Inside Look: Triminator Dry Bud Trimming Machines

Triminator Dry Trimmers Review

Triminator is probably one of the biggest automatic dry bud trimming machine manufacturers out there. As a company whose sole focus is to produce automatic dry bud trimming machines, you can bet your bottom dollar that they make a good dry trimmer. 

Triminator offers automatic dry bud trimmers across the gamut; from small to medium growers, to large and commercial-scale growers. The dry trimmers within the Triminator offer unparalleled quality and output across the range. 

In this article, we’re going to have a peek at the dry trimmers made by The Triminator: the Triminator Mini, Triminator Dry, and Triminator XL.



The Triminator Dry Trimmers all feature food-grade plastic and medical-grade stainless steel. Your buds don’t get contaminated when trimming with the Triminator.

You won’t need any lubricants when using these trimmers, as they use PureTrim shear brand technology to trim without losing the flavor and potency during the process.

And it’s because of this non-stick surface, the Triminator Dry Trimmers are able to segregate your trims and buds efficiently.

When it comes to performance, you can expect the Triminator line-up to provide utmost care to your buds, while providing clean cuts to your buds.

Now, let’s take a look at the individual trimmers.


Triminator Mini


Triminator Mini Dry


The Triminator Mini is the smallest trimmer in the lineup of dry trimmers from Triminator.

Designed for commercial grade outputs, despite its size, the Triminator Mini can trim up to eight pounds of your favorite strains.

If you’re a home grower, the Triminator Mini will fit on your table or countertop without any issues.

You can make the most out of this machine when you get the optional kief collector tumbler kit. Swap out the tumblers on your Triminator Mini, and you get a kief collector in just 15 seconds.

The Triminator Mini operates silently and won’t disturb the peace in noise-sensitive environments. It’s perfect for those who may want to spend part of their nights trimming buds.


Triminator Dry


Triminator Dry


The Triminator Dry was designed for small to medium-scale growers. It features a capacity of up to 10 - 20 pounds of dry buds with surgical precision cuts. A full load on the Triminator Dry takes up half of the drum, wherein this trimmer takes up to five minutes to neatly trim this load.

The Triminator Dry features a built-in timer that lets you set and forget about the trimming until the time is up. That means you can do other tasks without having to watch over this trimmer.

And if you think that’s already good, there’s still more.

The thing is, the Triminator Dry features a thought-of design that makes it one of the most efficient machines in its class.

The Triminator Dry features a pivot system that makes it ergonomic. With the help of the proprietary Turn-loc system, the Triminator Dry’s drum stays in place during operation.

Another good thing about the Triminator Dry is its mobility. You can take it around with built-in wheels on its stand.

Like the Triminator Mini, the Triminator Dry has the option for a kief collector kit. In just And, if you need to do trimmings at night, the Triminator Dry features silent operations, as it does not use any vacuum.

With the military-grade materials used on the Triminator Dry, clean-up is easy. It only takes a pressure washer to hose down excess debris inside the Triminator Dry.


Triminator XL Dry


Triminator XL Dry


The Triminator XL Dry was made for medium to large-scale growers. It’s been efficient for these growers and has become an industry standard.

Featuring a capacity of 60 pounds an hour, the Triminator XL Dry is sure to provide a quick return of investment for those looking to scale up their operations.

The Triminator XL Dry features a unique angular shear band geometry that provides precise cuts, despite the large workload. It won’t compromise the quality of your buds so that you get the best results every time.

The Closed Loop System of the Triminator XL Dry also ensures a proper segregation. Trims and buds stay where they should be, and nothing gets scattered by fans or blowers.

Like the Triminator Dry, the Triminator XL Dry features mobility through the installed wheels on its stand. You can take it anywhere in your farm so you can work comfortably.



If trimming dry is your jam, the line up of Triminator Dry Trimmers makes a whole lot of difference in the way you process your buds.

When you need to bring out the best in your harvest, and you put a premium on how your buds look when it hits the dispensaries, these trimmers won’t disappoint.

All things considered, the Triminator Dry Trimmers are a perfect addition to your bud processing.