The Cube

Discover the ultimate food preservation solution – The Cube freeze dryer. This state-of-the-art device harnesses the power of freeze-drying to lock in the freshness, flavor, and nutrients of your favorite foods. Effortlessly preserve everything from garden-fresh produce to gourmet leftovers, ensuring nothing goes to waste. Elevate your food storage and enjoy delicious, healthy meals anytime.

Introducing The Cube by Prep4Life

The Most Advanced Freeze Drying System

What sets The Cube apart:

✅ Built-In Oil Free Pump: Say goodbye to frequent maintenance tasks, and hello to convenient, on-demand food preservation.

✅ Patent Pending Moisture Sensing Technology

✅ Freeze Dries 25% more food than competitors of similar size

✅ Candy Express Mode

✅ Jar Seal Mode

✅ Built in USA

The Cube Freeze Dryers

What's Included: Compare The Cube Freeze Drying Bundles

Essentials Bundle Pro Bundle
Key Value
Everything included in The Cube, plus Everything included in The Cube Essential Bundle, plus
- 4x Cube Tray Silicone Mats ﹢ 4x Freeze Drying Trays
- Collapsible Bucket ﹢ 4x Silicone Tray Mats
- Heat Sealer ﹢ 8x Extended Drying Racks
- 50x Mylar Bags ﹢50x Oxygen Absorbers
﹢ 8x Tray Lids
﹢ 1x Cart
﹢ 1x Jar Seal Tray
﹢ WiFi Alert System

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