How To Make Dabs Using Rosin

Some people think dabbing is one of the most wasteful ways of consuming cannabis. But is it wasteful?

If you think about it, dabbing helps unlock the full flavors of your buds and kief. It takes away the unnecessary tastes from your material to give that much-needed feeling, especially for those who take medicinal marijuana.

It might seem wasteful, but truth be told, the trend in consuming marijuana, whether recreational or medicinal, is to get that relief without the additives. Cannabis consumers want a more organic and healthy way of getting their fix. And that’s where dabbing comes in.



What is Dabbing?


Cannabis Dab


Dabbing refers to using a small amount (dab) of highly potent resin extracted from cannabis. It is consumed either by smoking, vaporizing, and sometimes ingested through edibles.

Dabs are derived from a high concentration of THC. That means you can use a small amount to get the same effect versus other consumption methods. In some cases, a dab can have up to four times the strength of a joint. The concentration is higher than usual, which also equates to a prolonged effect. This extended potency comes in handy for those who need cannabis as a pain reliever.



What Can Be Used for Dabbing?

You can use a lot of products derived from cannabis for dabbing. But the most popular are shatter, crumble, wax, oil, and rosin.


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Among all possible products for dabbing, rosin is the best choice, considering that:

  • It’s all-natural and extracted without any solvents
  • You can derive it from different components of marijuana
  • It’s the easiest to get

You can always try other materials for dabbing but rosin is the best you can try, considering its purity and absence of solvents.



How To Make Rosin Dabs

There’s more to just pressing your cannabis material over a heated surface to get Rosin. You should also consider factors, such as the quality of the material before you begin extracting.

Extracting Rosin for dabs is a pretty straightforward approach. If you want to try it for dabs, you will need the following:

  • A Hair straightener, ideally with temperature control
  • Your choice material (buds, bubble hash, or kief)
  • Parchment paper
  • Micron bags, with micron ratings based on the material you are pressing
  • A pollen press tool, if using kief
  • Collection tool
  • Heat resistant gloves

  1. The first thing you need to do is pre-heat the hair straightener to the lowest possible setting.
  2. Then get the right amount of material and put it in the micron bag. If you are pressing kief, it would be better to pre-press it using the press tool.
  3. Get a small sheet of parchment paper, cut into a 4 x 4-inch square. Fold this paper in half and put the micron bag with your material between the parchment paper.
  4. Press lightly by hand the folded parchment paper and line it in the hair straightener. Line up your parchment paper in the hair straightener and apply pressure for a few seconds.
  5. You should then hear the material sizzling before releasing it. The sizzling signifies that the resin has begun melting from the material.
  6. Take out the parchment paper from the hair straightener and unfold the parchment paper.
  7. Remove the micron bag and scrape the rosin with the collection tool. Take a clean sheet of parchment paper and let the rosin you scraped rest there.
  8. You may also let the parchment paper with your scraped rosin rest on a cold surface for a more stable output.
  9. The rosin you extracted may now be used for dabbing.


Final Thoughts

Dabbing is not at all the most complicated way to consume cannabis. It’s one of the easiest ways to unlock the full potential of your favorite strains. Granted that it all boils down to the quality of the source, you only need basic tools to help you get the full effect of these strains. And when used as a medicinal solution, dabs will provide much-needed relief for those who need it.