The Nugsmasher is a family of presses, purpose-built machines exclusively designed for rosin extraction. The Rosin connoisseurs and their design team have spent years refining the extraction process to make it as simple, consistent, and efficient as possible. Now, Nugsmasher is ready to share the joy of producing high-quality rosin with everyone. No more guesswork or trial and error; just press and enjoy!

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NugSmasher Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Guillermo G.

This Nugsmasher Mini is exceptional. It's the top choice for making your own rosin. Using it feels professional, and the results are satisfying. Plus, their delivery is quick and reliable, with helpful updates along the way.


The Nugsmasher XP exceeded my expectations. It's highly regarded in its price range for good reason. The accompanying app simplifies the learning process with helpful temperature and setting recommendations from others. Now, enjoying a fresh dab at the end of the day is a breeze.

Sabrina D.

Great little machine


Extremely happy! I wish I made this purchase a long time ago

Ross B.

For once in my life im 100% happy with the purchase I've made....I would recommend a nugsmasher to anyone thats interested. The more you look into the nugsmasher company the happier you'll get. Made in America, 80% trade in, great customer service, educational videos.


The Nugsmasher Essential Bundle Kit is a game-changer. It includes everything needed to unleash the machine's full potential, from various bag sizes to essential accessories like the cooling plate and parchment paper tool. The D carb tool is particularly impressive, expanding product possibilities. Overall, this kit opens new doors for experimentation and product development.

Nancy V.

Love it!

Ryan P.

Best toy I’ve ever bought Only wish I had bought one of these things years ago!

Robert M.

The Nugsmasher's straightforward design with minimal moving parts is appealing. It's reliable and effective, effortlessly handling 120 and 160 bags without issues. Temperature and time adjustments are necessary, but overall, it performs admirably for different materials.


Ron from Michigan here. Initially hesitant, but now glad I invested. Trim leaf team made it easy with quick delivery and solid advice. Thanks!


Great machine, easy to set up and amazing results, makes pure gold out of good green!

Kyle F.

So good I'm buying another one

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