Rosin Press Plates

If you think the rosin presses available on the market don’t cut it, then why not get a kit and build one of your own?

Designed to work in tandem with shop presses, these DIY rosin press kits provide you with the heating plates and controls to help you extract rosin whenever you want it.

Forget about the hair straightener hack as these rosin press kits give you an accurate reading of your temperature while you set the amount of press you need. Yes, no more second-guessing, just an accurate reading of the temperature so you can match it with your favorite strains.

Our DIY rosin press kits has got you covered with the essential tools you need to start rosin extraction at a fraction of the cost of commercially available kits.

So, get the most of that shop press and make it a lean, mean rosin machine with the DIY rosin press kits.