Best Small Indoor Grow Tents Buyer's Guide (2022)

Best Small Indoor Grow Tents Buyer's Guide (2022)

For growers who do not have the luxury of space, small grow tents are a godsend.

They are compact and fit almost anywhere in your home, yet get the job done.

Small grow tents are also affordable, which means you can use what you save to buy other needed components for your indoor growing, such as grow lights.

But, did you know that small grow tents also benefit large-scale growers?

Small grow tents are the preferred choice for cloning and the early stages of developing your seedlings. So, if you do a staggered growing, small grow tents ideally fit the bill and help you sequence your batch of plants for growing.



For this article, the choices of grow tents are limited to those that have a floor area of nine (9) square feet and below.

This article will also tackle grow tents of different heights to give those who plan to grow taller strains.



Executive Summary



Grow Tents with Low Headroom


OneDeal 2x2 Mini Clone Box


 OneDeal 2x2 Mini Clone Box


For those who plan to do cloning, the OneDeal 2x2 Mini Clone Box is a good choice for this purpose.

Measuring only 26 inches on each side and with a height of 22 inches, the Mini Clone Box is a great option to start your clones.

The grow tent features secret stitching to help control light penetration, intake and outlet ports for power cords for grow lights, and reinforced plastic corners for added durability.

The Mini Clone Box works best with LED or fluorescent lamps, as metal halide lamps are too hot for a tent with low vertical clearance.


VIVOSUN 24" Mylar Grow Tent


 VIVOSUN 24" Reflective Grow Tent


The VIVOSUN 24" Mylar Grow Tent is less than 3 feet on each side.

The grow tent features large zippers, a viewing window to help growers check on the status of their seedlings without disrupting the controlled environment, and five (5) vents that let you insert filters and fan ducting ports to maintain the freshness of the air in the tent.

The tent is supported by robust metal frames that connect. Although the probability of handling a heavy load is very improbable due to the size of the tent, the VIVOSUN's frame can handle up to 176 pounds of weight.

Since the VIVOSUN does not have much headroom, it is ideal to use LED grow lamps with power of up to 90 watts. Metal halides are out of the question, as these can burn your seedlings or clones.

Speaking of lights, the VIVOSUN uses the standard mylar for inner lining. This lining is waterproof and has high tensile strength that makes it less likely to rip.

It seems that the VIVOSUN produces superb results, as this grow tent remains sold-out as of writing.


Secret Jardin Cristal Room 60


Secret Jardin Cristal Room 60


The Secret Jardin Cristal Room 60 is another low clearance grow tent that is perfect for seedlings and cloning.

With a length, width, and height of 2 feet, the Cristal Room 60 has the most intensive light reflection system, which is attributed to its pyramid-like form factor. Its shape also plays a crucial role in the management of heat inside the tent.

Like other grow tents, the Cristal Room 60 features waterproof mylar linings. It also has light-resistant zippers and uses a 170D tent fabric to wrap your plants around.

The Cristal Room 60 also has a pair of 6-inch openings for intakes and exhausts and a cable socket.

If you plan to use this grow tent, it is recommended you use energy-saving grow lights of low wattages. HPS bulbs are out of the question, as these can burn your seedlings and clones.



Grow Tents with Medium Headroom


OneDeal VegFlower 3x2


OneDeal VegFlower 3x2


The OneDeal VegFlower 3x2 is perfect for growers who manage two (2) growth stages of growth in their indoor garden.

With a total floor area of 6 square feet and a height of 4 feet and 4 inches, the OneDeal VegFlower has two rooms that can let you divide your plants in the flowering phase, and those in the propagation and vegetation, while contained in a single tent.

It features optimized vents and remarkable light proofing that helps you maintain the ideal environment inside the VegFlower grow tent.

Since this grow tent has more headroom, the VegFlower can use HPS grow lights.


Gorilla Grow Tent Shorty


 Gorilla Grow Tent Shorty


The Gorilla Grow Tents Shorty is one of the tried and tested compact grow tents you can find in the market today.

Standing at 59 inches, the Shorty uses a 1680D fabric and steel frame for its structure. Inside the tent, you will find the reflective diamond surface that spreads up to 30 percent of lumens to your plants and comes with an infrared blocking roof insertion.

