How to Make CBD or THC Gummies at Home

Making edibles is a rewarding way of customizing your favorite dose of CBD or THC. You get to set the right amount of CBD or THC, and you get to flavor it the way you want. That’s right; you can have it your way. Say goodbye to those additives, as you have total control of what goes into your edibles.

Now, one of the best ways of consuming edibles is through gummies. For those getting into CBD or THC consumption, gummies are a remarkable way to get introduced. So, if you are looking to get started with CBD and THC gummies, here’s a little guide for you.



Deriving the concentrates 

The most crucial thing in making CBD and THC gummies is getting the concentrates.

Gummies use oil or distillates to get the full effect of cannabis in the candy.

For the most part, you don’t need that much concentrates unless you’re running a boutique production line or plan to give it away to friends.

The recipe below will probably yield around 450 grams of gummies and uses only a milliliter of concentrate. You may adjust it based on your preferred effect.

The whole point of making gummies yourself is all about having the right ingredients and without the unnecessary additives that may be harmful when too much is consumed.

For the best results, consider making your concentrates using infusers, such as the Magical Butter.

Another thing to remember when deriving concentrates is to decarboxylate the base material. This step is critical as it “activates” the THC in the material.

You may also use rosin as your source of concentrates, which you can extract using a rosin press.



How much concentrate do I need? 


THC Concentrate


The amount of concentrate determines how potent your gummies will be.

It’s self-explanatory, actually: if you are looking for something that has a strong effect, then you need to add more concentrates.

Now, the amount of CBD and THC per gram of concentrate varies per plant.

But to give you an idea, hemp has at most 0.3 percent THC levels and at most 18 percent CBD. Cannabis, meanwhile, can have THC concentrations that go as high as 17 percent (which is illegal in some areas) and CBD of 0.15 percent.

So, if you are looking to make CBD gummies, you should look into making concentrates derived from hemp, while THC gummies are better made from cannabis.



How to make THC or CBD gummies




You will need the following ingredients to make your own CBD or THC gummies.

  • 1.5 cups puréed fruit
  • 1.5 cups water or juice
  • 0.5 cup unflavored gelatin
  • 1 teaspoon lemon juice
  • 1 mL CBD or THC Distillate or other Concentrate
  • 5 drops flavoring of choice, optional

You will also need a saucepan, a mold of your choice, and a pitcher to easily transfer the gummy solution to the molds.

Before proceeding, you should note that not all fruits may be used for gummies.

Fruits like pineapple, kiwi, ginger root, papaya, figs, and guava have an enzyme that can break down the protein in the gelatin, ultimately destroying your gummies.

  1. Grab your saucepan and pour water or juice, then sprinkle gelatin over the liquid. Let it stand for two (2) minutes.
  2. Then put the saucepan over medium-low heat, and let the mixture liquify. Once it reaches the liquid state, stir it carefully until you reach a temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit. Then turn off the heat.
  3. Pour your fruit puree into the mixture and whisk it. Add your lemon juice and concentrate and mix until combined well.
  4. To aid in pouring the mixture into the molds, transfer the liquid you just mixed into a pitcher. You can then use the pitcher to pour the mixture into the molds with less spillage.
  5. Once you filled up your molds, refrigerate them for 30 minutes. Then, take out the molds and remove the gummies. You can air dry them for 24 hours, or store them in the freezer.
  6. Should you air dry the gummies, cover them with a cheesecloth so that air still circulates while protecting them from harmful elements or contamination.
  7. These gummies should last up to two (2) weeks.




Making your own CBD and THC gummies takes away the unnecessary sugars and additives found in store-bought products. In doing so, you can create a healthier alternative that serves its purpose, especially for medicinal users. And the process is not at all challenging.

That said, making gummies is indeed a good way to get introduced to consumables, whether as a consumer or as the maker of these products.