so that you can quickly load in more without waiting for the KnockBox to finish.

Among the three machines, the KnockBox 100 has a cone loader that allows you to drop in your pre-rolled cones in seconds to help you reduce production time. To seal the deal or your pre-rolled cones, the KnockBox has a sealing kit that creates a Dutch crown on your cones. While currently only available for the KnockBox 100 machine, upgrades will likely be available soon for the KnockBox 50 and 300.


Grinders and Sifters 

Futurola Super Mega Pre Roll Grinder/Shredder & Sifter

You can’t have high-quality pre-rolls without grinding your plant material. While you can do them by hand, that will take a lot of time, which could have been spent doing other things. To aid in creating pre-rolls, Futurola also developed its line of plant shredders and sifters.

Futurola has six shredders in its line-up of products, each designed for different growers:


Model Type Capacity/7sec
Shredder Mini Grinder 0.7 lbs 
Super Shredder Mini Grinder & Sifter 0.7 lbs
Shredder OG Grinder 3 lbs 
Super OG Grinder & Sifter 3 lbs
Mega Shredder Grinder 5 lbs 
Super Mega Grinder & Sifter 5 lbs 


One thing to like about these shredders is the ability to sift material, which you can use later to make bubble hash. While the non-sifting models already provide value for money with these machines, you get a better investment when you go for the Super shredders, including sifters.

Each Futurola shredder uses a food-grade stainless steel barrel. They also come with a plexiglass lid with magnetic locks to ensure no material spills.  


Pre-rolled Cones 

Futurola Party Size 140/26 Pre-Rolled Cones

Lastly, pre-roll will only be complete with the pre-rolled cones. Futurola’s pre-rolled cones allowed the brand to make its name in the industry, providing high-quality pre-rolled cones made of Arabic gum and acacia trees.

Futurola has 11 variants of pre-rolled cones, each made for particular sizes and lengths. You can expect the standard, slender, Fatboy, reefer, and party sizes from their product line. Each variant also comes with your choice of tips, depending on your preferences. The pre-rolled cones you choose should be based on which filling kit you have. Use only those specified by the kit to get the best results.



Futurola offers the full suite to get your plant materials into cones. You have all bases covered in the process, so you can rely on this brand to deliver all the essentials for a high-quality cone.

While some accessories are unavailable for particular KnockBox models, it’s only a matter of time before something will be made available for the other cone fillers. With the standards they have set, you can expect Futurola to be the future of pre-rolled cones.