KIND LED Grow Lights Review

KIND LED Grow Lights Review

Are Kind LED Grow Lights the kind of fixtures worth looking at as an investment? If you've been looking at Kind LED for your first or next grow light, then listen up. The brand offers five different series of LED grow lights, with most having various capacities to match every grower's needs. But are they worth it? What can one expect with Kind LED grow lights?



X Bar Lights

The X Bar Lights series of Kind LED are designed as a supplementary grow light to your existing fixture setup. But even with its form factor, these grow lights provide you with a wide-angle footprint to ensure complete coverage inside your grow tent. In some cases, these lights can work as your leading light, especially when working with seedlings or clones.

So how does it perform? One of the notable things the X Bar Lights does as a supplementary grow light is how it allows light distribution from top to bottom. That means flowers now grow more consistently, with lower branches producing buds as if they were on top of the canopy.

Another thing to love is how you can use them, even when laid flat or from the bottom facing up. With the different points of attachment, you can indeed find good use to these grow lights.

Other things to love about the X Bar Lights are the IP65-rating and ETL-listed to comply with safety standards in North America. It's also worth noting that the X Bar Lights is also the cheapest among the LED grow lights from Kind LED, which is a good entry point for those starting an indoor grow setup.

There are three models in this series: the X40, which uses 40 watts; the XD75, which runs 75 watts; and the X80, which operates 80 watts of power. All models have vegetation and blooming variants.



X Series (X220, X330, and X420)

The X Series of Kind LED is the newest batch of grow lights from the brand. Also called the Targeted LED grow lights, the X Series features three LED bars, with each model having a different length for wider footprints.


Kind LED X220

Kind LED X220

Now, the X Series is called Targeted precisely because of its fine-tuning features. It allows you to adjust the infrared and ultraviolet diodes to the right amount of brightness for each growth stage.

This feature is perfect when you are growing different plants every cycle. You can completely customize the blend of light to match the needs of your plants. The X Series uses Osram and Philips LEDs, just some of the top-notch LEDs used for grow lights in the market. And even better, with a tunable spectrum, you also get to save on energy in the long run.

The X Series also boasts of better light distribution with its low profile. And indeed, it stays true to its promise, as the plants had quite good results on the top and bottom when using the X Series.

The X Series comes in three models: the X220, which makes a 2 x 2 feet footprint and runs on 220 watts; the X330, which covers a 2 x 3 feet footprint and runs on 330 watts; and the X420, which covers a 2 x 4 feet footprint and uses 420 watts of power. All grow lights in this series are full-spectrum, as well.



X2 Commercial Grow Light

The X2 (pronounced X square) is a commercial scale LED grow light that features an innovative square design, hence the name. Designed for vertical racking and overhead growing, the X2 can cover a 4 x 4 feet footprint. The concentric square form also ensures consistent PPFD to improve yields.


Kind LED X2
Kind LED X2

True enough, the X2 provided an average yield of three pounds from around 12 plants under a single X2. Of course, the mileage may vary here since other factors affect yields, such as the quality of nutrients you use and even the strain itself.

The X2 uses Osram SSL diodes, which are known for having long lifespans. To be particular, Kind LED commits a 75,000-hour lifespan. There's also a three-channel customizable spectrum so you can tailor-fit the X2 to your plants. To get this feature, you need to get the Kind LED GSI-1 controller. The X2 also runs on 750 watts, which is still cost-efficient compared to non-LED grow lights.



Which LED Light should you get?

There are a lot of considerations in choosing LED grow lights. The primary consideration here is what you're growing. If you're looking to grow leafy vegetables or herbs, your primary light should be something designed for vegetation. But, if fruits and flowering are your primary consideration, then it's highly recommended to get a full-spectrum LED grow light. More so, if you're doing a commercial-sized grow.

The next thing to look at is the size of the space you have for growing. If you're only growing in a small area, the X2 is likely too big for you. Similarly, the X420 is too much for clones unless you have a lot of seedlings to develop.

In relation, the wattage of your grow light should match your space. LEDs might be cheaper, but if the wattage is too low for your grow space, then you might end up spending more.

There's no doubt that Kind LED is an excellent brand to consider, although some of their products are more expensive than other fixtures that feature a similar capacity. But, the good news is, Kind LED also offers budget-friendly options. You're likely to find something that fits your needs.