What the Twister Trim Saver Can Do for Your Harvests

What the Twister Trim Saver Can Do for Your Harvests

Did you know you can still use those trimmings from your buds? While leaves that you trim might not be as potent, they still contain reasonable amounts of THC and CBD that can be used for different applications. You can still use them for rosin or infusion with edibles. And to maximize these trimmings, Twister developed the Trim Saver to help you get more mileage after every trim.


What is the Twister Trim Saver? 


Twister T4 Trim Saver Stainless Steel Bin & Cleanable Cyclone

The Twister Trim Saver might seem like a trim collector. It is, but this machine offers much more than collecting the trims from your buds. The Trim Saver is a vacuum attachment under your Twister T2 or T4 trimmers. Each trimmer has a Trim Saver made for it.

It uses Radial Cyclone Technology to create an airflow from the vacuum to collect the trims without damaging them. As a result, you get as much as 99 percent of the trims when integrating the Trim Saver with the T2 or T4 Trimmer. Each Trim Saver has a 1.5 HP motor that helps create this vacuum to get as many trims as possible.

Now, that is just half of what the Trim Saver can offer.


Maintaining the Integrity of Your Trims 

The Trim Saver is divided into the trim collecting bin and the impeller. The trims fall into the bin while particles are sucked to the back by the vacuum and are filtered through a micron filter. This powerful system not only ensures that you get more in every batch but you also get cleaner trimmings that are filtered.

It’s worth noting that when the trim collecting bin is full, excess trimmings get sucked into the impeller. So you need to keep track of the amount of trim that is collected. Fortunately, removing the bin is easy, and cleaning up takes no more than two minutes.

Now, unlike the leaf collector of the Twister Trimmers, the Trim Saver was meant to be used away from the main trimmer. Meaning it’s no longer mounted under the trimmer but on a separate stand. And there are two benefits to it.

The first advantage is that you get to keep the trims away from heat emissions from the trimmers. It’s a fact that trims and heat don’t go well together unless you’re activating it for its potency. Since you’re not yet using these trims, keeping them away from any heat emission that can cause them to activate at once is best.

Another reason for this detached design is that you can store the Trim Saver in a different room to reduce noise levels. And because you can move the Trim Saver around, putting it in another room allows you to create more space in your work area.


Trim Applications 

As mentioned earlier in this article, trims work well with concentrates. Some concentrates you can make include rosin, and bubble hash, which you can use for salves, tinctures, and oils. You can also use them for edibles, such as cannabutter and gummies. Just don’t forget to decarboxylate them to activate their CBD and THC content.

As trims are also not as potent, you can also use these trims to reduce the potency of buds that would be too high for your preference. Mix up a few trims with some buds if you want to reduce THC content, which can reduce the high you get when consuming it. It’s also an excellent option to consider if you want to even out the CBD-to-THC ratio of your buds.



The Twister Trim Saver is useful for anyone who wants to maximize the trims they get from their harvests. If you wish to sell bubble hash, these trims are an excellent source to consider. It’s also a good option to tame pre-rolls, especially when trying to cater to people trying to get into consuming cannabis.

Anyone who gets a Trim Saver will be pleased and will change their perception of these trims, as they will open more possibilities for the business.