Rolling It Right: Understanding Prerolls 101

Prerolls are all about convenience. They’re easy to carry, you can use them to sample different strains without buying larger quantities, and you don’t need any special tool to make them. You can pick them up from the dispensary and choose the strains you want to try or use. 


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Prerolls not only serve as a staple product in dispensaries but also present a strategic opportunity for producers to vertically integrate and introduce innovative offerings to the market. By diversifying preroll options, such as different strains or infused varieties, businesses can cater to diverse consumer preferences, enhance brand recognition, and maximize their harvest yields. This vertical integration empowers producers to maintain control over product quality, reduce waste, and expand their target markets, ultimately positioning them for success in the competitive cannabis industry.

Prerolls might be simple, but there’s much to learn about cannabis consumption. 


What Are Prerolls?

Prerolls, in essence, are prepacked joints designed for effortless cannabis consumption. They eliminate the need for assembly or special tools and provide a straightforward way to enjoy cannabis. Typically, prerolls are crafted using an easy-to-fill cone, containing plant material, mostly flowers. In some instances, they may include ground leaves to moderate the joint's potency, especially with high-THC strains.

Prerolls come in various types, offering consumers a wider range of options for their experience. Examples include classic prerolls, where the primary ingredient is pure cannabis flower, and infused prerolls, which incorporate additional elements like concentrates, kief, or flavored papers to enhance the flavor and potency of the joint. These variations cater to diverse tastes within the cannabis community, making prerolls a versatile choice for both novice and experienced users.


Infused Prerolls

An infused preroll is a joint that mixes cannabis concentrates into the finished product. These concentrates may be added before or after making the preroll. With the addition of these concentrates, the preroll is more potent and can create a stronger high. Infused prerolls come in different varieties. 

  • Hash prerolls, for instance, include hash and mixed with the ground buds. 
  • Kief prerolls include the dried trichomes in the mix. 
  • Wax prerolls can be made by adding the wax into the ground buds or dipping the preroll into the wax after assembly. 
  • Diamond prerolls have higher THC levels due to the THCA crystal added to the ground material. 
  • Moon rocks are made from buds dipped in a concentrate and ground before being put inside the pre-rolled paper. 


The Difference Between Blunts, Joints, and Prerolls

Blunts, joints, and prerolls will look similar. However, there are differences between the three rolled cannabis forms. 

Blunts are cannabis buds rolled inside a tobacco leaf or hemp wrap, which is advised for people who do not want the extra high or none of the tobacco taste. Unlike joints and prerolls, Blunts can pack more buds in a roll and have a more potent high. They also burn slower, so they’re great when many people pass them around. 

Joints are cannabis rolled with any smokable paper. These would often be made using hemp or rice, but other options, including wheat, straw, wood pulp, or flax, are available. Joints are solely made with cannabis buds. Joints can also be economical compared to blunts, as you get more paper in every pack, unlike blunts, which only have a few sheets per pack. However, joints burn faster unless packed with much cannabis. 

Prerolls are assembled joints and blunts. You don’t need to worry about the mess as they are already made for you. By purchasing prerolls, you can try different strains without spending a lot. However, you have to scrutinize where you buy, as some businesses don’t advertise as packaged and add some other ground plant material, which lowers potency and destroys the flavor. Prerolls are best purchased from reputable sellers. 

Prerolls also have different varieties in the market today. These variants offer different hits and were made for different consumption preferences. 

  • King Sized Doobies: A popular choice for newcomers and veterans, these larger joints hold 1-1.75 grams of cannabis and offer customizable filters for varying smoking experiences.
  • Cannabis Cigarettes: Mimicking traditional cigarettes, these prerolls appeal to a broad audience for convenience and familiarity. They often come in packs and feature foam or board filters for added sophistication.
  • Hemp Blunts:These blunts use pressed hemp leaf instead of tobacco, providing a unique twist and potential added benefits from CBDA. They cater to consumers interested in the entourage effect and those seeking a CBD-influenced experience.


Preroll Sizes

There are a variety of pre-rolls in the market today, each having different sizes. Here are some of the most common sizes you can expect: 


Preroll Cone Size Chart
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  • Mini Joints:Trending especially among cannabis newcomers for their mild high. Brands like Futurola offer these 60-78mm pre-rolled cones, ideal for quick, on-the-go sessions.
  • 1 1/4 Size Cones:A dispensary staple, these 76-78mm x 45-48mm cones hold around 0.75 grams and offer 25% more capacity than single-wides, making them great for preroll packs.
  • 98 Special Cones:A middle-ground option for those who find the 1 1/4 size too small but king-size too much. These 98mm cones hold up to 1 gram, offering a unique balance in size and experience.
  • King-Size Cones: For those looking to indulge, these 110mm cones hold up to 1.15 grams and offer a luxurious smoking experience, making them a long-time favorite among cannabis enthusiasts.

If these aren’t enough for you, larger sizes, such as 120 and 140 mm, are available. 


Producing Prerolls at Scale

Preroll Producing/Manufacturing Steps


A good preroll starts with high-quality buds. Smoking buds may not be pleasing for some, but a high-quality bud can compensate for that effect. You then grind these buds using a pre-roll grinder to help you get the consistency you want. Remember that you want ground buds and not powdered or chunky plant material. If the buds are too fine or chunky, they will not burn correctly—experiment with different plant material grinding, such as 1 or 2 mm. 

After grinding the buds, you must sift them off any plant matter that didn’t grind well. There could be some sharp material that can puncture your prerolls. Remove any of them before proceeding to fill the pre-rolled cones. You can also opt to use a grinder that has a built-in sifter.

You can opt to fill the prerolls by hand, but this can take time, or you can use preroll filling machines to help you do the job in minutes while filling multiple cones at once. The nice thing about using a preroll machine is that you ensure consistent quality, including the weight for each preroll. Choosing a preroll machine also entails evaluating your needs. Do you need a large capacity, or are you just looking to make a few cones per batch? Should you decide to go for a preroll machine, you must ensure that the pre-rolled cones you get are compatible with your chosen device. Pre-rolled cones come in different sizes and require a specific plate or loading bay compatible with the appropriate cones. 



Prerolls epitomize cannabis convenience, delivering a potent punch in every puff. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or a curious newcomer, prerolls offer an excellent avenue to explore cannabis strains and consumption. From a business standpoint, they present an enticing opportunity for growers and retailers to introduce customers to a variety of products, particularly those new to the world of cannabis. If you're seeking a no-fuss approach to cannabis enjoyment, prerolls are the ideal choice. Their simplicity and convenience make them an accessible option for all, ensuring an enjoyable cannabis experience with every puff.