The Shorty has EZ view windows, which lets you check the progress of your plants without disturbing the environment inside. It also has a 360-degree Wrap Around Access, which makes reaching different parts of your tent easy.

You also get double cinching ducting ports, a micro-mesh pest control filter, and a spill-proof tray that prevents leaks from inside. If you need more headroom, the Shorty comes with a nine-inch expansion kit.

With more clearance, your lighting options are not limited to the Shorty, as you can install HPS or Metal Halide lights in it.

The Shorty comes in two (2) models: 2x2.5 feet and 2x4 feet.


Secret Jardin Dark Propagator 90


Secret Jardin Dark Propagator 90


Secret Jardin’s Dark Propagator (DP) 90 is a fully-customizable grow tent that only stands at 40 inches tall.

Lined inside with 95 percent reflective mylar, the DP 90 provides an efficient distribution of lighting inside the tent without missing a spot. It also prevents lights from penetrating the tent without compromising airflow in the tent.

The DP 90 uses rigid equipment tubes that hold the tent in place and is easy to assemble.

The Dark Propagator 90 only takes up space of 3 feet by 2 feet, making it ideal for limited growing areas.



Grow Tents with Large Headroom


Secret Jardin Dark Street


Secret Jardin Dark Street 


The Secret Jardin Dark Street grow tent is a level-up from the Dark Propagator that was listed above.

Like the Dark Propagator, the Dark Street features light-tight material, a 95 percent reflective surface inside, and sealable and removable ventilation flaps at the bottom of the tent.

The Dark Street also uses a durable 190M tent fabric, webbing for better light proofing, and a waterproof mylar tray that prevents leakages.

The Dark Street comes in two (2) sizes at this size range: 2x4 feet and 3x3 feet. Both models stand at 6 feet tall.


Secret Jardin Hydro Shoot V2 100


 Secret Jardin Hydro Shoot V2 100


Beginners and experts in indoor gardening will enjoy the Secret Jardin Hydro Shoot 100 (HS 100).

The HS 100 was designed as a versatile grow tent that you can use from the beginning until the end of the growth cycle.

It uses 16 mm Q195 steel frames and has a lightproof zipper to prevent external light sources from entering the tent. It also uses 190D mylar fabric to ensure equal light distribution inside.

The HS 100 takes up 9 square feet of space in its 3x3 feet dimensions and stands 6.6 feet tall, enough to contain the growth of your favorite strains while occupying a small footprint.


The Gorilla Grow Tent Lite 2x4


The Gorilla Grow Tent Lite 2x4 


The Lite Line of grow tents belongs to the affordable grow tent line of Gorilla Grow Tents.

While at a budget range, this grow tent does not scrimp on performance.

The Lite Line uses metal interlocking frames and connectors and a 210D tent fabric to protect your plants. It also has EZ view Windows and 360-degree Wrap Around Access to help you tend to hard to reach parts of the grow tent.

The environment is controlled on this one, as the Lite Line has pest control filters and Easy-Engage Zippers, as well as double cinching, no-leak ducting ports.

Of course, Gorilla Grow Tents placed its proven light distribution that spreads out 30 percent of lumens to your plants.

The Lite Line stands at 6 feet and 7 inches and measures 2 feet by 4 feet. You can extend its height with the 12-inch expansion kit.


Gorilla Grow Tent 3x3


Gorilla Grow Tent 3 x 3


Following the Lite Line is the Gorilla Grow Tent 3x3, from its flagship series.

It occupies 9 square feet in a 3 feet by 3 feet area and stands tall at almost 7 feet. If you find yourself needing more space, you can add the 12-inch expansion kit.

The Gorilla Grow Tent 3x3 uses 1680D fabric and steel poles to protect your plants from harsh conditions outside the tent. Inside, you will find the reflective diamond surface that distributes up to 30 percent of lumens to your plants.

Like other Gorilla Grow Tents, this model also features EZ view windows, 360-degree access, and Easy Engage Zippers.

You also get Heavy Duty Flood protection and 11-inch double cinching, leakproof ducting ports.



Wrap Up

A lot of people say it’s hard to find a decent small grow tent.

But having listed nine (9) examples above, it should not be that hard to choose the right grow tent. There are other options available.

Whether you lack space, or need an extra tent for cloning, or are future-proofing your first grow setup, a lot of the grow tents listed above can help you address these needs.

Until then, happy growing.


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