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Hash, Bubble Hash, or Ice Hash is perhaps one of the most beloved cannabis product by enthusiasts around the world. Who doesn’t? Produced by extracting kief from trichome-rich trims, hash contains a higher concentration of THC and other cannabinoids than unprocessed cannabis flowers. It can be produced in several methods including the ice water extraction using a bucket and differently-meshed filtration bags. Whichever method you prefer, you need reliable products to create a large amount of high-quality hash and make the most out of your trims. Whether you’re an enthusiast making homemade bubble hash for personal consumption or a cannabis business producing high-quality hash for your customers, you’ll find the best hash-making equipment and bubble hash machines to help you in Trimleaf’s collection.

5 and 20 Gallon Bubble Hash Machines and Starter Kits

The quintessential equipment for bubble hash enthusiasts. These washers are renowned for their reliability and are a staple in the extraction community for good reason. The 5-gallon size is wonderfully suited for individual users, while the 20-gallon version accommodates larger batches without sacrificing quality. Each machine is crafted to facilitate a smooth and effective hash production process, ensuring you get a pure product every time.

The Perfect Pairing: Bubble Hash Bags

Bubble Bags are the cornerstone of a cost-effective and straightforward hash extraction system. Simply pair these durable bubble hash bags with a standard bucket from any hardware store, and you're equipped to produce high-quality hash. Renowned for their effectiveness, our Bubble Bags come in a variety of sizes and precise micron measurements, allowing for meticulous separation of your hash into different quality grades. They are known for their simplicty and efficient design, giving you the tools to transform your harvest into a spectrum of pure, potent hash.

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Commercial Hash Machines & Washing Vessels

Engineered for high-volume output, Commercial Hash machines are an ideal solution for those seeking to optimize their operations with a keen eye on meeting industry regulations. Each unit is built to last and comes with certifications that assure compliance with current safety and quality guidelines. They are designed for ease of use and maintenance, ensuring your business can produce large quantities of hash efficiently and reliably.

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Bubble Hash Frequently Asked Questions

The essentials for making bubble hash include high-quality cannabis, bubble bags with varying micron levels for filtration, two large buckets, ice, and purified water. Additionally, you'll need a stirring implement and a space to dry your hash. For a detailed walkthrough of the process and a list of all necessary tools, check out our comprehensive guide on making bubble hash with bubble bags here.

Ice hash and bubble hash are terms often used interchangeably to describe hash made using an ice water extraction method. However, some purists differentiate between the two, with ice hash sometimes referring to a simpler, more traditional method of sieving, while bubble hash refers to hash made using specialized bubble bags which can create a purer product. Both methods rely on cold water to harden the trichomes, making them easier to separate from the plant material.

No, bubble bags are not FDA approved as they are not considered food-grade products or medical devices. They are specialized equipment for cannabis processing. For commercial operations that require adherence to certain regulations, please refer to our Commercial Hash Equipment section, where we offer machines that meet rigorous safety and quality standards.

Bubble hash machines automate the agitation process needed to separate trichomes from plant material. By mechanically stirring the ice, water, and cannabis mixture, these machines efficiently produce high-quality hash without the need for manual labor.

While tap water can be used, it is not recommended due to the potential for contaminants. Purified or distilled water is preferable to ensure the purity and quality of your bubble hash.

The process can vary depending on the machine and the amount of material, but typically, it takes about 15-30 minutes of agitation followed by a settling period for the trichomes to separate. Refer to your machine's manual for specific timings.

Micron size determines the size of the trichomes you collect. Smaller microns (25-45) collect finer, purer trichomes, while larger microns (160-220) are for collecting larger trichomes and plant materials. A range of sizes is used to separate the hash into different grades.

Yes, bubble hash can be made from any cannabis strain. However, the quality and potency of your bubble hash will directly reflect the quality of the cannabis used.

Need help choosing a Bubble Hash Machine?

Navigating the diverse selection of bubble hash washers and understanding the specific technical requirements can be daunting. If you find yourself uncertain about the best choice for your needs or if you seek expert guidance to make an informed decision, please don't hesitate to reach out. Our team specializes in bubble hash equipment and is ready to provide you with personalized assistance to ensure you select the perfect washer for your hash-making endeavors.