NugSmasher Trade In Upgrade Program

NugSmasher Trade In Upgrade Program

Trade-up your Nugsmasher rosin press to a newer and bigger


Receive a trade-in credit of up to 80% of your old press towards a purchase of a new NugSmasher rosin press.

How It Works

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Trade-in FAQs  

What is my NugSmasher trade-in valued at?
We want to make it as easy & seamless for you to upgrade to a new NugSmasher rosin press. Thus, your trade-ins are valued at 80% of the current retail price of the unit you're trading in.  

For example, if you're trading in a NugSmasher Mini where, at the time that this is written, costs $449. You'll be eligible to receive a refund of $359.20 which is equivalent to 80% of the cost of a new unit. 

If you opted to upgrade & purchase a NugSmasher XP which costs $1289 at the time that this is written, you'll only end up paying $929.80 ($1289 - $359.20) for the cost of the upgrade, plus the shipping costs to ship your old unit back to us.

For the up-to-date pricing of new NugSmasher units, click here.

Does the condition of the trade-in matter?
Yes, must be in good working condition and will be tested upon receiving the trade in.
Would I be able to use your financing offers to upgrade to a new press?
Absolutely! when purchasing the new NugSmasher press you plan to upgrade to, choose the financing provider that works best for you and checkout as you normally would as if you were placing an order for a new press. Once your trade-in unit has been inspected and received, we'll automatically apply the credit to your financing. The balance will be reduced to reflect the new balance owing and the payments adjusted accordingly.


Program Requirements & Eligibility

  • Trade-in credit is set to 80% of the current retail price of the NugSmasher press being traded in before shipping & taxes are applied.
  • Upgrade offer is only valid for trading-in for the next Nugsmasher model up.
  • Only standalone NugSmasher rosin press units are accepted for the trade-in upgrade program.
  • Only (1) one Nugsmasher press per trade-in is allowed.