Jiko Pre-roll Infuser and Jiko+ Donut Maker: How Robotics Change the Infusion Game

Pre-roll makers want two things with their products: quality and efficiency. Making pre-rolls is an art that’s meticulously done, and customers want nothing but the best. That means ensuring the pre-rolls give an excellent burn while delivering the perfect flavor and effect. 

While there are machines that fill cones for you, cannabis aficionados also want more; they look for ways to jazz up these rolls by infusing added doses of flavor or potency. Pre-roll machines can only do so much in this context. Infusing can take time, especially if you’re avoiding wastage. 

One man realized there’s a need to change that, as the current way of doing things takes a lot of time and effort. The result of this vision is Jiko. The Jiko aims to make pre-roll infusions faster without sacrificing quality. It takes advantage of robotics to do the infusing, which makes the whole operation more precise for consistency. 


The Story Behind Jiko 

Jiko was created by Nohtal Partansky, the co-founder and chief executive officer of Sorting Robotics. He started the company as his contribution to fixing production efficiencies in the cannabis industry, using his engineering skills. 

Quality and efficiency is the cornerstone of every dispensary. The meticulous customer wants products that are consistent every time. Dispensaries know the value of this: it’s what keeps customers coming back for more. 

The Jiko was then developed as Partansky’s response to this need by providing the cannabis industry with a more modern and reliable solution in pre-roll infusion, having quality, consistency, and scalability as the ultimate goal. 


The Jiko Pre-Roll Infuser  

Jiko: Automated Infused Pre-Roll Machine

The Jiko Pre-Roll Infuser can infuse up to 20 pre-rolls in every batch, or around 800 pre-rolls per hour. That’s about 1.5 minutes for every load. On top of that, because of the precision that robotics bring to production, that means being able to infuse the right amount of concentrates in every pre-roll. A contained system also means less wastage so that dispensaries can maximize their supply of pre-rolls and concentrates. 

Speaking of concentrates, the Jiko Pre-Roll Infuser can infuse various concentrates into your pre-rolls. It can use live rosin, budder, distillate, or any other meltable cannabis concentrate, which means dispensaries can have an assortment of pre-rolls available based on the preference of consumers. And because the technology ensures consistency, customers are always assured of quality. 

Using the Jiko Pre-Roll Infuser is straightforward. Users load the barrel-like contraption that holds the pre-rolls and then it into the Jiko. You can input the information the Jiko needs through the touchscreen interface. The machine then uses a heated needle to inject the pre-rolls with concentrates. Because the hand is heated, this allows the concentrates to flow smoothly, reducing risks of clogging. 

Integrating modern technology comes at a price, of course. But the benefits the Jiko Pre-Roll Infuser reaps can easily offset the cost in the long run. For one, businesses that have integrated the Jiko Pre-Roll Infuser into the workflow have reportedly reduced material wastage by as much as 30 percent. 

At the same time, many of these companies have been able to produce as many as 40,000 pre-rolls when previously capable of only 10,000. With such scaling and saving benefits, some businesses have a Return on Investment as early as six months from integrating the Jiko Pre-Roll Infuser in their workflow. 


Jiko vs Manual Infusion by Hand

Cost per infused Pre-Roll $0.03/pre-roll
100,000 Infusions/month Saves $40,444 / month
115,200 Infusions/month Single Operator
Jiko Robot Spillage ± 3% / pre-roll
Cost per infused Pre-Roll $0.43/pre-roll
Manual Infusion Spillage Cost $37,500 / month
7680 Infusions/month Single Operator
Manual Infusion Spillage ± 25% / pre-roll

The Jiko+ Donut Maker 

Jiko+ Donut-Style Pre-Roll Infusion Robot

If the Jiko Pre-Roll Infuser is impressive enough, Sorting Robotics takes things up with the Jiko+ Donut Maker.

The Jiko+ Donut Maker introduces a new kind of quality when it comes to infused pre-rolls. This machine can create up to 800 donut-style infusions, working best for businesses looking to scale up their production without sacrificing quality. Because the system is automated, you can ensure consistent quality in each pre-roll.

Jiko+ Donut Hash Hole vs Manual

Side-by-side comparison between an unbranded high-quality hash hole product from California (on the left) and a 2g Donut Blunt infused with 400mg Fresh Press Rosin crafted using the Jiko+ Donut Maker (on the right).


Like the Jiko Pre-Roll Infuser, the Jiko+ uses any meltable concentrate, which offers many options for creating infusions. Using this machine is also easy; all you need to do is load a pre-roll into the Jiko+, creating a cavity at the center of the pre-roll. It then injects the concentrate into the cavity, ensuring each burn creates a hash hole every time. The Jiko+ can work on pre-rolls weighing 1 - 3 grams and infuse up to a gram of concentrates in each pre-roll. 

Compared to manual methods of creating these donut infusions, the Jiko+ promises less wastage. Thanks to the automated system, what’s normally at 25 percent is reduced to at most three percent. By integrating the Jiko+, pre-roll producers can scale up their outputs to around 100,000 monthly, from around 7600 monthly by a single operator. That translates to around $40,000 monthly savings, thanks to the wastage reduction and more efficient operation. 

Parting Thoughts 

You can think of the Jiko Robotic Systems not just as a machine but as a game-changer for your production line. It's the ideal companion for those ready to take their operations to the next level without compromising quality. 

Investing in the Jiko system is more than just a purchase; it's a complete upgrade to how you do business. Sure, it has an upfront cost, but for those aiming to boost their production capabilities, it's an opportunity producers should take advantage of. If you want to make a lasting impression, the Jiko Pre-Roll Infusion and Donut Maker are the keys to unlocking that next big step for your production line.