How Nutrifreeze's Technology Brings Better Food Quality

How Nutrifreeze's Technology Brings Better Food Quality

Maintaining freshness and nutritional value is a critical challenge in food production. Every stage, from processing to packaging, can compromise the quality of the food. As markets expand and consumer expectations rise, finding innovative and reliable solutions to preserve food quality is essential and a competitive edge. Food manufacturers want to ensure that the food reaching consumers maintains nutrition while getting as close to freshness as possible.

NutriFreeze emerged as an expert in this field of food manufacturing. With its 25-year legacy, its freeze dryers are not just about extending food shelf life but also about preserving the natural flavors. With NutriFreeze's technology, commercial-scale food manufacturers have a trusted partner in delivering high-quality products without compromising quality.


About NutriFreeze 


NutriFreeze might sound like a new name, but the brains behind it have over two decades of expertise. The company is led by Richard DeLong, who has been immersed in freeze-drying technology for 34 years before starting his own business. He’s designed many freeze dryers in the market, banking on this reputation for NutriFreeze.

All NutriFreeze products are made in an ISO 9001-certified facility, ensuring quality management standards.


Why Freeze Dry? 

Unlike conventional preservation methods like canning or dehydration, which can strip away up to 60 percent of nutritional value, Freeze drying locks in the flavor, color, and aroma, delivering a product as close to fresh as possible. Even better, returning the food to its original state is easier, as it can be as simple as wetting it with your saliva when you put it in your mouth.

If you’re feeling experimental, freeze-drying also offers another way of adding a new twist to existing food, such as candies. You’ll be surprised at the results


How NutriFreeze Improves Operational Capacity 

NutriFreeze features a wide array of freeze dryers to streamline commercial food preservation. It offers models catering to different scales of operation, ranging from the compact FC Extra for smaller batches to the behemoth FC-R 500 freeze dryer for commercial operations, ensuring a tailored solution for every business size.

There are currently eight NutriFreeze freeze dryers available in the market:

Model Load Capacity Freeze Drying Time Number of Trays Shelf Spacing Shelf Space Area
FC "Extra" 20 pounds 24 - 36 hours 4 2.36 inches 5.2 square feet
FC 12.5 55 pounds 24 - 36 hours 5 2.36 inches 13.56 square feet
FC-R 25 55 pounds 24 - 36 hours 12 2.36 inches 28 square feet
FC-R 50 110 pounds 16 - 24 hours 16 3.15 inches 52 square feet
FC-R 100 220 pounds 16 - 24 hours 27 3.15 inches 108 square feet
FC-R 250 550 pounds 16 - 24 hours 88 3.15 inches 264 square feet
FC-R 500 1100 pounds 16 - 24 hours 144 3.15 inches 538 square feet

Each freeze dryer by NutriFreeze boasts adequate shelf space, especially when processing larger quantities of food. This matters especially when preserving larger chunks of fruits and vegetables and maintaining their natural look. Another interesting point here is the freeze-drying time. While the smaller NutriFreeze dryers can do up to 36 hours, the larger and commercial-sized models can go as low as 16 hours, which boosts any operation.

While quantiy is good, you can also expect remarkable features on the qualitative side. To help you achieve that efficient workflow, NutriFreeze freeze dryers integrate programmable controls to get as precise as possible when freeze-drying different kinds of food. You can make a tailored setting for one type of food and change it for another. Having the right freeze-drying setting allows for consistent results so customers can keep returning for more.

In a commercial setting, ease of loading and unloading helps save time so that you can quickly get things done and move to other tasks that are just as important. While the NutriFreeze freeze dryers feature efficient loading and unloading mechanisms, you can up the ante with trolley and cassette systems found on higher capacity freeze dryers (FC-R 50 and above). These ensure that you load your products faster, with fewer chances of any mishaps happening while loading.


Closing Thoughts 

Regardless of which NutriFreeze dryer you get, you will surely get a machine that helps reduce the preservation time. Especially in a commercial setting where time matters a lot, being able to deliver quality work without compromising quality will make a difference with your market. It is what keeps people coming back and establish brand loyalty.

More importantly, having a freeze dryer like NutriFreeze allows you to reduce wastage, which brings a higher return on investment for any business, regardless of size.