5 Things You Need To Know About the NugSmasher XP

5 Things You Need To Know About the NugSmasher XP

One can argue that the NugSmasher XP is just a NugSmasher Original with a built-in pressure gauge, but is there more than meets the eye?

Tune in until the end of the article as we discuss 5 things you should know about the NugSmasher XP, how it differs from the NugSmasher Original, and why the NugSmasher XP might be your next rosin press.

5 Things You Need to Know About the NugSmasher XP

Squishing Precisely For More Yields

The built-in pressure gauge, similar to a speedometer of a car, allows you to know exactly how much pressure you’re exerting to your material. Why is this important you may ask? This allows you to fine-tune every squish whenever you’re using the NugSmasher XP so that you’ll be able to get the highest yields and highest quality rosin for each kind of material you press; whether you’re pressing flower, trim, kief, or hash, the built-in pressure gauge allows for predictable results with every single press.


Quad-heated 4"x6" Plates

The NugSmasher XP also comes with upgraded quad heating elements compared to the dual heating elements the original has. It also comes with larger plates to the tune of 6” x 4” made out of 6061 aluminum

Squish Up To 28 Grams

While the NugSmasher XP and Original share the same squish capacity of 12 tons or 24,000 lbs, the NugSmasher XP doubles the material load capacity of the Original thanks to the larger plates. With the NugSmasher XP, you can squish up to 28 grams of any material, allowing you to press more in less tim

Manual Control Arm

The NugSmasher XP comes with a manually operated hydraulic control arm to bring the plates up and down— a staple within the NugSmasher lineup that’s tried, tested, and proven for its ease of operation and reliability.

Lifetime Warranty

Lastly, and the reason why NugSmasher continues to be in the forefront of rosin tech, they’re one of the few companies that offer a lifetime warranty on their machines from every component from top to bottom. If there’s anything that screams dedication to their customers and quality in the craftsmanship of their machines, it’s this.

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