Triminator the Maker: Making Bubble Hash Faster, Easier

Triminator the Maker: Making Bubble Hash Faster, Easier

When it comes to bubble hash production, producers understand the need for optimal trichome separation while meeting the market's demands. Meeting this demand allows hash producers to stay on top of their game. The process of deriving hash on its own already takes time, and being able to derive high quality after the process should be worth the effort. 

Triminator aims to make the process worthwhile with its latest offering – The Maker. The Maker seeks to change how you do bubble hash while giving you as much as you need in one machine.  


At a Glance: The Maker 

The Maker is the Triminator’s take on a Bubble Hash extractor. Designed for large-scale operations, The Maker has two configurations: Standard (20 gallons) and XL (60 gallons). Each machine is made of stainless steel, adhering to GMP and FDA standards. The Maker does the same thing many other bubble hash makers can do but with more perks. 

Triminator The Maker Bubble Hash Washing Machine

Triminator takes pride in The Maker’s ability to preserve the potency of trichomes. It uses a no-shear impeller to create a gentle vortex, ensuring your bubble hash retains its pure, potent essence. This is made possible with The Maker’s 1/4 Horsepower motor.

In addition, The Maker also employs a built-in pump and drain system that allows users to cycle the water back into the machine for additional rounds of washing, which helps you maximize yields while reducing water consumption. Under the hood, The Maker features an insulation sleeve that ensures cool temperatures during extraction. 

The standout feature of The Maker is its user-friendly dashboard or HMI. This interface allows for precise control over the extraction process, ensuring consistency and quality.

  1. Tailored Extraction Settings: Adjust the speed, duration, and direction of the vortex to suit various plant materials and desired outcomes.
  2. Efficient Operation with Auto Mode: Automate the extraction process with preset parameters, allowing for multitasking without sacrificing quality.
  3. Consistency with Save and Recall: Store preferred settings for consistent quality across different batches.
  4. Real-Time Monitoring: Stay informed about the current settings and status with the Info Button, enabling quick adjustments.

Additional Features for Convenience and Quality:

  1. The Maker includes a tilting mechanism for quick loading and unloading, with a locking pin for adjustable tilting
  2. A Soak Weight feature is available to rehydrate dry plant material, further enhancing the versatility of The Maker.


Using The Maker 

The Maker is relatively easy to use, like many of the bubble hash makers in the market today. First, ensure all valves are closed for a precise and controlled washing process. You then install the wash bags and secure them inside The Maker using the  drawstrings. Then, load the plant material based on your preference. 

Triminator The Maker Bubble Hash Washing MachineFor Fresh Frozen, layer the washing vessel with ice and your plant material, then add more ice. Top it with water until it gets filled up to six inches from the top. Using the included thermometer, you can start washing or wait for the plant material to reach 32 degrees Fahrenheit or 0 degrees Celsius. 

For Dry Material, follow the same procedure as Fresh Frozen, but add the Soak Weight and let the plant submerge for 20 minutes. Don’t forget to remove the weight before washing.  

Once ready, set The Maker to the desired wash cycle setting. After the wash cycle, place the collection vessel under the drain valve. You can then open the valve to drain, then close once drainage is complete. You can also recirculate the water using the Water Pump feature by opening the drain valve and pressing the pump button. Add ice as needed to close the valve once the water has been drained. 

Now, you can collect the Bubble Hash by rinsing the sides of the micron bag and gently pulling it up almost flat at the top to ensure the hash is collected at the center of the micron bags. Gently scoop out the soup and transfer it to a suitable container for drying. Repeat these steps as you wash your plant material. 


Maintaining The Maker 

Getting Bubble Hash can be a messy process. However, the nice thing about The Make is the ease of cleanup. For one, you don’t need special tools to disassemble The Maker before cleaning. And except for the impeller motor, control panel, and water pump, you can pressure wash The Maker. 

Triminator recommends using hot water to wash The Maker whenever possible. However, it advises to be careful in selecting a degreaser to ensure that it doesn’t damage any painted components of the machine. 

Meanwhile, the impeller motor and water pump may be hand-cleaned by submerging them in a GMP-compliant cleaning aid and letting them air dry. The control panel may also be cleaned with a damp cloth and air-dried. 


Closing Thoughts

The Maker indeed stands as an innovation regarding bubble extraction. With a more automated system that delivers precision, The Maker changes how hash production is done. 

Any large-scale business that requires washing as many plant materials as possible will benefit greatly from this machine. Not only does it take away the arduous process, but it also improves efficiency. Time is always essential, and every minute saved in automating the extraction process goes a long way, as this can be used to focus on other crucial aspects of the business. 

Indeed, this machine is The Maker of your newfound success in hash.