Triminator Hybrid: Redefining the Boundaries of Wet and Dry Trimming

Triminator recently released the Triminator Hybrid, a hybrid trimmer to trim wet and dry buds on larger scales. It takes off from the successful (now discontinued) Triminator Wet, which itself is a powerful trimming machine.

Triminator later on shifted its focuis to dry trimmers, to address the challenges dry trimming brings to growers. Now, Triminator brings the best of both worlds with the Triminator Hybrid, as a two-sided solution for growers. It combines some of the best trimming designs in this new machine. 

Triminator Hybrid Wet & Dry Bud Trimming Machine


While it may seem that Triminator is late to the party when it comes to hybrid trimmers that are capable of both wet and dry trimming, they have taken their time to release a product in this category that does something different and reimagines the way automatic trimmers trim. So what can one expect with the Triminator Hybrid Bud Trimmer? 


Trims Wet and Dry, Regardless of Moisture Content

What sets the Triminator Hybrid apart from other hybrid trimmers is that it lives up to its name as a genuine wet AND dry trimmer, capable of handling buds with any moisture content. With this remarkable trimmer, there's no such thing as "too wet" when it comes to achieving the perfect trim. Let us frame it in a way that leaves no room for doubt: regardless of what you put in, the end result will be an impeccable trim every single time. Experience the freedom and confidence of achieving perfection, regardless of the moisture content of your buds.


Industry Leading Throughput

The Triminator Hybrid, on its own, can trim up to 40 pounds of fresh buds and 15 pounds of dry buds in an hour. When used in tandem mode, you can double this capacity, connecting another Triminator Hybrid. The previous version only had half of the capacity. 

The Triminator Hybrid also has a tumbler with 1/4-inch spacing designed to trim buds at different states. All you need to do is adjust the speed settings to match the moisture level of your buds for the perfect trim. The tumbler's design is quite similar to the Triminator Wet, but the Hybrid introduces newer features for efficiency. 


Flex Knife and Helical Blade 

The Mobius Trimmers partly inspired the design of the Triminator Hybrid. Using key elements, such as the flex knife and helical blade, the Triminator Hybrid provides scissor-like trimming capabilities. You get to trim neatly as the edges ensure consistent contact. The nice thing about the flex knife design is the precision it offers out of the box. You don’t need to adjust the flex knife, as it adapts automatically. 


Adjustable Trimming Speeds 

There’s no single speed to trimming buds. The Triminator Hybrid allows you to adjust the trimming speed as you deem fit for your buds, including low-density ones.  And sometimes, you need to run the Triminator at higher speeds. Thanks to the gear drive system, you need not worry about squealing belts and tension adjustments. They’re easy to take apart and reinstall when needed. 


Trim Direct System

What sets the Triminator Hybrid  apart is their patented Trim Direct System. This ingenious design ensures that your cannabis trim travels straight from the blades to the trim bin, gliding on a cushion of air. As a result, your precious trim never touches a vacuum impeller or dirty hose, preserving its purity and maintaining the utmost hygiene.

The Triminator Hybrid uses a 1.5 HP motor to segregate trims and chiefs. To make the job even more accessible, the Triminator Hybrid uses a dual-micron bag design to separate kief from your trims. 


Scalable Design 

Triminator Hybrid Wet & Dry Bud Trimming Machine

Another thing to note about the Triminator Hybrid is how it easily adapts to improve efficiency.  The Triminator Hybrid features the patent-pending Tandem-Link system that allows you to chain multiple trimmers to increase the feed rate and outputs. It’s also compatible with infeed and outfeed conveyors to speed up the process and minimize handling. Compared to the Triminator Wet, the latter does not include provisions to scale up the capacity. 



Maintenance is always a cause for concern for any business. Luckily, the Triminator Hybrid has you covered for maintenance. 

For instance, taking down parts for cleaning only takes half a minute. You only need to remove four components, which should take a minute to put everything back. And the nice thing about it is you don’t need any special tools to take down these parts. Even better, you don’t need to calibrate anything after cleaning. 


Wrapping Up 

The Triminator Hybrid is a worthy successor of the previous Triminator Wet. By improving its design and adding newer elements from other machines, the Triminator Hybrid adapts to the different preferences of growers. 

What’s even better is how it manages to grow with your operations. You can now create a more seamless workflow when integrating other Hybrid trimmers into the equations and conveyor systems. If you’re on the fence about getting the Triminator Hybrid, this machine is a worthy investment that pays for itself over time.