Cut 2 Cure in 24 hours!

CannaFREEZE introduces freeze drying as a revolutionary solution to speed up the curing process of buds. Subjecting your buds to this method will be fully cured in just 24 hours—without all the pains associated with traditional drying and curing. With CannaFreeze, you could enjoy your buds without waiting for long weeks.

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Why CannaFREEZE?

CannaFREEZE solves common issues associated with traditional drying & curing process such as:

❌ Messing around trying to control humidity
❌ Too high or low temperatures
❌ Pests
❌ Lack of Space
❌ Long drying times

and instead offers you the following benefits from freeze drying:

✅ Full curing as early as 24 hours
✅ Smoothest flavors
✅ Preserves physical appearance
✅ Maintain the freshly harvested look
✅ Extend freshness further by vacuum sealing
✅ Programmable features
✅ Quality components, including compressors, probes, and food-grade trays
✅ GMP and ISO 9001-rated equipment

CannaFREEZE saves you time & money by reducing drying time in as little as 24 hours, all while preserving the quality of your buds & terpenes.

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CannaFREEZE Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Utilizing temperature and vacuum protocols developed by CannaFREEZE's founder, Rich DeLong, for past 30 years, CannaFREEZE allows you to freeze-dry cannabis and hemp. Freeze drying preserves cannabinoids, enhancing terpenes, while keeping trichomes intact.

CannaFREEZE freeze dryers are specially crafted to preserve valuable chemicals in cannabis and hemp during the freeze-drying process.

The major benefits include fast drying and curing within 24 to 36 hours, as well as the prevention of mold, mildew, and bud rot.

No, CannaFREEZE freeze dryers are designed to freeze fresh products, so pre-freezing is not necessary.

Freeze-drying eliminates the need for large curing and drying rooms, leading to substantial savings in utility costs and maintenance expenses. Additionally, it reduces labor costs and saves time, resulting in overall cost savings.

Depending on the strain and model of the freeze dryer, CannaFREEZE freeze dryers can typically cure within 24-36 hours