5 Things You Need To Know About The Triminator Mini Dry Bud Trimmer

The Triminator Mini Dry is one of the few dry-only trimmers offered in the market. Why should you choose the Triminator Mini Dry when trimming dry buds? Triminator Mini Dry.

Read on until the end of the article as we go over 5 things you need to know about the Triminator Mini Dry and why it might be your next dry trimmer purchase.

What makes the Triminator Mini Dry great?

Award-winning Automatic Bud Trimmer

The Mini Dry won the award of "best dry trimmer” in 2016 by High Times for achieving a cut that’s tantamount to hand-trimmed quality so much so that even for someone who’s got a well-trained eye, it’s hard to tell the difference. We’ll let you be the judge and let these photos speak to the hand trimmed quality of the mini dry. Tell us what you think! 

Optimized for Dry Trimming: 8 lbs Per Hour Dry Material

The Mini Dry features a long narrow drum that’s designed to maximize the cutting surface, resulting in faster trimming. Unlike other machines where you can control the speed of the drum, the Triminator comes optimized with the perfect cutting speed slow enough to maintain the integrity of integrity of the trichomes, but fast enough to cut. That said, the Mini Dry can trim between 8 pounds of dry material per hour. That means trimming about 40 pounds a day and being able to replace 3-4 hand trimmers while remaining lean, efficient, and cost-effective in your operations.

Impeccably Engineered

The compact and lightweight design makes the Mini Dry the best dry trimmer for urban and boutique grow operations. The Mini Dry is also pressure washable, making cleanup a breeze.

2-in-1 Trimmer and Kief Extractor

It doubles as a kief extraction system. The Mini Dry serves both as a trimmer and a kief extractor with a simple change of a tumbler. Within seconds you can easily swap the dry trimmer tumbler for a kief tumbler drum and start collecting kief—now that’s efficiency at its best.

1-Year Warranty

The Mini Dry comes with a 1 year warranty represented by growers who are happy to ditch hand trimming in favor of the Mini Dry.

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