The HLG Tomahawk 650 and 720: Your Garden’s Secret to Bountiful Yields

The HLG Tomahawk 650 and 720: Your Garden’s Secret to Bountiful Yields

If you're a seasoned gardener, you know that the right grow light can be the secret ingredient to a flourishing garden. With the grow light market getting more expansive, many options are available to different users.

Now, the Horticulture Lighting Group is no stranger to this market, one of the pioneers of Quantum Board grow lights. While it takes pride in that image, it took a daring step to compete in another grow light segment: the bar or spider grow lights.

HLG Tomahawk 650 Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

Enter the HLG Tomahawk, Horticulture Lighting Group's latest grow light. You might think you've seen it all when it comes to grow lights but prepare to be pleasantly surprised. The HLG Tomahawk isn't just another light; it seeks to carve its name in the grow light market.

The HLG Tomahawk comes in two variants: the HLG Tomahawk 650 and the HLG Tomahawk 720. Let's see what these grow lights can do.


HLG Tomahawk 650 and 720 at a glance

The HLG Tomahawk 650 and 720 feature five LED bars of Full Spectrum White with Deep Red LEDs, providing a comprehensive range of light ideal for enhancing plant growth and maximizing yields.

Going into the technical details of this grow light, the HLG Tomahawk 650 boasts a photon efficacy of 2.94 µmol/joule and a total output of 1920 PPF. This produces more usable light for your plants, resulting in healthier growth and better yields. If you need more, the HLG Tomahawk 720 delivers 720 watts of power and an impressive total output of 2161 PPF. It boasts a photon efficacy of 2.87 µmol/joule, ensuring that your plants receive ample light for robust growth.

One exciting feature of the HLG Tomahawk is its integrated asymmetrical reflectors. These innovative reflectors improve PPFD levels and minimize hot spots in your grow area. This ensures that your plants receive a uniform light distribution, promoting even growth.

Additionally, the improved open design of the HLG Tomahawk allows for unobstructed airflow. Efficient ventilation prevents heat stress and maintains optimal plant conditions, making it the perfect choice for vertical rack and tent setups.

The HLG Tomahawk doesn't just stop at providing exceptional light; it's also designed with the user in mind. Its dimming capabilities give you precise control over light intensity, adapting to your plants' changing needs during different growth stages. Plus, its ultra-lightweight construction and removable driver make installation a breeze.


Choosing Between the HLG Tomahawk 650 and 720

So, which of these outstanding grow lights should you choose? The decision boils down to your needs. If you have a more compact grow space or if versatility and energy efficiency are your top priorities, the HLG Tomahawk 650, with its impressive spectrum, might be the perfect fit.

On the other hand, if you're working with a larger area and need the utmost light intensity for robust growth, the HLG Tomahawk 720 might be your ideal choice. Consider the dimensions of your grow space, cultivation goals, and how these lights align with your gardening aspirations.



Ultimately, the HLG Tomahawk caters to various indoor gardeners, from experienced enthusiasts to those seeking a reliable and innovative grow light to maximize their cannabis cultivation efforts.

While still new to the market, the Tomahawk's spectrum precision, user-friendly features, and trusted reputation under the HLG brand reek of much potential for seasoned gardeners and those just starting their horticultural journey. Considering the possibility of these grow lights, it's only a matter of time before the HLG Tomahawk carves its niche in the bar light segment.