CannaFREEZE introduces Freeze Drying as a revolutionary solution to speed up the curing process of buds.

By subjecting the buds to Freeze Drying, your buds become fully cured in just 24 hours, without all the pains of doing a traditional drying and curing.

Freeze drying entails subjecting your buds to a quick freeze, then a heated vacuum that vaporizes the ice without melting, while removing chlorophyll and enzymes. It then returns these buds to room temperature, ready to be consumed.

What can you expect with CannaFREEZE freeze-drying systems?

Freeze Drying removes common issues associated with the drying and curing process such as:

  • Messing around trying to control humidity
  • Too high or low temperatures
  • Pests
  • Lack of Space

Freeze Drying through the CannaFREEZE removes all these issues and offers you benefits, such as:

  • Full curing as early as 24 hours
  • Smoothest flavors
  • Preserves physical appearance
  • Maintain the freshly harvest look
  • Extending freshness with vacuum seals
  • Programmable features
  • Quality components, including compressors, probes, and food-grade trays
  • GMP and ISO 9001-rated equipment.


CannaFREEZE offers an array of freeze dryers that fit your capacities and even budget. Choose between the FC series that swiftly cures your buds in a day, or the DX series, a budget solution that gives you ready to consume strains within three (3) days.

These take up less space than drying and curing rooms, and pay for themselves in no time. You get your profit at a sooner time. So, Crop 2 cure in 24 hours? You CannaFREEZE it!