5 Things You Need to Know About the Triminator TRP and TRP Stack

The Triminator TRP and TRP Stack is Triminator’s dynamic rosin press duo that’s taking the commercial extraction industry by storm. Which one should you choose?

Continue reading the article where we discuss 5 things you need to know about the Triminator TRP and TRP Stack, and why you should consider these bad boys when extracting rosin in large amounts.

5 Things You Need To Know About The Triminator TRP and TRP Stack Rosin Press

Squish Anything! Equipped with 25 Tons of Pressure

The TRP and TRP Stack are one of the highest capacity rosin presses that you can buy straight out of the factory. Both come equipped and capable of putting down 25 tons or 50,000 pounds of pressure; this allows you to exercise high pressure at lower temperatures in order to preserve terpenes.

Equipped with Large 6" x 10" Plates 

Aside from having the highest pressure output out of the factory, the Triminator TRP and TRP Stack also comes with one of the largest plates offered at 6 inches by 10 inches. For the TRP, that means being able to squish up to 128 grams of material. However, for the TRP Stack that means being able to squish up to 256 grams of material thanks to the addition of a third plate, making the TRP Stack the highest output rosin press you can buy in the market today.

Several Power Options

While the TRP and TRP Stack are operated hydraulically, The Triminator gives you several options on how you want to power the internal hydraulic cylinder and how you’d want to control the 50,000 lbs at your disposal. By far the most popular option is the air hydraulic foot pump which allows you to hook the foot pump to an air compressor. If you want the convenience of an air compressor but don’t like the noise, you can power the press using an electric pump. Lastly, if you’ve got some elbow grease to spare, then a manual hydraulic pump option is also available.

Unique Drip Tech System

Something that’s unique to the TRP Stack is its drip tech system— this allows you to pivot the rosin press 90 degrees forward that way the rosin spends the least amount of time sitting on the plates and goes straight onto your parchment paper… because who enjoys the taste of burnt rosin?

Triminator TRP Stack Drip Tech System In Action


2-Year Warranty

Triminator offers a 2-year warranty on both the TRP and TRP Stack. On top of the 2-year warranty offered, there’s also an immense customer support system and knowledge-base to help you get setup and pressing to optimal yields.

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