Best Settings for Bubble Hash on Harvest Right Freeze Dryers

Are you ready to take your bubble hash game to the next level with your Harvest Right freeze dryer? While the preset setting can yield decent results, why settle for just decent when you can achieve the absolute best? By understanding the three phases of freeze-drying and implementing some key techniques, you can unlock the full potential of your harvest and create top-notch hash that will impress even the most discerning connoisseurs. Get ready to elevate your hash game with the tips and tricks we're about to share.


Why Should You Freeze Dry Bubble Hash? 


Freeze Drying Hash


The whole point of freeze-drying bubble hash is all about preserve trichomes and the overall appearance of your bubble hash. Appearance matters, as this makes your bubble hash more inviting to consume. 

Before proceeding with the freeze drying, if you use the home freeze dryer, ensure you have the  latest firmware installed. Installing the pharmaceutical firmware on the home freeze dryer is crucial, as you need it to reach specific temperatures ideal for hash. 


Step-by-step: How to Freeze Dry Bubble Hash

  1. Tilt the Harvest Right Freeze Dryer

    • Position the front of the freeze dryer slightly upward for efficient water drainage.
    • This trick is beneficial for both hash and freeze-drying in general.
  2. Skip Pre-Drying Your Hash

    • Pre-drying can negatively impact the quality of freeze-dried hash.
    • Let the freeze dryer handle the drying process.
    • If not freeze-drying immediately, freeze the hash in trays after extraction from bubble bags.
  3. Ensure an Ideal Thickness for Drying Efficiency

    • Avoid thick and uneven layers, which can result in improperly dried hash with moist sections.
    • Optimal thickness is approximately 1/4 inch; use a spoon to flatten the layer.
  4. Evaluate Hash by Micron Ratings

    • Segregate hash obtained from different micron bags to assess which produces better results.
  5. Optimizing the Freeze-Dryer Settings

    • Achieve the best results with precise temperature and humidity control.
    • Incorrect temperature settings can lead to terpene loss.
    • Dry for the appropriate amount of time, considering the quantity of hash being dried.
    • A suggested starting point: Set shelf temperature to 30-35 degrees Fahrenheit, freeze for six hours, and dry for four hours and 15 minutes.
  6. Avoid Using Defrost Mode After Drying

    • Using defrost mode can harm the quality of the hash.
    • Instead, allow natural defrosting by leaving the door open.
    • Repeat this 2-3 times before activating the defrost mode.
    • With the freeze dryer slightly tilted, water will drain towards the back.
  7. Finishing Touches

    • Sift the dried hash using a stainless steel screen or sieve.
    • Gently push the material into the screen, breaking it into a powder-like consistency.



Getting the best bubble hash is the most challenging part: getting the right temperature. Don’t get frustrated if it’s your first time and didn’t turn out well. It takes practice to get things right, so you may need to experiment a little, such as the time you spend and the temperature you set for the freeze dryer. But once you get the best results, you’ll make bubble hash, a task you love to do.