Harvest Right [5-Tray] Medium Pro Home Freeze Dryer w/ Mylar Kit

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I absolutely love my Harvest Right freeze dryer! It's been in daily use for about three weeks now, and it's incredibly versatile. From preserving sale items to garden harvests, it's become a valuable addition to my kitchen. So far very happy with my purchase!
- Tracy M.

About the Harvest Right [5-Tray] Medium Pro Home Freeze Dryer w/ Mylar Kit

10 - 15 lbs
Fresh Food Per Batch

2.0 - 3.5 gal

Freeze dried food per batch

Trays Included

3 Years

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Barbara Alber

I don’t know yet have not used it. Will let you know when I do But Your customer service is great

Michael Boteler
Freezing In Dixie

Our Harvest Right freeze dryer has been in use every day since we received it. The only complaint from my wife was that she wanted to freeze more food than the medium freezer allows each day. So we have ordered another medium freezer today. The current freezer name is Chilly Willy and the one on order will be Chilly Lilly. Freezer has performed well and learning curve was very easy to master.

JoAnn Yager

Harvest Right Powder Coated Medium Freeze Dryer

Lisa Roberts
Harvest Right Freeze dryer

I have to say I love my harvest Right freeze dryer. It is been in use almost every day since I've gotten it about 3 weeks now. I love it because I can buy things that are on sale fruits vegetables eggs things like that and freeze dry them so now I have them when the prices go up. I have done candy because my granddaughter asked for it and that turned out great as well. I've tried herbs that I know are fresh and will stay fresh longer than dehydrating them or buying them from a store. And if you own a garden this is one thing I would definitely get it is great for all of your harvest things out of the garden. And getting mine from truly was a little less expensive than going to harvest Right themselves. So that was a big savings there. As you can see it is running now with watermelon and mixed fruit and berries.

Barbara Dawson
So far so good

I have had my freeze dryer for about 3-4 weeks. I have been experimenting so far. Most of my fruit and candy have turned out fine. Also tried some zucchini which turned out well also. The set was extremely easy, as I initially was a little intimidated but found out I think I worried for no reason. So far very happy with my purchase!