Step into the future of food preservation with NutriFREEZE. NutriFREEZE boasts of state-of-the-art freeze-drying equipment that's been setting global standards for over 25 years. Every product reflects their commitment to quality, efficiency, and innovation. Explore a range that's designed to cater to both industry experts and discerning consumers. With NutriFREEZE, you're not just choosing equipment – you're investing in unparalleled quality.

Explore the NutriFreeze Range


Process up to 30 pounds in 24-36 hours

FC-R Series

Process up to 1,100 pounds in 16-24 hours

Why NutriFREEZE?

Boasting 34 years of experience in the freeze-dry industry, NutriFREEZE has been a leader for over 25 years.

NutriFREEZE solves common issues associated such as:

❌ Significant nutritional loss experienced with methods like canning or dehydration
❌ Food deterioration due to heat, water, and oxygen exposure
❌ Alteration in food's original appearance and taste in many preservation methods

and instead offers you the following benefits from freeze drying:

✅ Preservation of 97-99% of the food's nutritional value
✅ Retention of food's original shape, color, fragrance, and flavor
✅ Enhanced food longevity, with the potential for 25+ years of storage without degradation
✅ State-of-the-art equipment with features like radiant heating, touchscreen controls, and efficient loading systems
✅ Reliable customer support, a comprehensive 12-month warranty, and high-quality manufacturing in an ISO:9001 accredited facility

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What are the Best Foods You Can Freeze Dry?


Enjoy freeze-dried fruit for snacking, adding to toppings, beverages, pastries, creating powders, and for emergency preparedness.


Discover freeze-dried protein for making jerky, preparing meals, packing camping snacks and meals, and for emergency preparedness.


Indulge in freeze-dried treats like ice cream, taffy, Skittles, and cheesecake for a delightful snacking experience.


Enjoy the convenience of freeze-dried coffee for an instant gourmet experience, milk options, powders, superfood powders, and for emergency preparedness.


Enhance your snacks, meals, and camping food with freeze-dried vegetables. Also explore protein powders and options for emergency preparedness.

Dog Treats

Treat your furry friend with freeze-dried dog treats and discover proteins suitable for dog food and treats.

NutriFREEZE Frequently Asked Questions

Most all food items can be freeze dried. This includes liquids, slurries, sliced, diced, and whole items.

Our FC units are designed to freeze dry most food items in 24-36 hours. Our FC-R units are designed to freeze dry most food items in 16-24 hours. For instance, an FC-R 100 is rated to remove 220 pounds of water from the load of product in 24 hours.

In the FC units you can freeze dry your product directly within the freeze dryer. The FC-R units are provided with a trolley and cassette system, that are intended to go into a separate walk-in freezer. The trays fit on the cassette. Your product will be frozen in the trays. They will be placed on the cassette, which is loaded onto the trolley. Simply roll the trolley up to the front of the freeze dryer, and slide the cassette into the freeze dryer.

Yes, our factory is ISO-9001 approved. Our units are also CE certified.

We are currently using R-404A, which is a readily available NON-CFC commercial refrigerant.

FC and FC-R units use Dow Therm in a completely sealed system.

NO. Both the refrigeration system and the heat transfer system are sealed systems that do not require regular maintenance.

We normally use vacuum pumps that contain oil. These pumps need to be monitored between loads, and the oil should be changed if contaminated.

The FC-R 50 and 100 both have condensing coils in the back of the product chamber that will need to be defrosted at the end of the drying cycle, and after the product is unloaded.

The FC-R 250 and 500 have automatic continuous defrost cycles during the course of the drying cycle. Thus eliminating the need to defrost at the end of the cycle.