Jiko+ Donut-Style Pre-Roll Infusion Robot

Jiko+ Donut Maker

Finally, a Way to Scale Donut Joint Production

Elevate your cannabis production capabilities with the Jiko+ Donut Maker. This state-of-the-art equipment is engineered for precision and efficiency, empowering brands to amplify their doughnut joint production with consistent quality and uniformity.

Cost Effective + Seamless Donut Joint Infusion

With Jiko+ Donut Maker, you can craft 500+ Donut / Hash Hole Joints per hour.

  • Jiko+ seamlessly infusses any melt-able concentrate including live fresh press rosin
  • Infuse 1.0g, 1.5g, 2.0g, 3.0g prerolls with 200mg up to 1.0g of concentrate
  • Includes 1000 2.0g Blunt Wraps + Matching Jiko Wheel
  • Spillage rate of approx. 2%
  • Evenly distributes your concentrate through the center of the flower - resulting in a smooth and even burn

Experience the Jiko+ Difference and Take Your Donut Joint Production to the Next Level

Premium Hash Hole Brand vs Jiko+ Donut Maker Comparison shot of an undisclosed premium hash hole brand from California (left) vs. Jiko+ Donut Maker crafted 2g Donut Blunt infused with 400mg Fresh Press Rosin (right).

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