Essential Guide to NugSmasher Rosin Presses

NugSmasher Rosin Press Review: A Comprehensive Review of the NugSmasher Mini, Original, X, XP, and Pro

NugSmasher has earned its laurels when it comes to rosin extraction. While only in existence since 2016, the brand made a name for itself as it carved out a niche in providing efficient rosin presses that help you achieve the best yields. Up to today, if you do a Google search for articles on the best rosin press you can get your hands on, you will find NugSmasher as one of the most mentioned brands available.

People attribute NugSmasher rosin presses as solid, reasonably priced, having impeccable build quality, and how easy it is to use their rosin presses. Plus, NugSmasher offers a lifetime warranty for its machines.

Now, that’s hard to beat these days.

Since our last product review of the brand, NugSmasher has added a new rosin press to its already-impressive lineup of machines. NugSmasher now offers bundle packs with its extractors, so all you need to do is drop in your material and extract it to your heart’s desires. 


NugSmasher Rosin Press Review

NugSmasher Mini

The NugSmasher Mini is a favorite of consumers on a personal level.

Designed for manual extraction, the NugSmasher Mini is the ideal companion for trips and can sit nicely on a countertop. Since it was intended for personal use, the Mini can extract from materials of up to 3.5 grams in weight. 

For its size, you’ll be surprised to see how much it can do with two (2) tons of pressure and a pair of 2.5-inch square or round heated plates. These plates heat up through the 70-watt heating elements on each plate.


NugSmasher Mini 2 Ton Rosin Press

The Nugsmasher Mini rosin press lives up to its name, offering exceptional rosin extraction in a compact and portable package. Perfect for personal use or small-batch processors, the Mini packs a punch.

Despite its size, the Mini delivers ample pressure to extract high-quality rosin from your flower. The simply and user-friendly interface makes it easy for anyone to press rosin, no matter how much experience they have.


NugSmasher IQ

The Nugsmasher IQ delivers accuracy and smart features to get the best extracts possible. With a squishing capacity of four tons, this rosin press can extract from up to two 14-gram bags with quadruple heaters on its 4 x 6-inch plates. 


NugSmasher IQ 4 Ton Electric Rosin Press

The Nugsmasher IQ electric rosin press redefines solventless extraction with its automated precision and top-notch features. Ideal for beginners, experienced extractors, and small businesses alike, the IQ boasts a range of benefits and convenience.

Extract maximum yields from your flower with the IQ's impressive pressure capability assisted by electronics. The digital controller lets you fine-tine temperature and pressure settings with ease for customized, dialed-in extractions.


    NugSmasher XP

    The  NugSmasher XP is a manual rosin press that caters to those looking to extract more in a single smash.

    NugSmasher XP 12 Ton Rosin Press

    The Nugsmasher XP rosin press carves a niche for itself, catering to experienced rosin pressers seeking powerful manual extraction with exceptional control. This mid-range press bridges the gap between beginner models and heavy-duty commercial presses.

    The XP's robust manual pump allows for fine-tuned pressure application, maximizing rosin yields along with 4" x 6" plates which are ideal for processing a moderate amount of flower per press up to 28 grams.

    The built-in gauge also helps monitor pressure application in real-time for a more controlled pressing experience.


      NugSmasher PRO

      The NugSmasher Pro is the choice of rosin extracts of NugSmasher and is designed for dispensaries or even connoisseurs who want to squeeze out large amounts of rosins regularly.

      NugSmasher Pro 20 Ton Rosin Press



      The Nugsmasher Pro rosin press is a beast in the world of solventless extraction. Designed for commercial rosin production, this press boasts unmatched power, innovative features, and top-tier durability, making it ideal for large-scale processors and demanding environments.

      The Pro delivers 20 tons of pressure for extracting maximum yields from the large 10" x 7" plates which are one of the largest in the industry. The six heating elements offer consistent temperature distribution across the plates as well.

      Being able to press manually or pneumatically with an optional air-compressor can make any commercial pressing application much more versatile.


        Nugsmasher IQ PRO

        Last, but not the least is the newest offering from the company, the Nugsmasher IQ PRO, the new king in the lineup 


        NugSmasher IQ Pro 20 Ton Electric Rosin Press

        The Nugsmasher IQ Pro electric rosin press redefines solventless extraction with its commercial-grade features and top-tier precision. Ideal for experienced extractors and businesses alike, this press boasts a range of benefits.

        The IQ Pro is basically the electric version of the Pro boasting the same 20 ton pressure and 10" x 7" plates but with a digital touchscreen control interface so you can fine-tune temperature and pressure settings for customized, dialed-in extractions.

        NugSmasher Bundles

        What’s better than a NugSmasher Rosin Press? A NugSmasher Rosin Press Bundle Deal. NugSmasher now offers Bundle Deals that let you jumpstart your rosin extraction journey.

        There are three (3) bundles to choose from, each having accessories you need to get started out-of-the-box. Here’s what you can expect from each bundle.

        NugSmasher Mini 2 Ton Rosin Press Essentials Bundle

        The Basics Bundle is the most fundamental package, providing the necessary items, including a Silicon Mat, an Everything Tool, and four sets of 12-pack micron bags of varying ratings.

        The Essentials Bundle is a step up, containing everything in the Basics Bundle, but typically doubles the 12-pack micron bags to eight sets. It also adds a NugSmasher magnet, a Rosin pot, and a Collection plate. These additional tools enhance the processing and handling of materials.

        The Master Bundle is the most comprehensive offering. In addition to all the items in the Essentials Bundle, it typically increases the number of 12-pack micron bags to eleven sets and provides two NugSmasher magnets. The Master Bundle includes a Tool Keeper, a Decarboxylation Capsule, and two Pre-press molds. These items offer more advanced professional-grade processing, storage, and preparation capabilities.

        There’s also an Extractor Choice Master Bundle available, which offers, aside from those listed in the Master Bundle, an added Nugsmasher Touch and NugSmasher Mini. Note that the Extractor Choice is only available for NugSmasher Pro orders.


        Nugsmasher Accessories 

        Nugsmasher also offers  accessories that make rosin extraction easier. 

        For one, Nugsmasher produces its own brand of  extraction bags. It makes regular and premium bags, each designed for particular machines, depending on the size. All bags are double-stiched, and the premium line has lower micron ratings available. It’s also worth noting that the Nugsmasher produces an extraction bag designed particularly for the Nugsmasher X. 

        Other accessories worth looking into are the collection plates, magnets to hold your parchment paper, rosin pots, and other extraction tools. 



        NugSmasher continues to innovate designs for rosin extraction, which makes it one of the strategies it employs to remain popular and reliable in the extracts market. Given the consistently high quality it can deliver, it won’t be surprising if they remain popular in the coming years.  

        The brand has proven its quality, and it would be exciting to know how else they will change the game in rosin extraction.