The Original Resinator Base Models: Less Is Still More

The Original Resinator OG and XL have been game-changers in the cannabis processing industry. With its versatile applications, the OG and XL models have carved their niche in efficiency. It’s hard to beat a trimmer, bubble hash washer, and dry sift tumbler in one machine while integrating CO2-trimming technology in this niche.

But truth be told, the loaded features of the OG and XL can leave that thought to potential buyers: what if you don’t need all of these features? Why not just have one part because that’s all you need?

The Original Resinator heard these calls and introduced the OG and XL Base Models. You can think of these base models as a stripped-down version of the original machines but with features, you need now. And on top of that, it offers no sacrifice in the power it delivers. It does one thing well but can expand to other capacities later.


Features and Benefits of the Original Resinator OG & XL Base Models

The Original Resinator OG Base Model

As the name implies, the Base models of the Original Resinator give you a single basic feature that you would typically get with the classic OG and XL trimmers. You can choose between the trimmer, sifter, or bubble hash washer function upon purchase. That equates to a smaller purchase amount than buying the classic bundles.

Here’s what you can expect from the kit choices of the Base models:

Kit Name What's Included Purpose & Benefits
Cryo-Trim Kit
  • 1/4-inch mesh
  • Trim screen
  • Thermometer
  • Stopwatch
  • CO2 hose with fittings,
  • Food-grade leaf collection tool
  • Brush
Designed for precise cryogenic trimming, this kit includes all necessary tools for a clean and efficient process, enhancing the quality of the trim.
Cryo-Sieve Kit
  • Food-grade 200-micron screen
  • Three-pack food-grade agitation balls
  • Thermometer
  • Stopwatch
  • CO2 hose with fittings
  • Kief scraper,
  • Brush
Ideal for separating fine particles, the Cryo-Sieve Kit comes with a micron screen and agitation balls to ensure a thorough sift with minimal effort.
Ice Water Wash Kit
  • Food-grade 200-micron drum screen
  • Thermometer
  • Stopwatch
  • High-flow drain kit with shutoff valve
This kit is perfect for those who need a reliable solution for ice water extraction, providing the necessary components for an efficient wash and drain process.

Upgrading Your Original Resinator: Adding Features to Base Models as Your Needs Grow

You might be asking yourself, "What if you decide you need all three features later?"

The good news is that you can upgrade the Base model to a classic bundle by purchasing the added kits you need. And because the Base models are the same as the classic ones, the upgrade kit is a straight drop-in replacement with no modifications required. With these kit add-ons, the Resinator Base models are no one-trick ponies. 

As the Base models are a condensed version of the classic bundles, you can still expect the same quality and outputs every time. On the OG Base Model, that’s around 1.5 pounds of buds in a minute using the Cryo-Trim technology, or approximately seven pounds with the XL Base Model. If you choose the Sifting kit, you can process up to 10 pounds of plant material in one go. The bubble hash washer, meanwhile, can process up to 144 pounds of biomass in one day.

For the XL Base model, you can trim or sieve up to 2016 pounds of plant material in a day or extract bubble hash from up to 672 pounds in a day.

Now, it’s worth noting that you still need the same attachments that the classic bundle has with the Base model. If you plan to integrate CO2 trimming or sifting, you will need a separate CO2 tank for this purpose. But like the Big Brother models, they use the same standard attachments. 

As mentioned, buying the Base model kit is cheaper than the classic ones. As a point of comparison (as of this writing), the Base OG is $1300 more affordable than the classic OG, while the Base XL is $1700 cheaper than the classic XL model.


Should You Buy the Original Resinator OG & XL Base Models?

The Original Resinator Base models are a good entry point for anyone looking to explore the potential of the Resinator machines. You can try these machines at a more affordable price without signing up for a total commitment to the whole bundle. You can choose where to focus and later expand to other kits when it’s time to explore these options.

Regardless of which kit you choose, you are sure of the quality of the Base models of the Resinator. These machines will help you optimize the post-harvesting process even in their most basic form. With a more affordable price tag, you are guaranteed value for money with the Base models.