The Best Way to Smoke and Enjoy Bubble Hash

The Best Way to Smoke and Enjoy Bubble Hash

You know how potent bubble hash can be, whether you're using it for medicinal or recreational purposes. And unlike other cannabis extracts, bubble hash holds a special place among many cannabis users, due to the potency it carries, without added solvents. Bubble hash is hard to mess with, unlike other extraction methods, which puts it in the higher echelons of cannabis extracts. Lastly, the terpenes are preserved because bubble hash is extracted under cold temperatures, giving it a strong flavor and aroma.


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Bubble hash is derived by separating the trichomes from the plant material using an ice water bath and filtering using layers of micron bags. Once sifted, the extract is dried for a few days before consumption.


Best Ways to Smoke and Enjoy Bubble Hash 

Bubble Hash

While your mileage may vary with bubble hash experience, many will agree that the five or six-star rated hash works best for smoking. Smoking bubble hash gives you direct flavor and potency compared to other methods of consuming hash. But that doesn't mean lower-grade bubble hash won't be good; you can use them for different applications, such as edibles or infusions.

If you're looking at how to smoke bubble hash, here are the best ways to smoke them.


Bubble Hash With Buds in a Joint

Mixing your bubble hash with buds in a joint is relatively straightforward. The nice thing about this method is that the bud allows the bubble hash to burn evenly, unlike having a joint with only bubble hash. The hash adds more potency to the buds, allowing you to get the best effects possible.


Bubble Hash in a Bowl or Bong

You can also smoke your bubble hash with a bowl or bong. You need to sprinkle the bubble hash on top of a bud inside the bowl or bong and light it. Note that butane can affect the flavor of your bubble hash, so it's best to add a hemp wick which will burn the hash. You can also use a glass wand if you want to smoke the bubble hash on its own.


Bubble Hash on a Metal Screen 

If you have a bong or bowl but don't have buds, add a metal screen at the bottom of the basin to prevent the bubble hash from dropping into the bowl or bong. The screen will provide a place for your bubble hash to sit while allowing you to inhale without particles of the bubble hash from passing through. You can get these screens from your smoke shop.


Bubble Hash in a Chillum 

Another good way to smoke bubble hash is using a chillum or a cone-shaped clay pipe that works similarly to a bowl. These pipes work with buds or bubble hash or may be mixed like a bowl or bong.


Bubble Hash with Dab Rigs 


What Can Be Used for Dabbing
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The high-quality bubble hash may be used on dab rigs, just as you do rosin. You can opt for a dab rig, quartz banger, or an electric dab rig for portability. There are no special instructions here, but you can use this guide to dabbing with rosin as a takeoff point. 


Bubble Hash with Hash Pipe and Heating Wand 

Using a hash pipe and heating wand with bubble hash entails putting the hash in the bowl's basin, filled just below the holes on the side. Heat the heating wand using a dabbing torch, then put it below the hash pipe, vaporizing the bubble hash. 



Smoking bubble hash is the best way to get the full potency of the plant. It offers no watering down while maintaining the full flavor of the bubble hash. While it isn't for everyone, smoking it quickly unlocks the flavors so that you get the best results.